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The World of ALPHA : One Shots

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Lawrence/Clara - Steele & Stone


Lawrence Steele was on thin fucking ice.

I wasn’t one to let people’s idiocy get to me, for someone so loud and straightforward, I was surprisingly good at being able to handle my own emotions. But Lawrence fucking Steele knew how to push my buttons.

It was no secret we hated each other. This feud had been going on since we were pups. He’d yank my hair and chase me around with bugs when we were young but as we grew up, he made it his mission to give me hell anytime we crossed paths.

The dick.

High school got much easier, the large building and decently sized student body made it easy for me to avoid the future beta. Yet there were those occasional moments where we’d bump into each other. It usually amused people, our bantering and hateful comments towards each other, especially to Emilio. The future Alpha even dared to call us lovebirds. He was also another idiot.

Lawrence, or Ren as we all liked to call him, was my absolute least favorite person in this pack.

And tonight, he took things just a little too far.

Emilio’s eighteenth birthday had come around and like the rest of the high school campus, I made an appearance at the bonfire. It was a good way to hang with friends and party unsupervised. The night was cool and there was a slight breeze in the air making it just a little more chilly, thank goddess for the large bonfire providing just a little more warmth. We all took the opportunity to drink our little wolf hearts away, even though the alcohol did nothing….to most of us.

I was one of the rare cases where alcohol did affect me and boy did I let it affect me. With my newest friend Anna out of town for the night, I was left with Lani; a packmate that had been my best friend since middle school.

With Anna I was more protective and didn’t let myself get distracted in any way, the poor girl had all eyes on her constantly by most of the males in the pack. Not that anyone would make a move, we all knew Emilio had his eyes set on Anna since the moment she stepped on pack lands.

When it came to Lani though, I tended to get a little wild and loose.

“Come on, drink this!” Lani says pushing a red plastic cup into my hand while downing her own “I need you to catch up with me! I’m finally feeling the buzz.” She giggled and leaned against her mate, Tyler who rolled his eyes at her but wrapped his arm around her waist, keeping her close.

They were newly mated and it was really cute how affectionate they were towards each other. I loved seeing Lani happy. Which is why I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was already feeling the buzz but I took the drink anyway and took a large gulp. The cold beer washed down my throat leaving a bitter aftertaste in its wake.

This...was going to be a bad idea.

Surely enough, ten minutes later I had my arm around an unknown wolf and grinding my hips against his with Lani and Tyler nowhere in sight. He was pretty easy on the eyes so I had no problem with what was currently happening. His large hands wandered up and down my body making gooseflesh appear on my skin.

It had been awhile since I had sex with anyone. I wasn’t one of those wolves who cared too much about saving myself for my mate, we were high strung creatures with a large sexual appetite. Waiting for a mate that may or may not come around to fulfill that appetite? No thanks.

“What’s your name beautiful? I’ve seen you around school but haven’t caught your name.” He says in my ear, holding me close.

I smiled and rolled my hips again making him groan under his breath. “Wouldn’t you want to know, handsome.”

He chuckled and held me closer. “I would like to know the name of the she wolf I’ll be taking home tonight.”

I turned to face him, admiring his brown hair, soft brown eyes, and god like facial features. Like I said, he was easy on the eyes “And who said you’d be taking me home?”

That moment I felt like someone had been watching me. The hairs on my arm rose warning me of something yet I ignored it. I had a hot wolf’s attention on me, why the hell would I care that someone was watching?

“I’m sensing you’re going to need a little more convincing, let me-” He snaked his hands into my hair, gripping it and gently brought me in for a toe curling kiss.

Before I could get into it, the guy was ripped away from me leaving me to stare at a seriously pissed off Ren hovering over the male wolf and the partiers near by all halted their dancing.

What the fuck?

“What the hell do you think you’re doing putting your hands on her, Paul?” Ren snarled out gripping the wolf by the t-shirt and holding him close.

The wolf, Paul, cowered at the wrath of the future beta. The cool and collection guy I was just dancing with had disappeared. I blamed it on Ren’s beta aura that had been projecting for anyone near to feel.

“I-I’m sorry Ren, I didn’t know she was your girl. I’ll never talk to her again, I swear!” He pleaded moving to cover his face.

Fucking coward.

“Get out of here Paul. I’ll deal with you at training tomorrow.” Ren all but growled out letting Paul go and watched him scurry away.

It only took a few moments for the crowd around us to go back to their partying, forgetting about the altercation that had just occurred. But me? Oh no. I was fuming at the rim. What the fuck was Ren’s problem?

Finally he turned his fiery gaze to me and his anger quickly was replaced by regret at the sight of my own anger directed at him. Before he could utter a word I took off into the forest wanting to be home.

“Clara, wait!”

How embarrassing could that have been? Ren losing his cool over me dancing with someone? Ren and I weren’t even fucking friends and now the entire campus is going to think we’re together. The thought made me falter in my steps as I felt my heartbeat begin to speed up. I bristled at the motion. No. Ren Steele was a fucking idiot who loved to ruin my life.

“Wait, Clara.” I felt a hand on my arm and I snatched it away before he could pull me closer.

“What the fuck do you want Ren? Don’t you think you embarrassed me enough for one night?” I asked whirling around to face him.

Ren stepped back slightly “Look Paul is a fuck em and dump em kind of guy! I was just looking out for you!”

“Why the fuck do you have it in your pretensious head that I needed you to look out for me? I despise you Ren. I don’t need anything from you.” I shoved him away not wanting him so close to me. For some reason, his scent seemed to make my head spin and anger slowly dissipate.

“Clara, come on.” He says “Look I know I like to mess with you but I really do-”

“Save it hot shot.” I interrupt stepping away from him, throwing my hands into the jean jacket I wore, my voice falling into one of tiredness “Will you please just leave me alone?”

Ren didn’t say another word as I continued off into the woods towards home. Good, I hoped he had heard how serious I was. This wasn’t another quarrel of ours. It was the real deal. I walked home in silence, feeling a little like I had just dumped someone. I ignored the twang in my chest and continued walking. Hopefully this will be the last time I encounter Ren Steele.


Graduation came and went and soon we were off being adult wolves amongst the pack. Caring little about the graduation ceremony itself, I opted to skip out and try to find a job, ceremonies were pointless anyways. Most wolves tended to join the warriors or help out inside pack lands but me, I wanted to work in Fairbarrow.

The town that was a part of the pack was small but was filled with many businesses that surely needed help. Lani had mentioned the small diner at the edge of town where she worked and decided I’d try there first.

The diner was larger than I expected it to be and appeared to be busy. I felt myself smile, a great fast paced environment, just what I needed.

Lani spotted me from the table she was helping and gestured for me to wait. I watched as she took their order, ran it to the window by the kitchen before basically sprinting to me.

“Clara!” She greeted me brightly, all but throwing herself at me “Decided to skip out on graduation too huh?”

Lani’s black hair was pulled back into a low bun leaving pieces falling out. She still looked amazing. How the hell was she able to pull off the diner waitress look without looking like a slob.

I chuckled and hugged her back “Yeah. I’m actually here looking for a job.”

You would have thought I told her she won the lottery. Lani’s brown eyes widened and she gripped my shoulders, shaking me slightly “Oh my goddess! This is amazing. Okay let me introduce you to the boss. You’re gonna love her!”

And she was right, Ms. Dana was an older woman in her 50s and was as loud and spunky as me. Her red hair was chopped short making her look like a pixie. We got along great and I was hired on the spot.

Lani of course was over the moon.


It was three months later and I had been loving my job at the diner. Lani and Dana were great and taught me the ropes around the diner. It didn’t take me long to get a hang of things. I even managed to get myself a couple of regulars.

“Hey Clara!” Speaking of regulars, Anna walked into the diner with a bright smile on her face. Ever since I got a job at the diner, she tended to visit me everyday. Mostly to not be alone while Emilio continued his Alpha training. I didn’t mind though, Anna had become one of my best friends. She even got closer to Lani who took to the future Luna quite nicely.

“Hey Anna, pick anywhere to sit, I’ll be there in a sec.” I say momentarily, taking my eyes off the table I had been waiting on.

“How’s it going?” I say approaching the booth Anna had sat herself in, she was skimming the menu though I wasn’t sure why, Anna usually got the same thing every time she came here; a strawberry milkshake and a burger.

“Everything’s great! Emilio will be back from visiting the Alpha of Alpha’s today!” She said ‘Alpha of Alpha’s’ in a deep, spooky voice. The Lycan alpha was a scary story around here. No one really knew much about him so rumors began to spread like crazy but from time to time, the Angelo’s would have to pay him a visit.

“I see your mark has healed nicely.” I observed looking down at the bite on her neck.

Anna’s face turned red and she slapped her hand on top of it “Yeah it’s pretty much healed already. Emilio hasn’t seen it since he gave it to me.” If it was possible, the girl’s face turned a brighter shade of red.

“I’m sure he’ll be proud of it.” I say with a roll of my eyes.

Anna giggled “He already is. Alpha’s tend to be very proud creatures.

“Tell me about it.” I grumbled having experienced Emilio’s pride as kids “So the usual?”

Anna’s eyes brightened in excitement “Yes please! Also two more burgers, fries and large chocolate milkshakes.”

“Emilio has quite an appetite huh?” I chuckled, jotting down the order.

“Actually it’s for-”

“Hey Clara, order up!” Big Red, our cook, says, hitting the small silver bell with his spatula impatiently.

I rolled my eyes at the interruption “Got it Red, I’m coming!” I shouted back before turning back to Anna “Gotta go, I’ll be back with your order in a minute.

After delivering the order to my table, Lani all but threw herself at me turning my body towards the window “Woah! Hottie alert! Is that Ren Steele?”

The smile on my face dropped hearing his name and tore my gaze from the large window before I could spot him. What the hell was he doing here?

“Hey are you good?” Lani asks, sensing my change of mood.

I plastered a smile on my face and faced her “Yeah I’m good. Just a little surprised to see him here.”

I never told Lani or Anna what happened with Ren at Emilio’s party and how I ordered the prick to leave me alone. I knew what their reactions would be, they’d both try to ring his neck. As much as I’d love to see that, I didn’t want them to waste their breath.

I kept my distance from Ren, avoiding him at all costs, even decided to skip out on his birthday in the spring. There was no way I was celebrating that asshole.

“Clara! Lani! Order up!” Lani and I sighed deeply at Big Red’s bellow and shook our heads at his impatient ringing of the bell. One of these days I was going to get rid of that thing.

Before I could reach the window, the most intoxicating smell hit me, making me stumble on my feet. What the hell is that?

I turned my head to see Emilio and Ren at the booth with Anna. Emilio was holding Anna close whispering sweet nothings in her ear as if his Beta wasn’t right there. Ren was hardly paying attention and had his head tilted up slightly smelling the air himself. Oh shit.

I knew exactly what this meant. I missed his birthday which meant, I missed… finding out we were mates. Oh fuck me.

Knowing better than letting Ren spot me, I quickly asked Lani to take the food to their table before booking it to the bathroom hoping to hide there until they left.

I shut the door behind me and leaned against the porcelain sink inhaling deeply. I turned on the water and washed my face, wanting the icy water to calm me down. I leaned my head down letting the droplets fall into the sink.

This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. For goddess sake let this be a fucking joke. Lawrence Steel is NOT my mate. This is a cruel joke the moon goddess has played on me.

Ha ha Goddess. Real funny.

“Clara.” My body froze at the sound of a familiar voice behind me. Shit, I didn’t lock the door and like an idiot I must have left a scent trail right to me.

I turned around to see Ren staring at me like he just found the greatest treasure on earth. Fuck. His normally gray eyes were darkened and a look of pure desire was on his face. It had been awhile since we’ve seen each other, his brown hair was shorter now and he looked like he bulked up. Okay so he was a little more attractive now, big deal.

“What the fuck are you doing here Ren?” I asked, crossing my arms, doing my best to appear indifferent. The blush on my face told a different story.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asks, taking a predatory step towards me “I’ve found my mate and I want her.”

“Woah there hot shot.” I held a hand out to keep him from coming closer “Who the hell said we’re mates? You must have me confused with someone else.”

Okay so I know I sounded like an idiot. I knew the signs were there, like fuck, his scent was driving me crazy. Ren was my mate, there was no doubt about it. But that didn’t mean I was going to suddenly fall at his feet and forget what happened in the past.

Ren’s lips lifted and he took a step closer, running a finger up my arm and leaving a blazing trail of fire in its wake “You know I have this sort of talent, Clara. One where I’m able to call bullshit when I see and sweetheart,” He brought his hand under my chin, lifting it to meet his gaze “I call bullshit.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and attempted to pull my chin back “Cut it out Ren. If you think just because I’m your mate that I’m going to fall at your feet like the rest of the girls in this pack, then think again. Or did you forget I hate you?” I all but snarled in his face.

The stupid smirk on his face only grew as the words left my mouth “You admitted we’re mates and that’s all I wanted.” He chuckled at the shocked look on my face. “As for you hating me, I think I can change your mind.”

Finally he let me go and I all but threw myself away from him with a harsh glare on my face “You change my mind? Ha! You’re going to have to work real hard for that to change Lawrence Steele. ”

“Sounds like a challenge to me sweetheart. Don’t worry I’ll get you to fall madly in love with me.” He vowed using his arms to cage me in between the sink and his body, leaning his face down and slightly brushed our lips together “Then when the time is right, I’ll fuck you the way you deserve.”

I felt a shiver down my spine at his words and glanced up at him with fire in my eyes “In. Your. Dreams. Hot Shot.” I shoved him away and calmed my breathing “I’ll never fall for it.”

“Never say never Clara Stone.”


Not me wanting to write a full story for this lol I'm kind of obsessed with these two!

Now we know where Lucas got his idiocy from, it runs in the family!

I hope you enjoyed this one shot! It was a lot of fun to write! If you liked it please like, comment, review, or just say hi! I love hearing from my readers!

Until next time!

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