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The Silver Luna

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'' I love you '' My heart stopped, he had said them, those three words, which made my heart melt. Which made me shed tears of unexpressed happiness. Which told me that I was his. Those words which I had been trying to avoid for a long time. Tuscany was a shy and overlooked she wolf from an extremely powerful pack with a powerful alpha. She never wanted the spotlight or fame but when she is chosen for an important mission on which lies the fate of her entire pack, she has to step up and embrace her new role as ' The Silver Luna' a secret superheroine who fights for justice and goodness. But learning something very important like your mate is the alpha or that he doesn't know who his true mate is and is currently in love with your sister can be Earth shattering. Tuscany knows that she should stay away from her mate to focus on her mission and keep her sister happy. But that doesn't mean She can stop the alpha from falling for her alter ego 'The Silver Luna'. Tuscany knows that he would never look at her the same way if he knew who the silver luna really was. But she could not stop herself from gathering a little hope that one day he might accept her. After all the chemistry shared between them is something which even the moon goddess cannot deny. Will Tuscany succeed in her mission to save her pack all while managing to keep her feelings hidden and her heart in one piece?

Fantasy / Romance
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Magic in the moonlight


The wind ran through my fur as I sprinted across the woods in my wolf form. My wolf had always been beautiful but she looked particularly entrancing today with the gleam of the moon causing her white coat to give off an ethereal glow.

I had quite an unusual shift compared to the other wolves in my pack. Instead of the light brown hair and dark blue eyes that I had in my human form, My wolf had a silver - white coat and amethyst eyes which I swore turned a shade amber once in a while.

This was one of the reasons I was self- conscious to shift in front of others. I had always hated any kind of attention or spotlight and was known to be more of an introverted person. But here alone in the vast wood under the moonlight I felt completely free and connected to my surroundings and inner wolf.

Being a 19 year old wolf part of the largest pack in the world, The Royal Pack was not easy. Everyone was always watching you and often the pressure to be close to perfect was too much to take. So at times like these I felt happy and content with myself away from judgmental eyes.

Of course not all the females in our pack were like this. There were many who I knew would do anything to gain fame and capture the spotlight. The fact that we had the most handsome and powerful alpha who was respected by all other packs alike was also a reason why.

Alpha Landon. He was also the youngest Royal Alpha and an unmated wolf causing him to be the center of the universe for many she wolves in our pack. With his rustled up chestnut hair, Sharp Jawline and defined abs he sure as hell was good enough to eat.

The number of girls who had a crush on him was so high that it could not be counted and the amount of heartbreaks he had caused in girls unknowingly was infinite. He not only had great looks but also a great personality to match. At the young age of only 23 he had conquered numerous territories, defeated thousands of rogues and established strong relations with all the other packs in America which came under him. He was basically the definition of perfect.

I had found even myself daydreaming about him quite often , though I knew there was absolutely no way he could ever like me. People like him belonged to an elite social circle, one which I didn’t and never could belong to.

He probably didn’t even know I existed. Even those who knew me, only ever talked to me because of my sister Beatrice. She was only two years younger than me and was absolutely gorgeous with her long blonde hair and small figure. She was my complete opposite, She was an outgoing and fun person. She was the apple of my parent’s eyes and everyone absolutely loved her. Sometimes I wondered if we even were related.

The piercing sound of a scream abruptly brought me out of my thoughts. I looked around in the night air wondering who it could have been.

I started feeling a kind of pulling energy consuming me and calling for me to move towards it. Carefully I trotted up the path my mind running purely on instinct. After a few minuets I was about to give up, when I felt a surge and before I could stop myself I had leapt ahead out of the bushes and into a clearing.

There lay a huge lake where the water was shimmering and silver. I looked around, how had I never found this place before ? Suddenly I heard a moan of pain emanating from the lake and remembered why I had come in the first place. I walked up to the water and shifted. ″Is anyone there″ I cried out feeling more and more dumber by the second.

A loud moan almost sounding musical echoed out from the lake. I looked into the deep waters of the lake and held my breath realizing I would have to go in. I braced myself and surged into the icy cold water. I focused all my energy into swimming to the center of the lake where I heard the sound from.

Even though I was quite a good swimmer, It was hard to swim here as though the water was trying to push me away. But I went on determined. After another few minuets of struggling I noticed an island had appeared a few feet away from me.

That’s strange , I could swear It hadn’t been there a while ago.

I approached it glad to feel land under me and looked for anything or anyone from who the sound could be coming from. Then, I saw her.

She was perched on top of a cherry blossom tree. Her long silver hair trailed down and she seemed to be giving out some kind of aura.

When she turned around I noticed her Shimmery silver gown flowing down her body. But when I looked up to see her face, I saw a huge gunshot on her chest. Her eyes were a clear icy blue color as she looked down at me sorrowfully.

She was the personification of sorrowful beauty. The kind you find in a sad romance book. I could see her losing more and more strength by the second

So making haste, I hoisted myself up the tree using it’s branches for support. After wrestling with the branches for a few seconds, I finally reached her.

I inspected the wound and saw that it had gone deep into her chest and that the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

″ Who did this to you ? How can I help you ? ″ I questioned her. She gave a pained expression as she opened her mouth to answer.

Her voice was smooth and melodious as she said ″ Leave me child I am beyond repair, Nothing you can do will save me, Return home, These woods are dangerous.″

I shook my head ″ There must be something I can do, besides I could never leave you alone here in this pain ″ I replied.

″ No return home you foolish girl, do you know who did this to me? It was the black obsidian group, so leave before they make an easy prey of you″ she said to me firmly.

I knew the black obsidian group very well alright. They were a pack of exiled rogues from all over the country led by the ruthless and skilled wolf who called himself the dark terror. The group was notorious for it’s several misdeeds and the wicked way in which they treated pack wolves.

The royal pack had successfully kept them at bay under the control of alpha Landon.

It was said that Landon and the dark terror had personal history between them. They were both equally skilled and known to be extremely powerful. It was said that Landon was the only wolf who could ever defeat the dark terror, after all he had been the one to kill the fearsome rogue leader's father.

So penetrating our borders or attacking our people would be quite tough for the black obsidian. Then again these woods were out of our borders making it a vulnerable place and the black obsidian was especially known for their stealth.

″ Call me foolish if you want, but I won’t leave you and besides I am pretty sure your wound can be tended to in our pack, since we have world class healers″ I replied.

″ No healer can save me now, that the moon goddess has decided to take me. But I like the way you speak with courage and kindness ″

″ Tell me what is your name child ?″ she asked.

″Tuscany, Tuscany Addams″

″ Tuscany, give me your hands″ she said stretching out her own.

I hesitated for a moment, but placed my hand in hers. It was cold like I expected it to be. She closed her eyes and I followed suit. I began to feel a kind of warm energy flowing from her into me. It was pulling and gravitating reminding me of the warm breeze of spring air I loved.

Then it stopped abruptly. I opened my eyes to find her smiling at me.

″ Tuscany'', She said '' You are the one I have been looking for a long time.

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