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Demon of Desire

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Christy watched through the closet door, where her mother had hidden her a few seconds ago, as her father was torn to shreds. She couldn’t see what they were using, but whatever it was, it was effective. She covered her mouth with her hand and forced herself not to cry.

“Stay here and be very quiet.” Those were the words her mother had said to her as she shoved her into the closet and piled some clothes on top of her. She then took an insecticide and generously sprayed it over the clothes and into the closet, trying to mask Sloan’s scent.

“Stay very quiet and don’t come out. Mommy loves you.” She gave her terrified daughter a kiss on the cheek and a tight squeeze before closing the closet doors.

She hid under the clothes, choking on the pungent smell of the insecticide. She stayed quiet, heeding her mother’s words and at the same time terrified at what they meant.

She could see it in her mother’s eyes, hear it in her mother’s voice, and feel it in her mother’s tight embrace and longing kiss. Finality.

Something was dangerously wrong and she knew that would be the last time she would be with her mother.

Her father’s arm was tossed to the side after a searing, ripping and breaking sound rang in the air. Her eyes followed the decapitated limb as it soared into the air and landed a few inches away from the closet door.

Her mother was on the floor, her head forced to the ground. She could see how she was struggling to look in the closet’s direction and at the same time willing herself not to give away her daughter’s hiding place.

Christy watched as her mother mouthed out three words, I love you. She wanted to tell her she loved her too, but she was sure that her mother wouldn’t be able to see it through the peeping holes on the closet doors.


She couldn’t help herself. Christy ran out of the closet and launched herself at her mother’s attacker. She didn’t know exactly what impact her thirty-kilogram body would do to the large man, but she had to try something.

With one strike on her back the blonde man subdued her, tossing her to the other side of the room. Christy could feel the blood ooze out of her lacerated back. The pain ripped through her, numbing her from the waist down. She couldn’t move and neither could she scream.

Christy could hear her mother cry out for her but, after a few seconds, all their voices sounded like they were faraway. She lay still as the darkness consumed her. She was dying and she knew it, but at least this way she could be with her father and they would both wait for her mother who would very soon follow.

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