Fornever (Book 2)

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Lily was half expecting to see the glass flying off or the IV stand or maybe the chair in splinters given the murderous aura around him. To her surprise, he bunched up the sheets in his fists and drew closer.

“You’re pregnant?” he repeated, his tone dark and surprised. His eyes digging for truth in hers.

Lily nodded. “It’s the earliest stage so you can’t detect the scent on me but... yeah.”

The fire in him spread out, she didn’t know how it was possible but she felt the change in him, in his stance, in his veins, in his eyes and most importantly in his beast. His chest puffed or maybe he just inhaled. The storm of possessiveness and protectiveness turned into a raging tornado.

It was somewhat concerning. Did they go back to square one? All the progress and heartbreak down the drain or was there still hope left?

His bottom lip curled under his teeth as he closed his eyes and rubbed the side of his face then neck then back to the sheets. His movements were random and jerky. It was too much to digest for him.

And then, he was gone.

A sheath of disappointment surrounded her. This is not what she expected from him. The least she expected was anger, accusations, cussing or agreement and him fleeing was none of them.

Her mind slipped into an abyss as she busied herself to keep the dark thoughts out from her conscience until eventually someone knocked at the door.

“Miss?” a nurse poked her head through the door. “Ready?”

Ah, yes. The tests. The doctor who checked on her was concerned about her weakness and the baby’s health so he wanted to take some tests but she requested they wait she told Ezra first.


The nurse took her blood and urine samples. Lily washed her face in the sink and exited. She was halfway to the bed when the door burst open and a squeal spilled from her lips.

With her hand on her racing chest, she glared at him. “It’s a hospital in case you didn’t know.”

Ezra, far more disheveled than before and as unapologetic as ever, marched up to her with a dark intensity that excited her core. Hair in a mess, gaze penetrating and his dark eyes made him look edible. Her small petite frame disappeared in his massive vengeful arms in a flash.

“Lillian,” he rasped against her throat. He was panting, breathless and proud. “Lillian... fuck, why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was muffled.

Shook, Lily stood on her tippy toes, high on his scent and needy touches. He clung to her like a leech and sucked on her senses instead of blood, her disappointment melted in his arms. He was rubbing his scent all over her.

And he was hard.

She blushed.

“I... you- I thought you wouldn’t want to have a baby and-”

Her breath got caught as he trailed his nose up her neck to the beck of ear lobe. “...and?”

“I don’t know,” she blurted out. Her skin was buzzing and belly fluttering.

Ezra took a long whiff of her scent then pulled back enough to adore her burning cheeks. “You’re right. I didn’t want a baby. I never thought of it. But you, you just don’t stop changing my mind.”


She watched his pupils expand.

“I would gladly die for my Lilies." His dimples appeared as his lips quirked. “I so fucking want this. I need this. You. This- our baby," his hand slipped from her back to her womb, “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I feel like I’m going to explode any second. But I love whatever this is. I feel like a dad.”

Her little frown made him cup her cheeks.

“You get me, right? You know what I’m saying?”

She stared. That didn’t waver his enthusiasm.

“Let me show you something,” he was careful about her injury when he scooped her up but her shoe fell off.

“My slippers,” she scolded, “and I can walk.”

The stubborn hunk of man threw her other slipper off as well and exited their room. The stragglers in the hallway sneaked glances were smart enough not to blatantly stare.

“Let me walk.” Lily whispered through gritted teeth.

“Shut up.”

She protested all the way to the car but her words fell on deaf ears. The car door opened and they both slipped into the drivers seat. Lily was straight up glowering at him at this point. Ezra pursed his lips to hide his smile and started the engine. When Lily made a move to climb into the passengers seat, his hold on her tightened.

“No,” Lily demanded. “I am not going to sit on your lap while you drive.”

“Yes, you are.”

“I am not taking any chances.”

He huffed, “You think I will let anything happen to my Lilies?”

“Stop calling me that.”

“Why?” he teased, “Now I have two. A Lily and a Lily bud.”

“I thought it was obvious we’re not together.”

“You had said a lot of things,” he adjusted her on his lap and peered down at her fiery eyes. “Trust me, I remember all of them.”

The stubborn glint in his eyes lowered her inhibitions. She curled up on her lap in way that allowed him space to drive. It was then she realized she was still in her hospital gown.

As if my life had been normal so far.

Soon, the car stopped on a familiar route which did not look familiar anymore. Mesmerized and intrigued Lily slipped out the the car and walked up to the rusted gate, barefoot.

It was the Temple.

There were Lilies all around the premises. By the look of it, those were baby plants and freshly gardened. Then there was the old pavement which was covered with rose petals all the way to the temple along with the stairs, string lights adorned each of the pillars and not to the mention all the white, black and red candles lit on the banisters and the statue.

“This is where you asked for me,” Ezra came up behind her, “This is where I fell for you. This temple, it is the birthplace of us. You and me. I’m sorry things didn’t go the way they should have or how you wanted them to but I’m not sorry they happened.”

Her vision blurred but she took in a deep breath and controlled her out of whack emotions. The damn hormones.

“You killed so many roses of this.”

His chuckle was lighthearted, free of burden and ecstatic.

“I wanted it to be special the first time my baby visited this temple.”

Lily was momentarily confused about the reference then she figured it was probably their baby. Her insides were slowly turning into mush. A reference was not important.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Ezra kicked off her boots, followed by his socks. His arms bunched under his rolled up sleeves as he entwined their fingers and guided her steps to temple. He was moving backwards as he faced her. Lily couldn’t stop her heart from swelling up.

“I thought you completed my world but I was wrong.” his head tilted, eyes creased, voice rough and sincere. “You gave me a universe and it just-it keeps expanding.”

“Ezra...” she hesitated. The emotions swirling in his eyes and around him were overwhelming.

“How do I say everything I want to?” he pleaded and pulled her closer. “Just...look at me, look into my eyes, listen to my silence and read me like you always do.”

Something raw and burning crawled up her veins and choked her throat. She couldn’t breath and her eyes stung. Pulling her hand out of his, she ascended the steps and stood in front of the moon goddess. It was her place of solace, her sanctuary. It gave her that false sense that the goddess listened to her.

But did she?

Everything she wanted was there. Within her reach. Waiting for her. Begging for her. Then why was dread blocking her happiness. There were roots for fear in her soul and they were spreading faster than the fire of love in her body.

You are cursed.

Those ugly words feasted on her. They gnawed at her insides.

Oh, moon goddess. she called out in her heart. Please... listen to me this once. Answer me. I will never ask for anything. Ever. Help me. What have I done to anyone? Do you hate me? her lashes were wet and chest constricted. Give me a sign. Anything...big or small. Tell me if you bless this bond. Promise me there are no more surprises waiting to haunt me.

“Lillian...” Ezra was there, behind her.

“What is holding you back?” he asked. “Let go. I will always be there to catch if you fall. Give us a chance.”

She didn’t have a ‘yes or no’ answer. But it was clear he had her heart in his palm.

There was only one place which could tame her frantic heart so she turned to it and wrapped her arms around his waist. He didn’t question it, he didn’t even ask why his shirt was getting wet. He held her like how she wanted to. His scent soothed her.

“If you promise me you can find someone who can love you half as much as I do, I’ll love my Lilies from afar. No more compulsions.”

His confession melted whatever ice was left around her heart. The only doubt left in his mind had nothing to do with him or her. They still had a lot to consider, change and redeem but if it hurt anyone she loved then there was a snowball’s chance in hell she’d go through with her heart.

The ride back to the hospital was silent. There was a lot more calm this time. No arguments, no protests. He carried her to her room and helped her into bed.

“Go back home,” she told him. “You need rest.”

She would probably be discharged in the morning anyway. There was a lot to do. Check up on Sam and Marie and find out what the hell happened.

“I am home.”

Ezra slipped his shirt off, revealing his rippling abdomen and low hung pants. Her greedy eyes stared blatantly. It was when he slipped his pants that she flicked her away in panic.

“What are you doing?” her voice was squeaky.

Ezra threw his clothes to the couch and climbed in behind her. “I deserve some time with my baby.”

Lily gaped at him as he scooted her over to make space for himself.

“Are you serious?”


She was left gawking as the bipolar piece of a hot ass snaked his arm under her dress and palmed her belly. The burst of warmth, sparks and fluttering butterflies stole the words out of her system.

“Yo-you are touching me.” she stuttered.


Her trembling hands clutched his wrist stubbornly. “Do you mind?”

“No,” he mumbled and nuzzled her neck. He was spooning her, his leg draped over her.

“You are crossing a line.”

She waited for his response but none came. After a few heavy moments of disbelief, she realized he was past asleep. He was tired probably. His possessive claim on her claim on her belly clouded her better judgment. A few subtle and futile struggles later when she couldn’t shrug him off, she gave up and settled a bit more comfortably under him. Most of his weight was on the bed.

Minutes passed in search of sleep but she was wide awake. Her eyes were closed and she rarely moved in her sleep. Perhaps that’s why the slick Alpha beside her stroked her skin protectively then slid down the bed and placed a soft kiss on her belly button.

So he was pretending this whole time.

Despite the revelation, she let him. His little touches here and there were respectful and intoxicating. This time when he rested his head on her chest and dosed off, she slipped into her own oblivion.

Morning rolled in a blink. She woke up when a nurse brought her breakfast the next morning. Her clingy Alpha was gone and so was his dress.

“Luna,” a doctor came in to check on her later that morning.

“It’s Lily.” she corrected him. “Can I go home now?”

The doctor gave her a tight-lipped smile. “Your wound has healed completely but...”


“But your reports are here. I’m afraid you have to contact your obstetrician because your body might be a bit weak to support your pregnancy.”

There was instant ice in her veins. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing fatal, Lily. Calm down. I’m suggesting it would be better if you get checked up.”

“I will as soon as I’m out of here.”

“Or we can call her in.”

“You can?”

The doctor. “Not usually but Alpha’s orders.”

“I would really appreciate that.”

The doctor nodded and left.

I know this is dragging but at the same time I feel like it is necessary to write most of these things. Stay safe and lots of luv

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