Fornever (Book 2)

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And The Bud

“This way,” a nurse fetched her from her room and took her to the private lab on the first floor.

“Ah, Lily.” Her obstetrician Jane recognized her right away. “I hope you’re not facing any serious difficulties.”

The nurse left them alone in the lab and closed the door.

“I think my blood pressure is high.” Lily voiced worriedly and sat from her doctor across the desk.

She put the report file down and slid on a pair of latex gloves.

“Any specific reasons?”

“I’m worried, that’s all.”

“Hyperventilating is not good for the baby.” The obstratecian cautioned and checked her blood pressure with a crease between her brows. “Yes, it’s high but not much so just try and relax.”

Lily fidgeted in her seat, her palms sweaty. “Is everything okay? What does the reports say, Doctor Jane?”

The elder woman gave her a reassuring smile and patted her forearm.

“Your baby seems to have a stronger appetite. We’ll get to the sonogram soon. Go lie on the bed.”

Lily hastily moved to the bed and waited for her to start the ultrasound machine.

“I’m ready.”

Jane pushed up her glasses on her nose bridge and checked her watch. “I’m waiting for the Alpha.”

“Alpha?” Lily quirked her eyebrow.

“Yes, he was the one who asked for an emergency check-up here. He specifically ordered not to start the ultrasound until he arrives.”

Lily sunk her head into the plush leather head rest on the bed and inhaled. A moment of embarrassment bothered her when she thought back to how everybody just knew who’s baby was growing up in her womb. There were no questions asked, no shady looks, no judgment, no pressuring attention.

They all knew.

A thud pulled her out of the puddle of her own thoughts before she could drown. As always, it was the Alpha. Never bothering to knock. They might have lengthy chat about privacy sometimes near in the future.

“Morning, Alpha.” Jane greeted.

Ezra nodded with a tight lipped smile without stopping until he reached Lily. He carefully picked up a stool and took a seat near her bed and then took her burning hand in his cold ones.


One word and Jane was on it. She lubed up the transducer and raised Lily’s gown above her waist. Ezra flickered his eyes briefly to the pink tint on her cheeks before returning his eager gaze to the sonogram.

There on the black and white screen, he saw his universe bloom. The heart in his chest expanded. There was now a new kind of love buzzing deep within his veins which soaked him. It was barely bigger than his thumb but that tiny bud of his, just owned him. Utterly and completely.

When the emotions inside him brewed up a storm, the disaster reached his eyes. He looked down at his Lily with newfound hope, warmth and insatiable hunger in blues which were glazed over.

The hunger of promises and a future, and it scared her.

This, whatever she was seeing, ran deeper than his blind obsession and stronger than the love he claimed he did.

Ezra couldn’t believe how his heart proved him an idiot. He thought he would never experience more maddening feelings for anyone other than Lily. He did. He fucking did. And it was his own little bud.

This fiery hot-headed woman who made irrational decisions rearranged a deranged beast and his fucked up head. She had his sighing heart in her tiny palm which, ironically, had once slapped him. He was more than ecstatic about it. She owed him his heart, body and soul and now his child.

“See that black little tadpole, that’s your baby.” Jane pointed. “It’s too early to find out its gender though.”

Lily flicked her gaze back at the screen and nodded, unable to answer. Her belly and heart had a butterfly party. A weight descent on her raised hand. She didn’t have to look to know it was Ezra’s chin. He was propped up on her hand, clasped between his, alternating between looking at her and the sonogram. His teeth softly bit on her knuckles absently.

“So, everything is okay? No complications or anything?”

Jane turned off the machine and plucked wipes from the stand. Handing it over to Ezra, she peered down at Lily for a few silent moments.

“Um...The baby is fine but-”


Before she could jerk up, Ezra placed his palm on her chest and beckoned her to stay calm. She allowed him to wipe the lobe from her belly. His gentle gesture was surprising. Rough, demanding and hard was his style. Not soft.

“The baby is growing up at a comparatively faster pace.”

Lily frowned. “Is that dangerous?”

“No,” Jane took her gloves off and grabbed a chart off the desk. “I have operated women who gave birth at four months and they had healthy babies. This little life is a bit faster than that.”

“As long as Lily and the bu- baby is safe, there’s nothing to worry about.” Ezra told her. “Since you are her chosen obstretician, I might need your assistance frequently. Do you mind?”

Lily wanted to snort but squashed that urged. As if the poor woman had a choice. Ezra had been misusing his power everywhere.

“Sure, Alpha.” Jane showed no sign of discomfort.

“All good now? Why did the doctor say you need to check up on her?”

Jane handed him the chart. “I have to write her a different diet every month that she needs to follow strictly. Since the baby is consuming a lot, her body is facing deficiencies. oh and,” she threw a brief look at Lily. “She is in need of blood transfusion.”


Jane shrugged and dug into the pockets of her coat, “I don’t know if it’s because of the baby or injury but she needs blood. To be extra safe, I’ll keep tabs on her blood range and BCTs.”

“Can you manage the blood transfusion at Mom’s home?”

“The former Luna?”


“Sure, I’ll put together a team.”

“Thank you, Jane.”

“Anything for you, Alpha.”

Lily’s eyes narrowed into slits as Jane slipped out of the lab with her reports. First, she felt an undertone in his tone with Jane. The ugly barely there feelings made her feel ridiculous so she focused on the second reason.

“Where you ever going to ask me if I want to go to your mom’s house or are you going to make my decisions from now on?”

Sitting up, she tugged her gown down and crossed her arms. Ezra lifted his gaze from the chart and stared at her from under his hair for a few seconds.

The next words in her mouth were eaten right off her tongue. He cupped her cheeks and muddled her insides with a hot searing kiss, his tongue claiming her taste. Her body reacted before she could comprehend what happened. Her tongue swirled around his, allowing, accepting and anticipating his hunger.

He left her panting and dazed when he pulled back. Another chaste kiss landed on her forehead before he called out, “Come in, Mom.”

Lily glanced at the door, looking flushed.

Amelia rushed inside and hugged Lily on the bed.

“Aww, I’m so happy and proud of you.” She gushed, eyes shinning with the excitement, adoration and love of a grandmother. “Is it true? I just want to make sure.”

Lily nodded, smiling. “I’m pregnant.”

Amelia sniffled, tearing up. Ben quietly moved up behind her and clasped her shoulderds. He too looked like a proud dad.

“Congratulations, Lillian.” He said, ignoring Ezra in the room.

“Yeah, congratulations, dear.” Amelia wiped at her eyes and reached across the bed to cup her son’s face. “You too, baby.”

“Thanks.” Ezra glanced at his dad then sighed and stood up. “I’ll be back in a few.”

Amelia waited for him to exit before she turned to Lily with concern. “Are you...” she exchanged a hesitant look with Ben. “Are you happy, Lily? Is he forcing you or–”

“No.” Lily interjected. “He is not forcing me and I’m very much happy. Don’t worry.”

Although Amelia didn’t show it, she was caught off guard by her defensive tone. Lily was getting protective over her son. And she didn’t even notice.

“I’m glad,” Ben commented. “That’s a weight off my chest.”

“He’s not that bad, Alpha.” Lily told him. “He’s progressing.”

Amelia smiled. “I can see that but he’s not quite there. That’s why I asked to move you in with me so I can take care of you and the baby. I don’t want him suffocating you with his presence.”

The Luna was the one who made that decision?

“I can’t move in.” Lily reasoned but Amelia shook her head firmly.

“I’m not going to hear no from you Lily. And you’re not moving in forever. It’s just until I make sure you and the baby are safe and sound.”


“Please?” Amelia pleaded, “Consider this your mom asking to take care of you.”

Ben gave her an encouraging nod. Lily had no choice but to cave in.


Lily was escorted back to her room to freshen up and prepare for her departure as she was discharged. Her wound had all healed up. It occurred to her that most of her things were back at the pack but Amelia assured her she wouldn’t need anything.

“Ready to go?” Ezra asked her when he strolled in to her room later in the afternoon.

Dressed in a white top and floral skirt, Lily was seated on the edge of her bed.



“I want to see, Sam. Everyone is saying he’s going to be okay but I need to make sure.”

Ezra scratched his eyebrow with his thumb and bit the corner of his lip. Now was not the time to see him. Although they were trying, Sam was recovering with a snail’s pace. Stress was not good in her condition.

“I’ll bring you back tomorrow.”

Lily scowled and stood up. Her tone edgy, she demanded, “I want to see him. Now."

“Look, baby. I promise I’ll take you to see him once you’re settled in.”

Not having any of it, Lily headed for the door. “I’ll find him myself.”

“Okay, okay.” Ezra rushed and clasped her hand with his, entwining their fingers. “Just remember to stay calm.”

Lily didn’t bother answering, the frown on her face was already clawing at his mood. Together they ventured into the room where Sam was admitted.

The scene Lily walked into was disturbing. Cole was standing by the bed and a woman with silver hair had Sam’s wrist in her mouth.

“What is she doing?!” Lily snapped into action but Ezra held her back.

“Relax, Lillian.” He squeezed her hand. “She’s helping. Look.”

The strange woman suck on her wrist then throw up in the bin placed by her stool. Cole gave her a bottle and a tissue to clean up. When she looked up, Lily noticed the dark circles under her eyes, her moist lashes, puffed eyelids and messy hair.

“She’s extracting the silver from his blood. It took us time to reach the hospital so the silver spread in his veins.” Cole told her to spare her confusion.

“Is it working?”

Cole looked at Sam’s unconscious form and shrugged. “It’s progress.”

The woman took a huge swig from the bottle then latched onto his cut wrist once more. This time when she threw up, her body faced the consequences. Cole wrapped his arms around her before she could’ve toppled over.

“That’s it. You need a break, Belle.”

He scooped her up and laid her on the couch, her eyelids heavy. The way Cole stroked her face and brushed her hair away, Lily knew she was his mate.

A nurse bandaged Sam’s open wrist and then took the basket out of the room.

Chest constricted, she stood by Sam’s side and rubbed his forearm. He looked pale and unhealthy. All because of her.

Wake up, Sam. She mindlinked him. There was no sign of his response. She didn’t know if he was listening or not but she wanted him to know. Remember I had a surprise for you? I’m pregnant. You’re going to be godfather. My baby needs you to wake up. Promise me? I know my best friend never breaks his promises. You will be fine. I’m here. Everyone is here for you. Waiting for you. I need you back.

Her insides started crumbling, ready to collapse but then two strong arms put her back together. Ezra rubbed his cheek against hers and rocked her in his arms. It was soothing. An indication of her anchor.

The man she wanted to run away from brought her solace. The arms she once considered a cage was now a home.

The home in her broken dreams.

After much protests and reassurance, Ezra hardly dragged her out of there drived her up to his parents’ house. Amelia hired a chef for her diet and personally made sure she ate all her dinner.

“This is you room.”

Amelia opened the door to the bedroom. Lily had been in that house enough times to know Ezra’s bedroom was down the hall. She briefly wondered if he’d stay with his parents now that she was here.

“And if you need anything, just let me know.”

Lily smiled at her. “You have done enough, Luna. I can’t thank you enough.”

“We should be the ones thanking you,” Amelia hugged her with the tenderness of a mother. “You have change my son for the better. And don’t forget about my grandchild. The greatest gift I could have asked for in my age.”

“Pray for Sam.” Lily’s face fell into a pond of sadness. “I want him to be a part of this.”

“He’ll be fine, honey. We’re all praying for him. Have some sleep now. You need rest.”

Lily nodded and change into a short nightdress with pink flowers. It was early when she slipped under the covers. The moon was hiding behind angry clouds.

It started raining after a few hours and she was awake. Tossing and turning in the bed, hoping for sleep to ease her mind. Her heart was restless as if she had lost something precious and she couldn’t find it.

The floorboards creaked outside. She flipped the other way to listen. The footsteps stopped right outside her door then a soft thud. There was no need to get up and look. The earthy scent was his. The shadow didn’t move from under the door for a long time.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

Fifteen minutes.

Curious, Lily slid out of the covers and opened the door.

Ezra was sitting against the wall in front of her door. He lifted his head from his arms, clasped over his knees.

“You’re up?” He sounded tired. “I thought you’re sleeping.”

“What are you doing there?”

Ezra blinked up at her. As if he himself didn’t have an answer. A moment of silence passed between them.

“Do you like rain?”

Lily blinked. “That’s... random.”

“Well, do you?”


Ezra offered her a crooked smile before getting up and kicking off his boots. Lily wasn’t given the chance to react when he scooped her up and carried her to their back porch.

“Ezra!” she whisper-yelled. “You seem to keep forgetting I have legs.”

He chuckled and kicked the door open. Thunder flashed in the distance, resonating the beats of his heart. He looked down at her scrunched forehead and walked out into the open.

Within half a second they were both soaked under the cold and steady spray. Lily closed her eyes lifted her chin up, letting the rain wash away all her worries.

Ezra made her stand on her bare feet on the muddy ground then twirled her round and round.

Lily giggled.

The sound froze him. He had seen her angry, sad, lost and hurting so far. This was perhaps the first happy sound she had made in a while.

He ached for that happiness.

A squeal spilled from her lips as Ezra threw her up in the air a few feet and the caught her against his chest. Water ran down their faces, lashes and chin.

“I love you.” He joined their foreheads. “Stay with me. Once and for all... say, yes.”

Lily wanted to. She wanted collect all her broken dreams and create her world once more. But that lingering fear in her mind held her back. What if that world crumbled down once more? What if he had to pay the price of her happiness?

Instead of disappointing him with her answer, she strained her back and skimmed her lips over his.

“I love you, Ezra.” she murmured against his mouth. “I had love you far before you have. But I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Ezra stopped listening after she said it. She finally said it out loud.

I love you, Ezra.

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