Fornever (Book 2)

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Terror had her body seized. Lily could barely move. One thing was certain, she was not in control of her body. Her vocal cords refused to cooperate.

Marie she wanted to scream, Why are you doing this?

The daunting glint of the blade spiked her throat. By the looks of it, both the captors were female.

“Finish it,” the other one ordered. The tone was eerily low, rough and edgy.

Lily panicked. Her animalistic urge to fight and protect along with her maternal instincts flared up. Marie plunged the knife down. Lily somehow snapped the invisible hold on her body and twisted her waist in time to save her womb but the blade slit her hip open.

Pulling her legs back, she kicked Marie over before she could attack again and jumped at the other woman. Her mindlink was still off so she needed to get out of there. She was strong, not stupid. There was clearly witchcraft involved. While she could fight to protect against combat and weapons, she was no match for witchcraft.

“πιάσε την!” the unknow woman yelled at Marie. (catch her)

In haste, Lily rolled over. The door was blocked so she sprinted towards the balcony. A blast made her flinch away. The glass door melted. She couldn’t afford error. Her ears ringing and mind buzzing, she swung her legs over the railing and jumped to the nearest pipe and slid down.

Take care of my baby, moon goddess, please.

Zooming past the woods behind the pack house, Lily’s heart was outpacing her legs. A sudden puff of mist popped up in front of her which halted her steps with a gasp. Before her stood the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen in the dim light of dawn. Clad in a brown cape, blood red eyes and pale complexion, she was now were nor a human.

A witch.

Lily narrowly missed her punch and whirled around. She tried kicking her from under her feet but she disappeared and then popped up again. Her vicious smirk was hidden behind a black veil.

Several failed attempts of landing a punch on the witch made Lily realize she was trying burn out her energy. Instead of fighting her, she changed her mind and ran towards the border. The witch kept appearing and disappearing in her path, shooting random puffs of smog that burnt the trees nearby and a few daggers that she expertly dodged.

It was then it hit her these were the people Ezra warned her about. He said they wanted the Luna but they were after the life inside her.

That one second of distraction was victory for the witch. An invisible rope curled around her ankles and threw her off her feet. Lily prevented the ground hitting her abdomen by twisting midair and dropping by her side but it delivered a lot of damage to her head.

Vision blurred, she gasped for air. She had made it to the border only to fall.

“Pretty thing,” the witch slurred as she crouched by her side and swept her hair away from her sweaty face. “Look at you. You should have given in. All that drama and for what? Now, you’re mine.”

“I think the fuck not.” Sam growled, his gun aimed at the witch.

Her eyes quirked, a sign of her sinister smile. “Ανόητος.” (Fool)

With the flick of her wrist, the gun flew from his hands. Sam barely had a second to react before the witch swooped up and pinned him by a nearby tree. Her grip was as strong as an Alpha.

Sam was wheezing by the lack of air in his lungs. Lily managed getting up on her wobbly feet long enough to stop her spinning head. Leaping up towards the witch, she hooked her arm and leg around hers and slammed her into the ground.

The witch released a shrill laugh and disappeared for the hundredth time.

“Lily,” Sam urged, fetching the gun. “Cross the border. Ezra is somewhere around here.”

Lily gaped. “What?”

“He mindlinked me last night saying he would be here at dawn to pick you up. My link is off. We have to search him.”

He grabbed her hand and took off. It took them a while until finally the familiar maddening scent surrounded her senses like a tornado. She dragged Sam with her, her body and soul eager to see Ezra.

“There. I see him.”

Hearing those words from Sam filled her with a newfound energy. It convinced her it wasn’t a dream. Midway, she let go of Sam. Ezra stepped out of the car seeing her running towards him in her night robe and pyjama pants was odd.

Out if its own accord, his arms spread out. His heart soared and his pride swelled. She was back, right where she belonged.

Lily sobbed and jumped into his arms. They curled around each other with a wanton need, hunger and longing. Ezra attack her neck with kisses, sucked on her throat, bit her jaw then claimed her mouth. Her tongue clashed with his. It was times like these that sowed the seeds of power in him. He knew she wanted him just as much as he did.

“Ezra,” she breathed as she pulled back reluctantly. “Ezra, we need to go.”

The fire and darkness of his gaze intensified with a shade of concern. “Why?”

A loud bang went off behind them. Ezra shielded her with his body and peered over his arm. His car was shoved away from its original and spot and had a dent in the side.

“Motherf-” Cole cursed and stumbled away from the car. “What the fuck just happened?”

Lily flicked her gaze to Sam,“Someone attacked me and Marie was...” she trailed off as she noticed the immobility of her friend.

“Sam,” she cautioned.

Ezra had a firm grip on her arm. He didn’t let go when she took a step in Sam’s direction but followed behind.

Sam blinked from his position. Dread crawled up Lily’s back.

“He’s stuck like how I was.” She told Ezra without turning around.

Cole and Ezra exchanged a bewildered brief look before they flickered their gaze to Sam. A mist started forming behind him which sent Lily into panic mode.

“She’s coming back,” Lily urged Ezra. “Do something!”

Ezra and Cole withdrew their guns and aimed it at the mist behind Sam. They waited with bated breaths for someone to appear but no one did.

Then, a gunshot.

And a scream.

Ezra held Lily back as Sam’s chest started oozing blood. Cole swooped in and stood protectively in front of Sam, shielding him from the mist. He was equally frozen when Marie walked out of the fog with a gun in her hands, her eyes were red and dazed.

“Marie!” Cole shouted.

She shot a couple more bullets at Cole but he successfully detained her and took her gun.

“άσε με, μπάσταρδα!” she snarled and tried head butting him. (let me go, bastard)

“Snap out of it!” Cole shouted in her ear.

Her struggles and inhumane growling increased. One of their pack members was already wounded. He didn’t want the same for another so he knocked her out.

Meanwhile, Ezra carried Sam to his car hurriedly and asked Lily push on his wound who sat with his head on her lap, shaking and pale.

“You’re going to be okay,” she chanted, “You’re fine. Please, stay with me. Please.”

Cole secured Marie in the front seat then squeezed in. Ezra pulled out of there nearly toppling the car over and drove to the pack like a madman.

Lily’s tears, her pale skin, her drained eyes and shaking hands and her bleeding hip were fucking up his mind. He knew Sam meant a lot to her. Anything bad happening to him with affect her in the worst way. As if she hadn’t had enough already.

It took longer than he could bear. Ambulances were already waiting by the border when they reached there. Sam and Marie were taken to the hospital in a blink.

“Marie is only unconscious but Sam is in critical condition. The bullet he took was silver.” The doctor informed them.

Lily dug her nails into Ezra’s palms. He didn’t even notice. All he noticed was her tears.

“Make sure he survives.”

“But it’s been in his body far too long-”

Ezra flicked his deadly gaze towards him. “I said...Make sure he survives. Are we clear?”

The doctor shut his mouth, nodded and scurried out of the room where they currently had Lily checked in. Her entire waist was covered up in a bandage.

“I think I might find someone who can help.” Cole stood and exited the room.

Ezra sighed and dragged his chair closer to Lily’s bed. A nurse dropped by with filtrated water then left. Her silence was eating him up but he reminded himself he needed to be patient.

“Baby,” he held a glass near her lips and watched as she took small sips.

“He’s going to be fine.” he took her small hands in his large palms and kissed each of her knuckles. “I promise. Trust me.”

Her red teary eyes gazed at him with a sorrow only he could comprehend. It was the same pain he had felt when he lost Bryan.

Sniffling, she wet her lips and nodded. “I-I...I need to tell you something.”

The timbre in her voice, her meek and rough tone fired up his insides. He lowered his forehead to her knuckles and breathed her scent in to control his twisted urges.

She needs space. Space. The fucking space.

“They attacked me to kill our baby.”

The world seized, his heart stopped, his mind slipped, blood froze and his breaths turned non-existent.

Did he hear that right?

The destruction happening inside him was astronomical.

His deep blue eyes swirled into a pool of darkness as he peered up at her from under his hair. He might have heard wrong but the that look in her eyes was nothing short of an abyss and a storm combined.

Unnervingly deliberate and slow, he rose from his seat and planted his fists on either side of her on the bed. They breaths mingled in short pants as he descended his head near hears to hear better.

“Repeat what you just said.”

The sudden changed in his demeanor was scary. It was terrifying even. Perhaps that’s why she fell for him all over again. Her beast was on edge and the effect was direct on her insides.

Inhaling a breath and preparing herself for an outburst, she gulped.

“I said, I’m pregnant."

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