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The Silver Luna

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The chosen one ?


I blinked.

''Looking for me ?'' I asked giving her a quizzing look.

''Yes, I have been looking for the chosen one, which happens to be you'' she said giving me a faint smile.

''I think, that you must be getting delusional from all that blood loss. Hop on my back I'll take you back to my pack'' I said getting up and holding out my arm for her to hold.

She gently shook her head, pulling me back down and turning me to face her. ''What I am going to say is extremely important and you must listen carefully because I don't have much time'' she told me firmly.

Looking at the evident suspicion on my face she sighed ''look, let me earn your trust, ask me anything about yourself which only you know and I shall answer it.''

I thought for a moment and then asked, ''who was my first crush?''. There was no way she knew this.

'' Mathew Davis, the beta's son in second grade'' she replied confidently.

Seeing my gaping expression, she smiled and said ''When I held your hands, I transferred some of my energy into you. So now I know everything about you, even things you don't know about yourself.''

Seeing my shocked face, She said '' Let me start from the beginning. My name is Selene. I am a celestial guardian. I serve the Earth upon the command of the moon goddess. It is my duty to protect and train wolves who are specially chosen by the moon goddess to serve this world by maintaining the balance between good and evil. And you my dear are the first person to be chosen in the last 2500 years. Millions of wolves have come and gone by on this great Earth, and only a select few have ever been chosen as guardians of the light, those who vanquish evil and preserve goodness. So consider yourself lucky to be part of this elite group''

I took a few moments to comprehend everything she had said. When It dawned on me, maybe this was my calling, my purpose, the way I could help people. All my life I had wanted to know what the reason of my existence was, why I was even born and here it was sprawled in front of me, but I still had a few doubts.

''But why me ? I questioned ''out of all the powerful wolves out there, The alphas, betas, Lunas, gammas, warriors, and literally anyone else who is much stronger, smarter and better fit for the job, why me ?''

'' It is not my choice to make'' She replied, '' But if the moon goddess chose you, she must have a special reason for it. Just trust that she has the best planned for you''

I nodded. The best planned for me. Was this really what was best for me?

'' So are you prepared to become a guardian of the light?'' She asked me.

I took a deep breath. '' yes''.

She looked pleased as she began explaining my new role. '' Well typically I should have been here to guide you through this journey but fate seems to have different plans for me'' she said pointing to her chest.

She took a momentary pause and continued '' As a guardian of the moon your duty is to protect the people of your pack against the black obsidian group''

'' But we are already well protected against the black obsidian and even if they do manage to breach our borders, our warriors are far too strong for them.'' I said

'' The black obsidian is not like it was in the past, with a new leader, they have new powers, ones which can allow them to demolish your entire pack. But luckily you can stop them'' she said.

'' Being a guardian of the light brings in a lot of power. To unlock this power you must first deem yourself worthy and once you unlock your complete power, you must use it responsibly and learn to have a control over it.'' she said

I nodded, wondering how I would even prove myself worthy first let alone reach my full potential.

'' There are also some rules you must follow like you will not be allowed to use your powers for personal gain or anything other than helping society and you must keep your identity a secret from everyone, that is except your mate '' she said.

I personally agreed with the second rule very much, because I did not want to draw any more attention to myself than necessary. And about the mate part, I didn't even know if I had a mate and if I did I certainly had no clue who it was.

Every werewolf was blessed with a mate by the moon goddess. A mate was your other half, the person who you truly belonged to and someone who would love you extensively. However not all wolves found out who their mates were, and with recent times the possibility of finding your mate was getting harder and harder.

'' I am going to give you something very important nowIt is the book of light. It contains everything you need to know about your new role, including your powers, responsibilities and the origin and history of the guardians. You must treasure it and keep it extremely safe as it is a priceless artifact.'' She said handing me the book.

It was huge and had a leather binding. The clasp to open it was made of pure gold and the pages inside were very well kept, though it was evident that it was very old. It seemed to be emitting a sort of glow which made you feel right at home. I hugged it to my chest and whispered '' I shall protect it with my life'' and I meant it too.

''Good'' she said '' That's everything you need to know. And now I need to go''

''Remember stand by good and serve selflessly and everything will work out in the end'' She said just as she began to disappear.

I found there to be tears in my eyes and as I watched her begin to float away with the breeze, I suddenly had an idea.

''Wait'' I said, ''didn't you say you know everything about me, even things which I don't know ?''

''Yes'' She said smiling faintly.

''Well can you tell me who my mate is?'' I asked her almost bursting with curiosity.

''Are you sure you want to know from me ?'' she asked.

''Yes'' I replied confidently.

''The Alpha''

''Excuse me, what did you say'' I exclaimed in disbelief.

'' The Alpha of your pack, Alpha Landon, he is your other half, your mate'' she confirmed.

''But, - '' I started a million thoughts running through my mind.

But she had already begun to disappear. She gave me a final smile.

''Believe in yourself Tuscany, because I believe in you, and good luck you will need it.''

With that she was gone with the warm breeze that fluttered leaving the air smelling like cherry blossom and fresh rain.

Do you ever wonder, What the hell is going on in my life ?

Well those were the thoughts echoing through my mind at that particular moment.

In less than 12 hours I had gone from being invisible to learning I was a moon guardian and that my mate was the alpha. The most powerful, desired and handsome man alive. Just thinking about him started to make butterflies erupt in my stomach.

I tripped over a stone almost falling flat on my face . This had definitely pulled me out of my daydreams about Landon. I was walking on the street back home thinking about the events of the day.

I shook my head, trying to gain composure are I came to halt outside my house. It was of decent size and was overall in good shape, but nothing too lavish.

I walked in through the gate humming to myself, with more thoughts of Landon crossing my mind. As I crept closer to the house I began to smell an overwhelming smell of musk and fresh rain in the woods.

He was here, Landon was here. It had to be him I could feel it in my bones. A deep husky voice speaking confirmed my thought, that could be no one else other than Landon and he was coming in my direction.

Without thinking, I jumped into one of my dad's rose bushes and crouched down so that I wasn't visible. The only way he could know that we were mates was if I stared into his eyes, or touched him, so I was safe.

I knew that I could have just revealed myself at that very moment and claimed him as my mate. But a part of me kept telling me that this wasn't the right time and plus I was exhausted with the events of the night and the thought of more excitement seemed unbearable.

I'll visit him tomorrow and explain everything I thought. If I approached him now, I might seem like a crazy person jumping out of a rosebush in the middle of the night, claiming to be a moon guardian and also his mate.

I could feel the tingle reaching up my spine as he passed by me closing the gate after him. I waited for a few minuets before cleaning myself up and knocking on the door of my house.

The door was answered by my mother who immediately wrapped me up in a hug.

''Where have you been young Lady? Do you know how worried all of us have been?'' She questioned.

''Relax, mom I was just on a run in the woods, You don't need to be so worried, It is pretty safe here'' I replied making her sit down on the couch.

'' Oh, and by the way was that the alpha at our house ?'' I asked her nonchalantly when I was in reality I was nearly bursting out of curiosity.

Her eyes shined with excitement as she said '' Well your sister has something to tell you'' .

'' Beatrice ?'' I asked confused, what did my sister have to do with my mate.

At that exact minute Beatrice entered the room with my father as she screamed excitedly '' Landon proposed, I am getting married! ''

I stared at my mom in shock and horror. She nodded clearly ecstatic '' Yes it's true Tuscany, your sister is getting married to Landon and will soon be the Luna ! All our lives are changing for the better''

I stared at her in despair, If only she understood. No all our lives were not changing for the better. If anything this was disaster at our doorstep because my sister was getting fucking married to my mate and there was nothing I could do about it!

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