Blood of the Valderan

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“It is time. He must awaken.” Bellator’s gaze flashed up. “He?” “The key to everything.” The color drained from her face and she was glad that her helmet hid her face. “Who is this key?” “One who’s coming I have awaited for many years. He must bow before me if we are to succeed.” Her jaw clenched. “He will bow, my master. Or he will die.” “I admire your devotion, Bellator. But this boy is bound to you by fate. He is the candle to your shadow, the star to your eternal night. You can no more hurt him than you can hurt yourself.” Cold gripped her spine. This was not what she thought his plan for her would be. She was destined for more than to be bound to some boy. Her destiny was her own. It didn’t belong to anyone else.

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From the Author

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of rewriting this at the moment, and I'll be posting the chapters as I go. I've had a lot of new epic ideas for this that give the story and characters a whole new depth.

I hope you enjoy the updates as much as I do!

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