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World Series, Book 3: Laurëafanya has embraced her adolescent Elven name, her culture and her people. Now this young Druid needs to figure out how she can end a war between the Fae, find a way to bring more peace to Earth, and slowly introduce Elves back to our world. All without causing too much of a stir in the public eye. The need to keep magic society hidden is ever a reminder that not all of humanity embraces change so easily. Will this happen before summer? Doubtfully, but she has school to contend with, relationships to smooth out, and a loving Fae who's unsure if till death do us part is really for her.

Fantasy / Romance
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After Winter Break

I got home last night after supper and told Emya that I revealed my life bond with Sala to her and her parents. Sala is still taking it in, but is mostly accepting it. Her parents weren’t happy at first, and were even going to oppose my taking our union out of their hands, but my stubbornness won through. Ashanna has noticed Alanaeo’s need for control as well, so it rather surprised her I won the argument. Mother then reminded her that, since my ritual, the Nixë don’t know the extent of my abilities, only that my aides have mentioned that some of my abilities surpass theirs. Alaneo does not know how strong I am, and with my resistance to Fae magic, he doesn’t want to find out.

I then told Kevin and Ruby that my beloved wants to meet them in person before she decides if we can keep our relationship. The only time that would work is Friday, and we’ll have to figure out some place we can meet, some place neutral so that no one feels threatened.

I then arrange with Rose to meet at school before class. She says she’ll get the paperwork started tonight, so that we don’t have to spend so much time writing it all out tomorrow. I tell her of the legal name change that needs to go with the gender marker. She’s impressed I’m keeping my new Elven name. That makes two name changes in one year. She teases me about not making that a habit.

I spend the rest of the night with my friends online; it feels good to game and get some of the day’s frustrations out on digital monsters. I even log in as Sanara for a short time, just so that I can rip into the monsters myself. I move all the spoils from my kills into my shared bank, and switch over to Simiathlas when the guild asks me to do some dungeon runs. I’m the guild’s best healer. Who am I to turn them down?

The day was so exhausting that I went to bed earlier than usual. After Kevin and Ruby went to bed, there wasn’t much reason to stay up later. So, it doesn’t surprise me when I wake up before six. Being Monday, my family is already home, we don’t run the club on Sundays.

The early wake-up allows me to perform a Tai Chi routine. I know I’ll be doing more after school today. Rose should have us back on our usual schedule this week. I feel that Luna is downstairs in the media room. So I decide to take a shower and get dressed for the day. The less undressed she finds me in, the less likely she’ll get distracted. I use the vanilla soap this morning, hm. I hope Sala likes it.

I pick up my data device and catch up with my Grid Social Media page. Posting how I’m wearing a beige mock neck sweater dress with black leggings. It’s just my size and stretches to form my curves. I have a belt to accentuate my thin waist, it also gives me something to attach my belt pouches to. I’ve gotten hooked on the convenience of having small purses attached to my waist. My Grid fans seem to love my daily fashion postings. I have a feeling that Earth Fashion is going to become a new trend among the Elven youth.

My friendship stone sings and Mother comes out of her amulet to happily talk to her husband as we say our good mornings. I’m rather liking these daily conversations with him. I feel like we’re still connected. I hear what’s going on with the city and town council. He finds out what’s going on with my life. It feels like my morning and supper conversations with the Rasmussen family.

Emya calls that breakfast is ready. As I’ve said my piece with my father this morning. I send him my love, then leave my parents to talk to one another. They always seem to have more to talk about. Not wanting to walk down, I slide down the banister, hopping off before hitting the ball at the end, and skidding to a stop. I discovered this trick shortly after starting aikido and it never gets old.

“Someone woke up in a good mood today.” Emya smiles as I skip and offer her a good morning hug. “How long have you been up, child?”

“About an hour.” I grin.

Luna comes upstairs and I turn and hug my sister. “Hm, you smell delicious this morning.” My sister purrs as she holds me.

“Good. Just reaction I was looking for.” I grin mischievously, I lean back and offer Luna a soft loving kiss, then slip out of her hold as I feel her emotions surge. “Behave you,” I say in a mock stern tone.

“You can be such a tease,” Luna grumbles as we sit down for breakfast. Emya merely shakes her head and sighs.

I remind Emya I’ll be late coming home from school, Rose should start up Tai Chi again today, and I’ve not done nearly enough to get my body back in shape since my ritual.

“You get that body any more shapely than it is nettinya, life-mate or not, you won’t stop half the school from coming on to you.” She looks thoughtful, with a spoon in her hand. “You know, it’s sort of nice having another hot girl in school. I might get through the week without getting hit on for a change.”

“My two exotically beautiful girls, I guess humanity has no hope of keeping up with you two.” Emya teases.

We all laugh. I find it odd I’d never thought of that before. I just thought myself lucky that, as a Drow, I have one of the most beautiful girls in school for my sister. It didn’t occur to me what kind of attention she gets from other students because of her looks.

Because we have time this morning, we spend a casual breakfast as we catch up with each other. I’ve been gone for the week, so it’s nice finding out what is going on around town that I may have missed, while I fill in some details I may have missed from my coming home dinner.

Ilcaëlwen joins me as we get our things ready for school. I only have a light cardigan and soft leather boots on, I won’t be going outside for long, and I tree stride home from the oak that’s in the schoolyard. Emya asks if I’m sure I want to go to school as is. I look younger than my age. Some might find it strange watching a girl that looks two years younger walk into class, kisses Sala lovingly, then sit down in my old chair.

I tell her I’ll try it for today. I have my veil I can use if things get too awkward. That seems to relax her somewhat, and she nods. “Have a good day at school.” She kisses me on the forehead.

I step back into Luna’s arms and we teleport to school. I turn and offer her one last hug. “See you at lunch,” I say tenderly and steal a quick kiss before letting go.

I walk into school, and I hear Sala call out my name. I smile. My owl hops onto my head as she runs into my arms. I offer her a deep, loving kiss. We just saw each other yesterday, but with all the emotions running, it’s so nice to see her again.

“Good morning my beloved,” I say, holding her close to me.

“Good morning, my love. I’ve missed you.” She says, playing with my hair. “You smell so good. Do I have to let you go this morning?”

“You do,” Rose says, coming up behind Sala. “She has legal papers to sort out, then we need to do a new physical to get her new vitals on file.”

“Okay.” Sala pouts and offers me one last kiss and purrs. “You smell so yummy this morning!” She reluctantly lets me go, and my owl hops back down onto my shoulder.

Rose puts a motherly arm around my shoulder as she guides me to the office. I hear our friends ask Sala who was that girl she was kissing? What is that owl doing in school? What is my name? Sam comments on how pretty I am, and Munroe makes a jealous comment asking if she likes girls now.

I smile as I suddenly hear Lynn exclaim. “Sala, is that a ring?”

“You hear them, don’t you?” Rose asks as she sees me smiling. “How good is the range of your hearing?”

“I hear everyone in the hall. My hearing is probably as good as your dogs, if not better. Is the nurse going to test my sight and hearing ranges as well?”

“That sounds like a good idea. I think we did that for when Luna first came to school, cause her sight and hearing range was better than other vampires.” Rose is quiet for a moment as she reaches for the door. “Just a word of advice: when you smell like food, expect people to fawn over you.” She winks as I blush.

“Good morning Caroline.” I smile as we get into the councillor's office.

“Do I know you?” Caroline looks up at me, puzzled. “What’s with the owl on your shoulder?”

I hand her my old student ID from my belt pouch and she looks at it for a moment. “I went through a few changes during winter break and need to update my information.” I grin. I stroke Ilca’s chest. “As for the owl, this is Ilcaëlwen, she’s my animal companion, I didn’t want her to feel lonely today.”

“A few changes?” Caroline looks at my old ID and then at me. “Girl, you look nothing like the girlish boy I met this fall! That is amazing! How did you ever get a body like that?… and you’ve shrunk!”

“I undertook a ritual to rid myself of my masculinity. It connected me to a two-thousand-year-old Elven bloodline. Elves mature slower than humans, so I’ve sort of reverted a touch in my puberty.”

“It was no small feat,” Rose confirms. “I was there during the ritual. It wasn’t easy on us. We nearly lost her.”

Rose motherly strokes my hair. I’ve always felt close to Rose. It now occurs to me that, even though I let Ashanna adopt me, Rose has always treated me like a daughter. She reaches into the briefcase hanging off her shoulder.

“I’ve filled out the legal documents already. In connecting with her Elven roots, we discovered she still has a living relative, and he gave her an adult Elven name.”

“That’s amazing!” Caroline gasps as she takes the papers from Rose. “Laurëafanya?” I nod. “That sounds like a pretty name. What does it mean?”

“Golden Cloud.” I smile. “My father says that I remind him of a golden-haired angel risen to the heavens to find him.”

“Well, you are very beautiful. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed! Incredible… wait, Father?”

“Elves live pretty much forever,” I say. “My Father is over four thousand years old. I was the descendant of one of his daughters. My ritual, stripped the two thousand years of my Human DNA from me, leaving only his... So I’m effectively his daughter now.”

“Did you know all that before undergoing that ritual? It was magic, not an operation, right?”

“It was magic. I didn’t know it was effectively a rebirth of my Elven line, but I’m grateful for it. It means I have a new family, and my Elven parents are so much nicer than my human birth parents, I couldn’t ask for a better trade!”

“And Ashanna?”

“Is still my adopted mother. Which is why I’ve kept her last name on my documents there.” I point to the name at the top of the form.

“Do they get along?” Caroline asks as she updates my school files to my new name.

“We had a rough start, but I think it’s getting better.” I smile.

Rose coughs back a response and I give a look at her and shake my head. Caroline doesn’t need to know about Larelindë or my betrothal to Sala. Caroline apparently has known Rose long enough for that response to mean something. I can see that the two of them are going to have a friendly talk over lunch.

“Okay, I got all the basics I need to change your school credentials. I’ll give these back to Rose, as Ashanna will need to sign the legal guardian lines.” She pulls out that strange camera. “You’ll need a new photo ID, without the owl please.”

“You heard the nice lady, little one, you can’t be in the picture.” I can feel my owl pout as she flutters over to the desk and waits.

“Okay, stand still, look at the white dot.” There is a flash. “There.” She looks over at my owl. “It’s amazing how quiet that owl is. As long as she doesn’t disrupt the class and students, companion pets are allowed for special reasons. I’ll see about getting you a pet permission slip.” She looks at the owl and me. “I’m assuming you brought the owl for a special reason?”

“I’m a druid, she’s my animal companion, sort of like a wizard’s familiar. We have a powerful bond and it’s not nice to separate us for long periods.”

“That’s what I thought.” She smiles. “I’ll use the arcane familiar form, that will make approval faster, the Council of the Magi allows for those.”

I’ve seen the occasional small animal or bird as familiars in school. While it’s common among seniors, and even some juniors, it’s unusual for someone my age to be powerful enough to have one. Caroline suddenly catches on as she’s filling out the info and looks at me apprehensively.

“Yes, she’s a powerful caster for her age. Fortunately, Druids are wise, and it’s not gotten to her head yet.” Rose teases me, causing me to giggle.

“It’s not like I would want to hurt anyone. I’m a life and nature druid.” I say in my defence.

We’re roaming the quiet halls as people are in class right now. “Who teaches French when you’re not in class?” I remember that she should have been teaching me this morning.

“Melody is my replacement French teacher. She’s known the language for over three centuries. I’d say she’s pretty good at teaching it to others. I have a course plan, that she follows.”

We head into the nurse’s office and I get a similar greeting of who am I? Am I a new student? And I show her my current student ID to clue her in on what’s going on.

“You look nothing like your human self, Laurëa dear, get used to this from everyone,” Rose says softly to my frown.

“So what are you now?” the nurse asks she starts me with my weight and height.

“I’m an Elf. I’ll weigh less than a human my height.” I start. “My heart is stronger, but my pulse is lower than a Human’s. I can send you a chart from my device, or ask Dee, I gave her a book on Elven biology for Yule.”

“I’ll download what I need, but I think I’d like to read that book, just so that I understand these figures better. For a human, I’d say that you are unhealthy, but the rest of your vitals show you to be strong and better fit than most students.” She answers.

“We should probably get her eye and hearing ranges done.” Rose offers.

The nurse grabs her data device. I thought it was a scanner before, but now I recognize it for what it is. It slips on her arm and has additional equipment tethered to it. Probably because it’s a medical device. She has me look forward and shines a light in my eye.

“Tell me when you can’t see the light anymore.” She advises, and I just stare at the light for a few moments till I raise a finger. “Amazing. Her eyes are like that of a cat’s or dog's. She can see in near darkness. I noticed her pupil change when it went into night vision, incredible.”

She sticks something in my ear, and tells me to tell her when I can’t hear anything. I lift my finger when I stop hearing things and I amaze her that my range is twenty thousand hertz higher than a Human’s, and it can go lower as well. “I guess that would explain her higher-pitched voice. That is a lovely soprano you have, my dear.” She smiles at me.

“I’ll download an Elven screen test, and then compare these values to one of her race, but I’d say she’s in better shape than most of us -- except maybe you Rose, I’ve yet to find someone with your physique.”

Rose smiles. “You’re such a flirt, Zoe.” The way they just touched. Is this another one of Rose’s old girlfriends? “I’ll talk to you later okay, darlin’?” Rose asks the nurse, who smiles. And yes, old girlfriend. They kiss as she leaves with me.

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