War Swords

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Battle at Friar Rock

It was almost dusk. On the edge of Friar Rock, just above Greenthorne Lake, the leaders of the Rebellion and the Dominion met on the battle field.

Shalene lead the Rebellion with her sister Adrina by her side. They were tall women, Shalene with a shaved head and noble chin. The two sisters had been trained and brought up into their places of leadership, joining the ranks of their fellow men and women.

Norman ruled the Dominion and all of Calaria, keeping in place the practices of his ancestor Dornus. He had a large gray beard and a long braid in the back. One of his sons stood behind him, his gaze steady.

“Shalene,” Adrina whispered to her older sister, “mind his aim.”

Shalene nodded, taking their last few steps towards Norman.

“The Shakel sisters. We meet again.”

Shalene said nothing, signaling for the Rebellion’s War Sword.

“All business then?” Norman offered, signaling for the Dominion’s as well.

Shalene glared at him as Adrina handed her the War Sword, which was far larger and greater than any normal sword. With the head of the eagle on it’s hilt and the wings extending almost halfway down the blade, it was not easily lifted.

Norman laughed as he brandished his own. It was of a darker steel, but just as large, with the head of a wolf. “I suppose I’ll just send you southerners running back to your camps again. Let’s get this over with.”

“One day the Dominion’s reign will end,” Shalene said, her voice gruff. “It might not be this battle or this day, but it will end.”

Norman sneered and lifted the War Sword, their battle commencing. Both bands of armies stood faithfully behind their leaders, watching as their duel signaled the official beginning of the battle.

Shalene and Norman lunged at one another, the heavy War Swords screeching as they came down on Friar Rock. Sweat dripped from their foreheads, their faces contorted with every swing. Still they battled on.

The summer sunset continued to light Friar Rock when, with great force, Shalene knocked Norman from his feet, the Dominion's War Sword clattering to the ground. With the advantage in her favor, Shalene stood over Norman, the entire battle field watching in disbelief.

But suddenly, from the side of the Dominion came a single arrow, slicing through Shalene’s leg.

A furious roar came from the side of the Rebellion, and the men and women lifted their spears as Shalene dropped to the ground, clutching her leg.

One of the Dominion’s generals signaled to the archers who lifted their bows and released their arrows. The Rebellion brandished their shields, preparing to deflect the blows.

Adrina watched in horror as Norman was able to lift the War Sword in the air, preparing to smite down their Rebel Leader; her sister.

The Dominion raised their bows again and released them. But from behind their lines, a Mystic stepped forward and raised her hands, curving the arrows in a different direction.

"No!" One of the Rebels cried. "They're too young!"

The arrows sailed away from Friar Rock and across the water to the marina of Greenthorne Lake. Supply ships, guarded by new Rebel recruits of young boys and girls, were scattered all throughout the water.

The Dominion's arrows hit most of the ships, sending the young Rebel Soldiers into the water, their screams carrying all the way across the lake.

Shalene looked up into the eyes of Norman, feeling that death was surely upon her. But amidst the chaos, with the Rebels preparing to charge, Adrina ran forward. Removing her sword she plunged it into Norman's heart. The leader of the Dominion and all of Calaria collapsed backwards. Adrina watched the light go out of his eyes, the Dominion's War Sword lying next to him.

Yells erupted from the Dominion as both sides began to charge at one another, Shalene and Adrina in the middle of it all on Friar Rock.

The Rebels and soldiers of the Dominion collided as Adrina tried to pick herself up. She fought off two soldiers before she was knocked to the ground, one of them standing over her.

The soldier lifted his sword, his eyebrows furrowed beneath his helmet when a yell came from behind him.


The soldier halted, Adrina staring up at him.

With the battle ensuing all around them, Norman's son stepped towards them.

"I want her alive," he said without looking at her, his face just inches away from the soldier.

"Yes, Prince Carlowe," the soldier said, putting away his sword.

He began to grab for Adrina when she fought back, knocking him over. But three more soldiers joined him, pulling her away.

"Shalene!" she called, turning around, looking for her sister.

"Adrina!" her sister called back as she was being dragged to safety by Rebel soldiers.

Adrina watched in relief as she continued to be taken away. Shalene continued to scream for her, fighting the best she could to go after her.

"No! No! Let me go! Adrina!"

"Pull back!" Prince Carlowe yelled, getting on his horse. He pointed his sword to the direction of their camp. "Pull back!" he said again, beginning to ride.

Upon his orders, the soliders abandoned the battle and Adrina lost sight of her sister. She was dragged further away, losing her will to fight back, the band of Dominion soldiers swallowing her up.

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