Fornever (Book 2)

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Come Get Me

Sam took her out to the same spot by the spring the next morning to take her mind off the nightmare, no matter how many times she protested it was real.

Lily for the first time realized how ridiculous she had been this whole time. From being self-centered to temperamental to blindly judgmental. Sam was floating on the surface of water oblivious to her embarrassment. She was so lost in what she wanted it never occurred to her she had hurt her loved ones in the process.

“Sam,” she called out. “I need to go back.”

It was about time she returned back to her old self and handled life the way she used to. No running, just threading.

“You didn’t even wet your hands.” Sam noticed as he put his shirt on. “And you wanna go back. Am I boring you or something?”

Inhaling deep liberating fresh air, Lily smiled broadly and enjoyed the welcomed breeze around her. “You never bore me, Sam.”

Before he could utter a word she wrapped her arms around his waist which was slightly wet but it didn’t matter.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled into his chest then looked up at his bewildered face. “These past weeks, things changed for me. and along the way maybe I changed too. I drifted apart but you never gave up on me. I shouldn’t have excluded you from my life. I’m good now. No more disappointing mood swings.”

Sam opened his mouth then closed it and then opened it again. A chuckle spilled out of his lips. “Promise?”

He flicked her nose when she nodded.

“I’m happy I have you back.” He returned her hug enthusiastically. “I missed the old you.”

They clasped their hands and wandered through the thick woods into the pack. A veil has suddenly lifted off her heart and her head. She couldn’t quite put her finger on when or why but it was a joyful wind inside her soul after a lifetime of storm.

“I’m going to pack my bags.” Lily informed him when he dropped her off at her door.

That was a surprise for Sam. “You’re going back to the pack...? So soon? Its barely been three days.”

“I guess I just needed three days on my own to gather my thoughts,” she twisted her hair up into a knot and sauntered over to her closet. Sam followed suit.

“I’ll pack too, then”

“You don’t have to if you wanna stay back, Sam.”

He sprawled on her bed beside the suitcase she plopped down on it. “Nah, I was here because Ezra asked me to look out after you.”

Lily paused in front of the closet. “Did he now...”


Brushing the comment off, Lily resumed folding her dresses and putting it in the suitcase. Her body was buzzing with energy and perhaps anticipation. She didn’t know where exactly she was headed but her heart urged her to move forward.

“Done.” she closed the zipper of the second suitcase at last.

Looking up, she found Sam watching her intently.


“You’re pumped for some reason.”

Lily unraveled her hair, let it fall down and sighed. “I’m tired of running away. I want my old stale boring life back.”

The hesitance in his tone when he prepared himself to ask the next question was understandable. “...and what about the psychotic life that’s waiting back there for you...?”

Lily played with her fingers in her lap. “He learned his lesson,” she murmured, her chest trembling, “and I learned mine.”

Sam propped up on his hooked arm. “I’m still cautious about his behavior. He has my sympathies though.”

“I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt me. Not anymore.”

“So you’re going to patch up with him?”

Is is too early? She thought, Too late?

“We’ll see where it goes.”

Sam nodded before getting up from her bed. “Whew, too many surprises today. that too outta the blue.”

A small smile curved her lips. “I have a bigger surprise.”

“What?” Sam pried.

“You’ll know. Soon.”

“Why not now?”

Lily rolled her eyes and pushed him towards the door. “Soon, I said.”

“Is it for me?” he asked over his shoulder.

“hmm...” Lily thought about it. “That depends...”


“Sam.” Lily warned.

“Okay, fine.” he threw his hands up. “I’ll wait. It better be good.”

By the time she was done with rechecking all her things and tidied her room, it was time for dinner. Marie wasn’t as excited about her returning to the pack as she was but she didn’t push it. Juan apologized he couldn’t find her missing reports anywhere.

“Thank you, I was craving ice cream so bad.”

Sam handed her a cup of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and sat beside her in her balcony. “Yeah. You mentioned that three times already.”



Ice cream was getting more and more appealing to her taste buds. She loved the flavor melting on her tongue. It made her wonder if the baby was old know to influence her cravings.

“What time are we leaving?”

She shrugged. “Whenever you want.”

“After lunch tomorrow?” he inquired but they were interrupted by her phone ringing.

“I’ll get it.” Sam fetched it from her nightstand and frowned at the screen. “Pack office. Who that?”

The phone was snatched her his hands before he could answer.

“Ah-ee-uhmm.” Lily flickered her gaze down to the screen then back up to his narrowed eyes. “It’s...”

Sam waved his hand in encouragement. “It’s...?”

The strange urge to blush amazed and irritated her. It felt like she was hiding a dirty secret, which it definitely wasn’t.

Then why are you hiding it?

Determined to prove herself wrong, Lily tipped her chin up. “It’s...Ezra.” Her gaze wavered nonetheless.

Sam was silent for a few seconds then burst out laughing. “Jeez, Lily. Why the hell are you so worked up about it?”

“I’m not,” she protested.

“Whatever floats your boat.” he shook his head and went to his room.

The flutter in her belly was barely there but she felt it and it was nice. When the phone rang a second time, she took in a shaky breath to tame her thudding heart and answered it.



He sounded like he didn’t expect her to pick up.

“You called.” she said, nervous.

“And you answered.”

First time in a long while her mind refreshed her memories. He always listened to her, hung to her every word like meant the law. His gaze, his hands, his intentions, it made her feel powerful. In control. Important. Her rage never allowed her to realize that. He was truly mad calling her after all that happened between them.

“You didn’t pick up last night.” he told her when she remained silent for long. There was a pinch of accusation in his tone.

“I was... asleep.” she lied.


It made her smile. The Alpha rarely said sorry to people.

“It’s fine. I’m coming back tomorrow with Sa-”

A loud smack interrupted her from the other line. Something fell, probably a book. Not long before a curse followed suite.


“Are you okay?”

A rustling nose, a bang and then another curse. “Wha- yeah- I mean I’m okay. You were saying...”

“I’m coming back.”

“When?” his query resonated impatience.

“By the time it’s dinner, maybe.”

“Why not sooner?”

she pursed her lips to hold in her giggle. “Why sooner?”

A contemplative pause, “It’s safer in the morning.”

“I have Sam with me and I’m no toddler.”

“Still...” he was struggling with something.

“Ezra,” Lily cautioned.

The dead silence made her wonder if he had stopped breathing. “yes, Lillian.”

Now she understood why he liked her saying his name. The effect was remarkable. It washed over her like an electric current.

“You want to say something.”

“well...” he drawled out. “Are you coming back me?”



“I want to tell you something, though. Would you have some time to-”

“Hell yeah.” he replied. “All the time you want. You can tell me now too.”


“I’ll be waiting at the border at dawn to bring you back.”


The line ended.

She stared at the screen dumbfounded then shook her head in disbelief. “What is this man?”

Crazy, for sure.

Sighing a deep relaxing breath, Lily finished her molten ice cream and the slipped under the covers. Soon enough, she drifted off to slumber.

The first thing she felt was the prickling on her skin. There was cold sweat clinging to her nightshirt and smoldering anxiety. Her eyes peeled often in the dark with that deep sense of being watched which churned her stomach. The moment she moved, there were four hands on her in a flash. One pair pinned her hands to the bed whilst one hand fisted her hair.

She tried to scream but her throat didn’t cooperate. It felt as though she was trapped in her own body.

The other hand grazed her throat with a metal. Her blood ran cold when she realized the sharp edge belongs to a blade. The intruder slid the blade down her chest to her stomach and finally stopped at her belly button.

“Αυτό το μωρό είναι κατάρα.”

They had no smell and she couldn’t make out their faces because of the dark but she recognized that voice.

It was Marie.

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