Fallen Angel

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This is a book about a fallen Angel who was sent down to earth for the sins they have committed.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Where it all began

“Oh jeez, I’m falling!” I yelled. This can’t be the end, I just got here! I thought. “I have to think of something fast before I land or I’m dead!” I mumbled. I finally thought of an idea but, it was to late when I wanted to try it out. I hit the ground already. How am I not dead? I thought. That’s right.. I’m an Angel. I’m already dead. I remembered that I was sent down to earth because of the sins I’ve committed. Before I could do anything, I was already falling out of the sky. It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on, but I finally got it. The earth looks so different from the last time I was here..When did this become a road? Oh. That’s right. I haven’t been to earth in 10,000 years. That’s why it’s so different. I thought. “Well, I better look around.” I muttered. I walked the streets for a while. I saw buildings, people, things that love really fast. The people look different now then they did before. I wonder why they are wearing those clothes. They look weird. I walked around these towers thinking to myself.I wasn’t paying attention to what was I front of me and.. BOOM! “Ouch!” said a guy.
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