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The Necromancer's Wand: The Prodigy Of Malice

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~Sequel~ After being broken out of Scarlet Bay Prison, by his followers, Corvin Phoenix, The Dark Lord, seeks to finish what he started. However, before his conquest of the non-caster's can begin, he must still face the remaining Council of Magic members...and those who have been appointed as their successors, William Griffin being of one them. The series of battles to come, for who will have final control over the magic world, will bare many losses as a cursed fate is sealed and an ancient order reemerges... ~Cover by: @lupe6583v of Wattpad~

Fantasy / Action
RChaun Moore
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*Kraven Krowley’s Viewpoint, sometime in the near future*

“What was so important that you had me dragged out of a theater and brought here by an Inquisitor escort?” Councilman Lucian questioned in frustration.

“Corvin Phoenix escaped Scarlet Bay,” I responded sternly.

“Impossible...” he muttered in surprise with dreaded eyes.

“I’m afraid not.”

“We-we have to assemble the entire Inquisitor Force...and we’ll need William Griffin to lead them again.” Lucian’s expression simmered down. “We’ll catch him,” he spoke reassuringly. “Let’s hope, this time, we can do it with minimal bloodshed.”

“It sickens me to admit...that might be the least of our concerns.” Lucian stared me right in the eyes, seeing I knew something that he didn’t.

“What is it?” he asked concerned.

“When we locked Corvin away three years ago, I took the liberty to try and learn all I could about Mordin Malice. As the predecessor of Amadeus Lockhart, founder of the Elder Council, I inherited both his wand...and records.”

“‘Records?’” he repeated perplexed.

“Yes, Amadeus saved every record kept on the necromancer. He used a Preservation Enchantment to ensure they survived throughout time. It was almost as if Lockhart knew this day would come.”

“What are you blabbering on about Krowley?” Lucian spoke with irritation. “If you have something to tell me, just say it...”

I chuckled lightly as I took a sip of my elven brandy. As I walked past my office desk, I sat my drink down and gave Lucian a look so serious that it caused him discomfort. “You have no idea how grave this situation is,” I stated callously. “No...idea.

The afflictions on Corvin, the pale cracked skin...they’ve been seen before. Mordin had them too, appearing after he started toying in the dark arts. However, it was nothing compared to what happened when he actually changed...”

“‘Changed’?” he spoke fearfully.

“Yes, into a necromancer...a wielder of such destructive, unholy, power. The unimaginably horrific things Mordin could do, conjure plagues, raise the dead as enslaved servants, summoning life devouring Soul Reapers...”

“Ho-how do we stop Corvin from changing?” He uttered in shock.

“We must destroy the wand...It was believed that Mordin may have tethered his life force to the wand, which is why it was sealed away with his remains. I have theorized that every time the wand absorbs a soul, it releases some of Mordin’s essence into Corvin.

The sooner we apprehend Phoenix, the sooner we can rest knowing both worlds are safe....but until then, we gaze into the abyss and it stares back in hunger for life.”

“You speak of the End Times?”

“I do...The Elder Council nearly lost in their four to one battle with Mordin. I’m sure you’ve noticed, the odds are already against us Lucian. Corvin has killed two of the current council and he hasn’t even peaked in power yet.”

He just stared in horror at the thought of Corvin reaching his full potential and having to face him. “By the Goddess, how can we even hope to defeat him?” he asked faithlessly.

“We must stop him!” I said firmly. “Gather your resolve Lucian...the souls of the worlds are depending on you and I...”

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