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Lost and then Found

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Hazel is a very independent eighteen year old who was taken from her family at a very young age. One day because of a lost bet between a brother and sister her world gets flipped she meets Matthew and she finds out who she really is in a world she never knew existed. N/A I’m horrible at summaries when I have more written I’ll change it and make it better.

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 5

Hazel's POV

I open my eyes only to close them again when my head starts pounding. I groan and sit up sucking it up and opening my eyes again. I look around to find I'm on the floor and all the girls have already left.

I stand up and go to the bathroom. I see a toothbrush out on the counter in an unopened box and see a note beside it.


We left to go to the cabin to get everything ready. Feel free to use anything, hair stuff is in the first drawer and makeup is in the second drawer and toiletries are in the third drawer under the sink. I've set out jeans and a tee shirt for you for now and I'll be back later with a dress for later. If you need anything just call.


I open the toothbrush and brush my teeth. I splash water on my face and then I quickly comb my hair and throw it in a messy bun.

I walk out of the bathroom and into the room to see a deep purple tee shirt and a pair of jeans laying out on the bed along with a pair of flip flops on the floor in front of the bed.

I quickly change and throw the clothes I had on in the hamper in the bathroom and I retrace my steps down the stairs and end up in the living room.

I hear pots and pans banging in the kitchen and I follow the sound to find an older lady with grey hair tied up in a bun. "May?" I ask and she hums in reply, not stopping what she's doing.

"Do you need help?" I ask walking up to see what she's doing.

"Oh yes please preheat the oven to 350." I walk over to the oven and set it to 350 and look over to her. She has so much dough made.

I help her cut little chunks and roll it into a ball. I see the chocolate chips in the dough she's making cookies. I place mine ball of dough on a cookie sheet and keep going.

"Hazel?" She asks and I look up seeing her look over at me with a slightly confused expression. "What are you doing here?" She continues to roll the dough into a ball.

"I'm Matt's date for tonight and I got invited over to stay the night." I say to her as the oven beeps, notifying us it's heated up to the desired temperature.

"Matt's date? Oh my gosh I'm so happy you're his date!" She says as she opens the oven and places two trays of rolled up cookie dough on the racks.

"Why are you making so many cookies?" I ask her as we go back to rolling dough and placing it on cookie sheets.

"It's Margarets favorite and I figured I could make some for both the bridal party and grooms party so they can snack while getting ready and then I figured I should make extra for anyone who wants some." She answers smiling.

We continue on in a comfortable silence when the timer beeps.

I stop and grab the oven mits, placing them on my hands. I open the oven and grab the two trays being careful not to burn myself and pull them out, setting them on the black marble countertop. I turn around to grab two more trays full of cookies and put them in the oven to cook.

We continue this three more times until all the dough is cooked and ten cookie sheets are covering the counter with fresh cookies.

May walks out of the kitchen and walks back in with two baskets.

We fill up both baskets with the cookies and she places a black and white checkered cloth on top of the baskets.

"I'll take these to them, you should go get ready. It's past noon and we're supposed to start showing up at five; the ceremony starts at six." She grabs the baskets and heads out the door.

I turn and walk out of the kitchen and make my way back to Margaret's room.

Once I walk into the room I see a light blue tube dress laying on the bed. The front of the dress is tied to look like a bow over the chest and it also has a ruffle trimming along the top. It looks like it would go down to my knees.

I walk into the bathroom and I start up the shower. I picked up two towels from the linen closet that's connected to the wall beside the sink and I hung them over the glass door to the shower.

Once finished with my shower I wrap one towel over my body and then the other in my hair. I open the glass door letting the stem fall out of the shower behind me and I walk up to the sink I find the blow dryer in the first drawer just like the note this morning said I grab that and the curling iron and plug them both in. I start drying my hair running a brush through it simultaneously making sure all the knots are out.

After 20 minutes of blow drying my hair and detangling it I start curling it. I make the curls loose binging volume into my hair.

After I burnt my thumb and pointer finger for the sixth time I finished. I then pull out mascara and some lip gloss and apply it to my face before I head into the bedroom to slip on the dress.

It stops just above my knees. I sit down on the bed and bend over to grab the brown leather gladiator sandals I slip them on and zip up the backs.

I spot my phone on the bedside table. I grab it and look at the time 4:30 it reads. Maybe someone needs help or something. I stuff my phone in between the material under my arm and I walk downstairs once again.

I spot May she’s in a long grey dress and her hair down and in soft curls down her back.

“May!” I call out to get her attention. She turns to me and smiles. “Your hair is so long. It’s pretty.” I compliment her when I reach her.

“Thank you sweetie, you look pretty.” She returns a compliment.

“Thank you. So where are we going?” I ask as we walk down to a dirt path in the tree line.

“It’s just through the trees and into a small opening where the pond is. it’s where they realized they were mates.” She says and I soon see the breakthrough of the trees.

When we make it to the small opening it’s full of chairs and there in front of the pond is an arch with blue and white flowers. Off to the side there is a large tent with large tables for where the food and cake will be.

I help May set up the food onto the tables and help make sure the lights in the tent work.

Soon a whole bunch of people show up and I quickly go find a seat in the back out of everyone’s way. I would have sat next to May but the family of the groom and bride sat up in the front row. There are a crazy amount of people. It's so crowded I’m not even going to guess. Music starts to play and the groomsmen walk in followed by the groom. I watch Matt walk down the aisle. He's in a normal black tux with a black tie with a boutonniere with a blue flower pinned on.

When he reaches the front of the arch he stands right next to the groom Ethan he scans the crowd as if he’s looking for someone his eyes meet mine and he smiles a breathtaking smile I return a smile back as the music changes and the bridesmaids walk in wearing a long dusty blue dress holding a small bouquet of blue and white flowers. Everyone stands as Margaret walks in wearing a beautiful white gown. The top of it has some lace work and it’s opened in the back. Her hair is curled and she has a long veil tucked in her hair.

Everyone sits and the ceremony starts.
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