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For Never (Book 2)

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Ezra had never heard "No" and he had never "Lost" what he had wanted but this was more than a stubborn obsession. It was Lillian Avi. Just....more.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Start writing here…Marie welcomed them at the entrance of the mansion which might as well have been a palace. Bright fairy lights adorned the fine architect of the building. White and red drapes were strewn across the slpendid set-up and decorated with artificial flowers. The concept appeared to be a dreamy fantasy. Soft, warm, colorful and blissful.

“Let me show you to your rooms.”

Four porters carried their luggage behind them as Marie escorted each to their individual rooms. There was a giddy glow on her face which was refreshing to witness.

Lily took a shower and changed into a long night robe. The room was spacious but the walls were closing in on her heart. For a breath of fresh air, she disposed her pillows on the balcony and curled up on top of them. The moonlight flood her dark room with it’s tender glow, casting shadows on her face.

“Lily?” Marie poked her head inside her room and frowned at the darkness.

The balcony was directly in front of the door so she spoted her silhouette right away and joined her on the pillows.

Two cups of noodles and soup were placed in front of her but Lily was lost in her own abyss.

“Sam told me.” Marie spoke up and hooked her arm around Lily’s. “Are you okay?”

Nose hid in the crook of her elbow, Lily shook her head slowly. “I don’t know what to call this. What I’m feeling... I can’t compare it to anything.”


“No. Guilt.” Her voice was muffled. If Marie didn’t know her, she would have thought it was unintentional. “I did what people have been doing to me. I broke a heart, Marie. I never meant for it to hurt him but... he... he was in pain.” Her frail tone tremble like a cord struck. “I don’t know what went wrong in my fairytale. The prince fell, the princess lost and the kingdom lost it’s colors.”

Marie scooted closer rested her head on her shoulder. “That’s a modern fairytale, Lily. Nothing went wrong. Your story came to an end. The fairytales before always ended happy because they ended in the middle. Nobody knows what happened after the princess married the prince.”

Lily sighed and buried her head deeper in her knees. The weight of her heart was dangling from her tortured mind.

“You think you should have given it a chance?”

“Starting a relationship is easy. Sustaining it takes a lifetime.” She replied. “I can’t even think of starting one right now.”

“You’ll figure something out.”

“I thought I had myself figured out. One blow and the veil came off. Everything inside me is shattered and damaged.”

“Hey,” Marie squeezed her forearm reassuringly. “Every person is broken in one way or another. No being is born complete.”

Lily failed hiding the hitch in her breaths. “Where’s Sam?”

“Eh...” Marie trailed off. “In his room, probably.”

“He’s irritated.”

“Not irritated, just... worried. He doesn’t approve of this decision but hey, at the end of the day you’re going to live with the outcome not him.”

Silence descended upon the two women under the nightsky. Lily couldn’t forget about the darkness in Ezra’s eyes, his writhing body and his edgy behavior. Was it her fault she couldn’t stand the idea of sharing a part of her with another? She was selfish for once.

The damage it caused was chipping away her insides. It was not in her control how a part of her still ached for him.

“Oops,” Marie jolted up and reached for the cups. “I almost forgot. Here, I got you noodles. It’s almost midnight. You must be hungry.”

Lily lifted her head and reluctantly accepted the cup. Her stomach churned at the thought of eating. When her fingers flicked the lid open, warm spicy smell wafted out of the cup.

“Omppph!” Her hand flew to her mouth as her stomach turned.

She dashed to the bathroom and puked her guts out into the toilet bowl. Her chest heaved and eyes teared up. Marie pulled her hair away from her face.

“Fuck!” Marie freaked out. “Don’t puke your organs.”

Lily hurled the contents of her stomach out a second time before her body sagged on the floor.

“I should I call someone?” Marie asked.

Lily shook her head, wobbled up to her feet and splashed water on her face in the sink.

“I’m okay. Too much stress. I need to sleep it off.”

Marie helped her into bed, fetched her pillows and poured her a glass of water. “I’ll let you rest for now but if you need anything, mindlink me. ’kay?”

“I promise.”

Amelia sat beside her unconscious son and rubbed his hands tenderly. Her grudge vanished the moment her eyes witnessed him suffering on the floor of that temple. Ben was pretty shaken too. They somehow managed to get him back home and sedate him.

“There’s nothing chronic to worry about,” the doctor told Ben who pacing in the room. “It was a panic attack. I have prescribed him medicine for now. Judging by his history as you narrated, this is not the first time. I’ll be at your service if he had any difficulties or another episode.”

“Thank you,” Ben shook his hand and escorted him out.

The luna combed the messy strands back from her son’s forehead and pressed a motherly kiss there. His eyes were rimmed red. He didn’t look like his son.

She silently retreated from his room and joined her mate in the living room outside. Her heart was in her throat as her mate wrapped her up in his arms.

“Cole said he was doing okay.” Amelia whispered. “He was so far... Help him, Ben. He needs us.”

Ben stroked her hair. “I’m trying. He doesn’t seem like he’ll listen to anyone.”

“Maybe if we ask Lily–”

“Amy.” Ben stopped her. “That girl has been through a lot. We can’t force her nor can we compell her. She has all the right to walk away.”

They submerged into a troublesome sleep on the couch outside their son’s door. Near dawn, a doorbell pulled them out of their slumber. Amelia opened the door to Cole, Gabe, Kyne and Madeline.

“Sorry if we woke you up, Luna.” Madeline cupped her hand. “Cole heard about Ezra and couldn’t wait to see him.”

“No problem, dear. He needs us all. Thank you for stopping by.”

She let them pass by her and join their former alpha in the living room meanwhile Cole stopped in the foyer with the Luna.

“He must have taken it pretty bad.” Cole concluded. He knew his best friend very well.

Amelia nodded. “He had a panic attack. I can’t bear seeing my son like this.”

“He’ll calm down once he comes back to his senses.”

“And if he doesn’t? You remember the last time, right?”

Although she waited patiently for his response, he stood indifferent. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

“That’s what gives me hope, Cole. I trust you with my son. May goddess bless every man and woman with a friend like you.”

Cole offered a strained smile and guided her inside. They lounged anxiously hoping their friend would wake up in a better mood. Amelia made coffee for all of them. The tray had yet to touch the coffee table when the door to his room flew open.

There he stood, like a beast gone rogue. His jaw set, eyes red where there should have been white and veins threatening to burst.

“Ez,” Cole jumped to his feet and crossed the path of vengeful alpha. “How are you, man?”

“I’m dead.” He spat. “Fuck off.”

Amelia flinched at the harshness molded in his furry. Ben and the others slowly gathered round Ezra. He seemed bothered by it.

“Get out of my way.” He warned, panting.

Cole planted his feet to the ground and puffed his chest out challengingly. “Why?”

His eyes flashed. “Cole,” he bit out. “Back off.”

Amelia cautiously touched his flexing arm. “Where are you going, baby?”

“To get her back. She thinks it’s over? Over my dead body.”

She palm his hard flesh and said, “She’s gone. The bond split up. Just let it be.”

Ezra yanked his arm away from her as if she burned him. His accusatory gaze scorched her skin. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

Ben scowled.

“She’s your mother.”

“Exactly,” Ezra threw and tried sidestepping Cole but his friend blocked his path. “She’s a mother that’s why I’m trying my fucking hardest to stay sane.”

“Son,” his father hissed angrily.

Ezra tilted his head and scrunched his face. His head was throbbing and his chest burning. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“For the last time,” his dropped his volume to chillingly calm. “Move. Don’t come between me and her.”

Ben inhaled. “She’s not yours anymore.”

That did it. The beast’s eyes snapped open revealing the deadly thunderstorm inside. The nearest vase flew across the room and crashed into the wall behind Gabe. He barely dodged the projectile. Amelia shrieked and jumped back before Madeline steadied her.

“She is mine! Am I clear?!” He roared at his father and punched his chest with each venomously word, “She! Is! Mine!”

Ben might have been old but his alpha blood was as hot as his son’s. He snarled at his son, “Don’t raise your voice at me!”

Ezra grabbed another vase and smashed it between him and his father. His voice got twice louder and rougher. “I will!” He shoved Cole away from approaching him. “Everyone who comes between me and her will have to pay!”

Ben’s palms were twitching. His son had truly gone made. His eyes were ablze, foreign and bloodthirsty.

“Calm down, Ez.” Kyne raised his palms defensively and took a step closer.

Ezra growled and dashed towards the door.

“Stop that fool!” Ben ordered.

Gabe, Cole and Kyne leapt and launched themselves at the rabid alpha. He grunted and growled but they weighed him down successfully.

“Let me go!” Ezra snarled and tugged.

“Take it easy, buddy,” Cole coaxed soothingly, “Control yourself.”

Ezra heaved, his breaths short and stopped struggling. His body stilled. Cole, Kyne and Gabe had barely slackened their hold when he threw their arms off and whipped his gun out of his waistband and pointed it at his forehead.

Amelia screamed, “No!”

Ezra ground his teeth and held up his free hand up. His mania was feasting on his sanity like a leech. “One more word and I’ll blow my head off.”

Amelia held Ben back from approaching his son and pleaded, “Don’t, Ben. Please, don’t.”

“He’s out of his fucking mind.” Ben shouted.

Cole stopped Kyne and Gabe, his eyes wide. The frenzy swirling in his friend’s demeanor was frightening.

“Okay, okay,” Cole rushed. “No one is going to stop you.”

Ezra retreated his steps backwards, nearing the door and bared his canines. “Don’t follow me!”

“We won’t.” Cole promised. “No one is going to follow you. In fact, I’m coming with you–”

Ezra growled.

“Because I’m on your side, bud.” He lied quickly. “She is yours and we are going to get her.”

The alpha reached for the knob behind him and twisted it. “I don’t trust you. None of you are on my side. She is my mate. She was born to be mine!”

“That doesn’t give you the right to take away her choice of freedom.” Kyne said softly, trying not to offend him.

“I can’t let her choose! She’s it.” Ezra spat. “She’s the beginning of my boundaries, the end of my boundaries and beyond my boundaries.”

His eyes shot to his mother. “I promise you, mom. If they followed me I will kill myself.”

Amelia sobbed and shook her head. “They won’t. Please don’t hurt anyone.”

“I’m drawing the line once and for all. Only one of has will live. Either me, her or us as one. Period.”

The door slammed shut after he disappeared behind it. The threshold shuddered with the force. Amelia dropped to her knees and wailed. Ben drew her near and comforted her.

Cole turned to Kyne. “Take care of the pack.” Then he glanced at Ben. “I give you my word, I’ll handle this.”

With that, he ran out if the house, shed his clothes and shifted. His midnight black wolf picked up his clothes in his jaws and zoomed into the forest.

This is getting a bit dark. 👁️👁️

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