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Never After

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Caution: A lot of trigger warnings in this book. And now the pain, you love me not, My face is red, my head is hot. Just go home, and you will see, The punishment, for shunning me. The sky is dark, it's getting late. It hurts the worse, the more I wait. But nonetheless, this much I knew. In every way, I had to have you. —Silent Stalker

Fantasy / Erotica
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In shadows cast, where pain resides,

My heart, once whole, now torn inside.

Erst tangled in love’s embrace,

Now left bare in empty space.

Power he sought, with greed entwined,

His heart, a fortress, cruel and blind.

He played with hearts, a wicked game,

In his pursuit of fortune and fame.

But oh, how swiftly the scene turned bleak,

As truth unveiled the horrors I dared not speak.

Beneath the moon’s cold gaze, I came to know,

That love’s façade was but an artful show.

Her innocence, a radiant light,

He dimmed with darkness, out of spite.

Yet as he walked his ruthless way,

Her memory in his heart did stay.

My lover, once my world and more,

A traitor’s heart, an open sore.

For though his betrayal pierced me deep,

My heart still aches for the love I once did keep.

When she departed, love’s veil was torn,

In his solitude, a truth was born.

Her love he spurned, his ego fed,

Little knowing she’d haunt his head.

In the quiet corners of my wounded heart,

I keep the memory of our love apart.

For I am the crestfallen one, forever true,

And though I reject him, I still love him too.

The man, a prisoner of his own design,

Obsessed with her, his heart malign.

He chased her steps with fevered pace,

Yearning for her ethereal grace.

Though time has passed, wounds may heal,

I guards my heart, the love concealed,

For deep within, a flicker burns,

A love I shun, but still returns.

A twist of fate, they meet once more,

His impulsive heart, now at war.

The girl he wronged, he can’t forget,

Her silent strength, a silhouette.

My fears were true, my heart did break,

My trust, a cruel and lethal mistake,

The twisted dance of love and hate,

Within my soul, they contemplate,

But pride and fear, a toxic blend,

He’ll never confess, never bend.

Her eyes, a mirror, his soul to face,

A past he can’t erase or replace.

In shadows I roam, a solitary figure,

A fragile soul, my emotions grow bigger,

For love’s complexities, I can’t comprehend,

The battles within my heart, they won’t transcend.

Yet she, scarred and broken, stands her ground,

Resolute, trust never to be found.

No redemption in his words sincere,

Her heart locked tight, forever seared.

Haunted by the echoes of their laughter,

Yearning for what was, but Never After.

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