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Ember of Hope

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Raegan Turner was an ordinarily human girl – according to the records at least – until she got in an accident – she woke up to find her fantasies come true. The life as she knew it was no more. She should’ve been running in the opposite direction but the lure of those blue eyes was inexorable. It couldn’t be – could it? Valiance D’evreux had lost all hope. He’d always prided himself for his optimism and open-mindedness. But it happens to the best of men – or in his case; a caged beast. Until that day. A ray of sunshine had finally shone upon his frozen heart – Thawing him back to life. Could it be? It couldn’t… Two worlds colliding to join two people sharing two halves of the same soul.

Fantasy / Romance
Jade Wolf
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Chapter 1

The sight in front of Raegan Turner made her blood boil. She didn’t get angry so easily but when she did – God forbid – good luck to those who had wronged her.

There, under an archway to the left of the main entrance of her college building, stood a couple plastered to each other, kissing like there was no tomorrow. And it was no ordinary couple. It was Simon and Cassidy- Her boyfriend and her friend. Cassidy wasn’t a very close friend but still this was against girls’ code and was unforgiveable.

As if sensing her cold stare, Simon broke the kiss, both of them breathing hard, and looked in her direction. She watched with satisfaction as all the color left his face. He pushed Cassidy aside who staggered, and held his hands up walking towards her; “Hey Raegan! What are you doing here, I – I thought you weren’t coming to college today?” he stammered obviously out of excuses.

“Really Simon? Is this your justification? I thought you could at least do better than that.” She raised a sarcastic brow at him.

“No – no obviously no. Raegan look it was nothing okay? We – I swear it’s not like that – we are just friends. And we were just talking and she suddenly kissed me”. He was whispering, obviously not wanting Cassidy to listen in, who was still standing in the same place looking at them nervously.

“Oh you poor little thing! She kissed you and you couldn’t have pushed her back because that would’ve been just rude. So instead; you tried to plaster yourself to her? How sweat” before he could answer she yelled; “Hey Cassidy! Can you please come here?” Simon’s eyes went wide, “Raegan wha…” He was cut off by a hand raised in front of his face by Raegan. Cassidy walked over to them looking embarrassed.

“Why were you harassing this innocent little boy in a secluded archway? Have you no shame?” she inquired with a tone laced with mockery.

Cassidy looked puzzled, “What?”

“Yeah you know… he just told me that while he was just talking to you about how much he loves me and how loyal he is to me, you grabbed him like a Neanderthal and attacked his mouth. Right Simon?” She was enjoying this way too much. Oh the look on Simon’s face – and the blazing anger in Cassidy’s eyes.

“Look Raegan I’m sorry but I swear he told me he had broken up with you and…” she was cut short by Raegan “so you just grabbed at the opportunity first hand and didn’t even think about talking to me first?”

“I’m sorry” Cassidy said in a little voice sounding embarrassed or she was just that good an actor.

“Raegan Please let me explain. I was about to talk to you. It’s not like that - if you would just hear me out”. Simon tried to put a hand on her shoulder and unleashing her temper in return. She moved so fast he didn’t get a chance to block out the punch she threw at his face nor the knee that shot up to kick him in the groin. He doubled over. His face crumpled with pain. Blood dripped from his nose onto the ground. Whoa! She thought maybe it was a bit harder than necessary. Never mind – the bastard deserved it.

“Raegan what are you…” Cassidy started but shut her mouth when Raegan glared at her, “You want a taste too bitch?” Cassidy backed away, her hands on her open mouth – eyes wide in horror and shock.

“And no asshole. You don’t get to say your piece now. Go to hell both of you”. With that she stalked off.

There was a time when Simon’s betrayal would have broken her heart. But after the loss of her whole family nothing could break her again. Nothing mattered that much. She was stronger now and she didn’t let anyone in so easily and she wasn’t going to let a bastard’s betrayal keep her down either.

“Honey I’ve got some great news for you” Isabelle said ruffling her hair.

“Mom” she protested.

“Finally your father got some days off work and we’re going to the canyon. O baby we’re gonna have so much fun” her mother grinned, “It’s a whole weak starting tomorrow”. She let out a shrill scream of pleasure like a school girl and launched herself at her mother who chuckled and wrapped her arms around her. “Go tell your brother, he’s going to be so happy”.

It was the last time her mother had held her. The next morning everything was ripped away from her. They were all set to go when her parents and max; her little brother went to shop for snacks and never returned. The accident was so bad that none of them had even made it to the hospital. She had seen the wrecked car, and vomited on the road side. Thankfully the bodies of her family had already been moved to the ambulances. She wouldn’t have been able to stomach the sight. Like a coward, she hadn’t seen the faces… not then and not at the burial. It’d been a whole year now and she’d promised herself she wouldn’t let her grief or anything hold her down. They wouldn’t want that for her. So she was fulfilling that promise now.

“Hey! Earth to you beautiful”. Sarah slumped down in her seat next to Raegan bringing her out of her painful memories. She smiled at her best friend. “Hey yourself”.

“Ray what the hell? Why the hell are your knuckles bleeding? What happened?” Sarah inquired her eyes knitting with alarm.

Raegan laughed, “Relax it’s not my blood. It’s Simon’s. I punched the bastard in the face and broke his nose and didn’t have time to wash it off before class” she said casually.

“You what?” Sarah cried.

“Yeah. He was wrapped around Cassidy when I got here and they were kissing like maniacs. And when he saw me, you know what he said?” Sarah’s eye brows rose in silent question, “he said, ’hey Raegan I thought you weren’t coming today’ idiot. So I smashed his nose and kicked him in the nuts”. Her eyes were dancing with savage smugness.

“That’s my girl. Serves him right. The bastard and the bitch – they deserve each other” Sarah was fuming. “I missed the action” She wasn’t so happy. Neither was she, she wanted to punch him some more.

“Oh I don’t think Cassidy is going to carry on with him now. Nah! He was just playing around with her too. And now thanks to me she knows.” They both high fived.

“So what do you say we go out for shopping afterwards to celebrate your breakup with that fucktard?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, why not? But only if we can go to The Devil’s Horn afterwards”

“Yes, yes I know none of our shopping sprees can happen without us ending in The Devil’s Horn” Sarah just rolled her eyes at her.

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