Maudines: part 1

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Luna ends up at Maudines with an enemy and 4 friends

Fantasy / Mystery
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She woke up in her grey room to see blue lilies blooming outside. “LUNA!!!!” step- mother screeched, “GET DOWNSTAIRS NOW!” She pulled on her dressing robe and scampered downstairs “ARE YOU THE ONE WHOM ATE THIS BACON!”, she wailed, splattering spit all over Luna’s brown face. “no” she mumbled honestly, as she had just woken up. “THEN. WHO. SNATCHED. THE . BACON”. Luna knew who did it, her greedy stepbrother Dylan.

Dylan was a round, fat, ugly, gluttonous human being who benefitted off the sorrow and misery of others, particularly Luna. But she held her tongue.

“WELL, I’M WAITING?!” “I don’t know.” Luna mumbled, her naturally soft tone contrasted against her vile stepmother’s, Petunia, horrid screeches. In a calm voice, Petunia explained, “you have 10 minutes to tell me the truth, go into the supply cupboard and think. Think deeply.”

She rolled her eyes and went into the supply cupboard. She had recently been able to do strange things, certain hand gestures and eye movements made things go the way she wanted them to. She waved her hand upwards, then downwards then to the left, then in a twinkle of an eye, Dylan came bounding downstairs, and told his mum he had stolen the bacon. She, however, did not get out the leather belt and smack him till his bottom was black, she in all her acidity turned to him and gave him a little bit of a talking to, it wasn’t even stern.

Then Petunia turned to the supply cupboard and unlocked it, dragged Luna out and told her to get the lunch pie out of the warmer, and then top it with whipped cream. She did so, and then the mailman came. With two letters, two, not just the usual ingredient bill on Friday, but another, how odd.

Her dad came back for lunch. When her dad called for her “Luna, sweetie ,come downstairs!” she feared the worst. She feared terrible things her nasty stepmother might have said to him. She went into the drawing room to see a look of pride on her dear papa’s face and an unpleasant one on her horrible stepmother’s, threatening her with looks that shot daggers miles away.

Mr. Cosby looked at Luna and smiled at the letter. “It seems you have been found out and accepted by a boarding school in Coventry called Maudine’s. Read the letter.”

DEAR Ms. Cosby
You have been accepted into Maudine’s school of Wizardry. You are not to bring any materials, as they will be provided.
As we understand, all your relatives have no magic, we understand you do, please catch the 11:00 train to Coventry on August 1st.

School uniforms include:
4 black pinafores
4 white shirts
2 pairs of black joggers
2 plain white t- shirts
1 black tie
Regards, Miss Holland

She thought she needed her glasses checked. Her sepia eyes lit up behind her thick, round, dark - rimmed glasses and her pink lips turned into a smile.

Petunia frowned, her normally rosy skin turned pale. Petunia simply hated the idea of not having a “helper” (more like slave) to take her anger out on.

“Luna darling,” her father called her out of her thoughts, “do you want to go?” Petunia shot daggers at her, but Luna ignored “Yes father, I do want to go” she replied in her calmest voice. The next day Petunia was looking for a new maid, cook and cleaner. “Suck it Petunia” Luna thought.

The next month they had a live – in maid. Luna was polite to her, Dylan on the other hand howling at the slightest mistake she (the maid – miss Sarah) made.

Her dad drove her to the station early as 6:00 am the ride was long and full of traffic, she hated the car ride, but loved the train ride.

On the train she met four other girls, a set of twins; Lacey and Trisha Sullivan both having olive skin, meaningful blue eyes and short, curly brown hair: They were wearing flannel shirts and jeans, Lacey wore dark rimmed glasses and Trisha wore none at all. Drew Brians had brown skin with golden eyes and chocolate – colored braided hair. Amethyst Sunflower was short for her age with golden brown skin, her very short, very curly sunflower – colored hair with dark streaks in it her sunflower colored eyes and her dark freckles making her instantly recognizable.

They all shared the same cart and talked for hours, sharing their train lunch with each other and doing all sort of magazine quizzes and commenting on the fashion the models wore and the boy bands in the magazine and using the perfume samples.

Finally they saw the first glimpse of the castle - like school through the train windows, it was marvellous. Green ivy leaves climbed around the school towers and in the middle of the quadrangle a tower emerged, two smaller towers next to it.
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