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The Allies Of Orange Knight

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I met Kurapika when I was a kid. The kurta clan carried her wounded and close to death so i followed them and said “can i help with binding his wounds. I have experience in the medical field.” They all agreed, So it looks like he had a spear impaled into him. “Ouch I can take it out but it’s gonna cause some really bad bleeding. But i think i can save him at the right time” One person said “Do the best you can please he is an asset and the best out of all of them” I nodded my head ok and took it out. “Oh crap bp’s dropping. This is not good” Then I said a magic scroll statement” and his wound had a big scar on his chest but he was ok. “Grab me a blood pack and a IV” I gave him a blood transfusion and when I got done I was tired “Man that was a shit show. He’s gonna be ok” They all praised me and thanked me. They asked who my father was. I said “the king of this kingdom is my father” then told me to lead them to him so I did. They told my dad that I saved one of their own lifes. He told me “good job Jr, I knew I knew you would treat them with care” I bowed to my father and Went “ad victoriam” that means to victory. And I went back to the medical House where I treated that kid. “ What happened? And who are you?!” said Kurapika about to get violent. “Im Orange Knight, I treated your wounds you were impaled with a spear to your chest. Don’t believe me? Look at your chest” He look at his chest and looked at me and ran to hug me and said “Thank you, Im Kurapika of the Kurta Clan” then i told him “Im aware a group of your own came with you covered in blood” He asked where they were at so I leaded him to the others and they reunited and were so happy he was alive Both my father and the kurta gave me the medal of honor and me and Kurapika became lifelong friends even though we were immortal and cant die. But anyway, that’s the story of how I met Kurapika. I’ve known him since I was 8 I think so I guess I’ve known him for over 400 years.

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