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The World of ALPHA : One Shots

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Ones shots of our favorite and new ALPHA characters!

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Emilio/Anna - A Blast From The Past


I've been in love with Anna since the moment I laid eyes on her.

Though my first glance at the she wolf had to be quick since I had my girlfriend on my arm.

Looking back on it, I should have just made a move then and there, my wolf had been giving all the signals but like an idiot I ignored them. I couldn't hurt Delilah like that.

We were sixteen when Anna first moved to the pack. She had come from wealthy human parents, it was later discovered she was adopted due to her genes showing her to be 100% werewolf.

Her family was kind and allowed her to move into the pack with her grandparents, Allen and Harper who welcomed their granddaughter in with no hesitation. The pack received a generous donation from her parents as a thank you for helping their daughter learn about who she was.

They were kind people and their daughter was the same way. Anna took the pack and was loved by everyone. It's hard not to.

Her bright blue eyes were difficult to ignore and her dark hair stood out so vividly against anyone else's. But it was her smile that really captured everyone's attention. It was gentle yet dazzling at the same time, I had seen time and time again that her smile could calm even the most angriest of wolves, me included.

"Really I don't see what the big deal is about her." Delilah sniffed as we walked through the halls of our high school. It was crowded this morning, it seemed like everyone wanted to catch a glance at the new girl.

I was a bit curious myself but I wouldn't let Delilah know that.

"We've never really had a new student here before, give everyone a break." I say uncaringly as I scanned my eyes through the hallways.

"Yes well everyone is treating her like some kind of princess, I mean it sounds a bit desperate for attention don't you think?" Delilah huffed crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.

"It is a little annoying huh?" A soft voice says from behind us.

Delilah and I whirled around to see none other than the new girl standing with her arms wrapped around several textbooks and a smile on her face. I felt my wolf stir slightly at the sight of her and the sudden urge to take her into my arms grew tenfold.

Next to her was the little spitfire Clara Stone, her hazel eyes were glaring daggers at Delilah. Clara was one of those she wolves who was loud and abrasive. She also really didn't get along with my future beta, Lawrence Steele, or Ren.

“I-i-" Delilah stuttered seeing that she had been overheard by the newbie.

"She means to say sorry." I finished narrowing my eyes at my girlfriend who all but shrunk into me with a red faced. Delilah liked to talk but when it came to confronting those people, she clammed up and refused to speak.

Anna merely smiled and waved a hand "Don't worry about it. It isn't the first time people assumed things about me." She tilted her head studying me "You're the future Alpha right?"

I nodded my head suddenly feeling my throat dry up at her gaze "Uh yeah. I'm Emilio Angelo." I held my hand out for her to shake. It was only polite after all.

But if I was being truthful to myself, I just wanted to know what it felt like to have her hand in mine.

"Anna Holland" She placed her hands in mine and I could have sworn I felt an electric shock. It could have just been all in my head. Right?

She turned her attention to Delilah curiously "Are you two mates?"

I chuckled and shook my head speaking up before Delilah could proclaim something that wasn't true "No, Delilah is my girlfriend."

Once again that smile etched onto her face "Looks like there's still so much for me to learn. I didn't know werewolves dated around. My boyfriend will be glad to hear that."


Suddenly the urge to track down this boyfriend of hers and tear him to shreds. Jealousy and possessiveness washed over me. My hands clenched at my sides tightly startling the three girls around me.

"Hey are you okay?" Delilah asked, putting a hand to my chest.

I shook my head and rubbed my temple feeling a headache coming on "Yeah. Uh I gotta go. I'll see you around De. Anna, welcome to the pack."

"Thanks." She replied unsurely as Clara led her a way mumbling under her breath about how weird Alpha's were.

Hey man, what's up with you?" Ren asked with a risen brow as we finished laps around the pack. We had finished our Alpha and Beta training for the day but still had a whopping amount of energy.

"Nothing." I brushed off continuing my run, keeping my breathing even and light.

"You've been off for a couple of months, I mean you even broke things off with Delilah. What's going on with that?"

I slowed to a stop and leaned my hands onto my thighs trying to catch my breath. Merely a few weeks after Anna's arrival, I ended things with Delilah. I wasn't entirely sure why I did it and my complete bullshit of an excuse for ending things didn't exactly go well with the she wolf but I just couldn't keep Anna out of my head.

From morning and until night she was all I could think about. I spent most mornings doing my best trying to get a glimpse of her before school started. That damn smile seemed to plague my thoughts.

"Nothing. Just wasn't feeling it anymore." I replied uncaringly, pushing my sweaty hair away from my face.

Ren studied me, his chocolate brown eyes almost peering through me. It was an annoying quality of Lawrence. He seemed to always know when someone was trying to pull something over his head. He could see through all the bull shit.

He shrugged and raised his arms to stretch "So that new hottie, what's her name, Anna? I heard she dumped her human boyfriend too, I might try to make a move. Whadda think? Imagine those gorgeous long legs wrapped-"

Before Ren could even finish his sentence, my hand was wrapped around his throat and a snarl escaped my mouth.

The asshole wasn't even phased by my reaction, just gave me his usual dumb ass smile. Idiot. He did that on purpose.

"You got it, bad man." He chuckled as I released his throat and pushed him away, slightly annoyed that he had easily seen through me.

"Shut up." I growled looking away from him.

"Look Mr. Stoic, just go and talk to her. It's not like she bites...that we know of" Ren teased with a wiggle of his brows.

My glare made that look drop from his face "It's not that easy. I think....I think she's my mate."

Ren inhaled "Shit. You've got it baaaad." He chuckled and slapped the back of my shoulder "Good luck, looks like you're going to need it."

Goddess knew that was true.
"Emilio hey!" a familiar spine tingling voice says, catching my attention. Anna.

My heart began to speed up as she made her way from the front porch of her grandparent's home to join me on the path leading to the pack house. I spotted an easel and paint set up where she had just been sitting.

"Hey, Anna, what's up?" I asked, slowing my pace so she could catch up. Her ratty t shirt was covered in paint and her dark hair was pulled back revealing her slim face and high cheekbones.

She was so beautiful.

"Do you have a minute? I want to show you something." She asked, suddenly looking shy.

I stared blankly down at her not processing her words. We haven't spoken much throughout the past year besides in passing. She'd ask how my day was or simply say hello before continuing on with what she was doing.

I watched her every so often, at pack or school events. She was so charming and captured everyone's attention. Whether that attention was good and bad, she was tough enough to handle it herself. I enjoyed seeing how she'd react to certain situations. It was...entertaining. Still, I never really spoke to her so I wasn't sure what brought this on.

"Oh sure." I say finally answering her. I flickered my gaze down to my sweaty clothes feeling bad that she had caught me after I had finished some training with Ren and the other warriors.

She smiled and led me towards the porch and the canvas that faced away from me "I'm so glad I was finally able to stop you. I see you take this route to the pack house every day but haven't been able to muster up the courage to get your attention." She admits with a blush.

If I thought my heart was beating fast before, it's in overdrive now.

"Really?" I asked in disbelief.

Anna chuckled, "Well talking to the future Alpha is a little intimidating." She stopped us just as we were nearing the canvas.

I rubbed the back of my neck feeling a little nervous "Ah. You don't have to be intimidated by me. So what is it you wanted to show me?" I was eager to know why she wanted me of all people to see this.

"Oh yes." She stepped closer and reached for hand, taking it into her own and dragged me closer to the canvas "Please don't think of this as weird. I just-I had to paint it."

I furrowed my brows at her statement and squeezed her hand "I could never think you were weird."

Anna let out a bell-like laugh "You'll realize in time just how weird I am, Emilio Angelo. Now take a look." She turned the canvas around to face me, nervousness in her eyes.

My breath hitched as I took in the painting of...me. The portrait was detailed and appeared to have taken months to do. I was standing alone in what looked like the school hallway, my brown eyes held an unknown deep emotion in them. Anna had captured every single detail about me, even the small scar at the edge of my brow.


"I know it's strange." She bit her lip nervously "And we barely know each other but I had to paint you. I couldn't get this image out of my head."

"It's amazing." I replied still stunned at this masterpiece "How did-"

"It took awhile." She admits shyly "This is from my first day of school you know? The first time we met and well...there was this look in your eyes that I don't know; inspired me. It looked like you had finally found something you had been searching for your entire life, something special."

As the words left her mouth I was suddenly aware of just how close we were to each other and the fact that our hands were still intertwined. She was right, I had found something special.

Fuck it. It's now or never.

I turned to Anna and soft brushed a stray piece of hair from her face, memorizing the slight freckles on her cheeks and those bright blue eyes. Her cheeks tinted pink the most adorable way.

"Thank you." I murmured gazing down at her face then lips. I needed to taste them. There was no want. I didn't just want Anna. I needed her.
Wasting no time I leaned down and brought my lips to hers.

Oh fuck.

This was better than anything I could ever imagined and what made it better was her response to the kiss. She inhaled and pulled me closer to her.

I pulled away, keeping my hand cradled on her face, admiring how pouting her rosy lips had turned. "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that."

She giggled and pulled away slightly. "This is a bad idea, you know that right?"

"What is?" I hating that she was out of my arms.

"Your birthday is tomorrow isn’t it? That means you'll most likely find your mate. I don't think she'd appreciate you kissing other girls." She flashed me another smile. This time there was sadness in it.

I gritted my teeth keeping myself from telling her my theory. She was my mate. There was no doubt about that in my mind but I had a feeling I wouldn't have been able to convince her of that.

Not until tomorrow.

"You're right." I coughed out running a hand through my hair "I probably shouldn't have done that." I admitted before cupping her chin and bringing her closer "But I don't regret it."

A soft gasp left her lips as I kissed her just once more. This time light and fleeting. The next time I kiss her will be when I claim her as my mate.

"Will I see you tomorrow? At the bonfire?" Fall meant that I would be able to celebrate my 18th birthday outside with a roaring bonfire and the entire high school. The Alpha's birthday is a celebration the entire pack looked forward to.

She gave me an apologetic look "I'm sorry, I'll be visiting my parents for the day and won't be back until later. I won't be able to make it."

I nodded my head understandingly. From what I knew about Anna, she rarely saw her parents due to their frequent business trips out of the country. So when they were home, she did her best to visit. "I get it. I'll see you around after then?"

Anna grinned and nodded her head "Of course. You'll be the first person I look for, Alpha." Her voice turned teasing as she pushed me back away from her "Now get out of here before grandpa runs you off his porch. Don't worry about the painting, I think I'll keep this one."

I chuckled and waved a hand saying goodbye still feeling her kiss on my lips.
The party was in full swing by the time midnight rolled around. Everyone congratulated me and I was handed many many drinks to celebrate turning eighteen. It was funny that my friends did their best to get me drunk when I had the most tolerance than anyone. The fools were just wasting their time.

Aside from my friends being idiots, many of the she wolves hunched their shoulders in defeat realizing that they weren't my mate and lost their chances at being Luna.

It was all a big game to them anyways. They just wanted the status. Too bad they'd never survive the Luna training, my mother would eat them alive.

"So, no Anna today huh?" Ren asked slinking over to me with a drink in hand. His eyes were glazed from the alcohol but he wasn't even close to being drunk yet I noticed a tick in his jaw as he watched something in the distance.

"No." I watched him closely then followed his line of sight noticing just what or who he was staring at; Clara. She had a red cup in her hand and her arm around the neck of another male wolf pressing her body to his as they danced.

"Clara sure looks like she's having fun." I noticed the way Ren clenched his cup so hard that he didn't even see the alcohol spilling over the top.

He said nothing before stomping off looking pissed off. I raised a brow wondering just what the hell that was all about. Ren was usually calm and collected, this was...unusual. I wanted to go after him but I was rooted to my spot. Too engrossed in my own thoughts to console my friend.

I had done my best to keep my mind focused on the party but I couldn't help but think of Anna and when she would be back. Maybe I could go check to see if she was home.

There was no harm in checking right?

Somehow I managed to convince myself of that and left the bonfire before anyone could notice I was missing.

The closer I got to Anna's house the more urgent my footsteps became. It was like something was pulling me towards the Holland residence. Some powerful unseeable force.

Just as I was able to see the home in the distance, I noticed Anna stepping out of an unfamiliar black car and waving goodbye to the elderly driver as he drove away. As if sensing my presence, her gaze unexpectedly made contact with mine.

Then, it was like I was struck by lightning. The mating bond, I could suddenly feel it.

Anna's mouth dropped open in shock, not expecting to see me this late at night.

I wasted no time sprinting towards her and taking her small body into my arms. "Emilio what-"

"Mine." I proclaimed bringing my mouth down to hers. She squealed slightly before relaxing into the kiss, raking her hands through my hair.

Anna pulled back with wide, uncertain, beautiful eyes "Are you sure?"

A low growl escaped my mouth at the sound of how uncertain she sounded. Was she doubting us?

"More sure than anything in my life. You're mine Anna." I replied tightening my hold her.

As the words left my mouth her lips tilted up into that beautiful smile. The one that never failed to make my heart race. My beautiful Anna.

"I'm yours." She replies softly, "Yours forever."

Unable to help myself I kissed her again loving the electric tingles that ran through my body. She couldn't feel them yet but soon, she would.

"Forever." I murmured.

Forever sounded fucking fantastic to me.
What a way to start this one shot book off, am I right?? I'm obsessed with Emilio and Anna! I'm so glad I could give you a better glance at their life as teens!

If you enjoyed this chapter please go like, comment, review, or just say hi! I love hearing from my readers!

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