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Angile Deville is part of a secret race, unknown to humans. Her kind is akin to vampires, but not quite the same. She leaves her society behind after a terrible loss. As she is navigating her new world, she comes across a stunning revelation: A boy claiming to be her lost love, reincarnated. Then, someone else from her past joins her, and is not so keen on this reincarnation. What will Angile make of this new life, with people from her past, and can her true love really be back from the dead?

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

First part of my story, I am born. Obviously. Although a name is only a simple thing by which people identify you with. Useful, in the world. My parents names do not even matter since I killed them both when I was 7. They got in my way. I needed them gone. Why, you ask? A story for another time. Then there was other family to deal with. Which I did quickly and efficiently. I was not going to be passed from relative to relative. I had no use for the likes of them. I could take care of myself just fine by the time I was 4. What did I need anyone else for? I didn’t.

Finally, when I was nine, I was free from everyone. No one wanted the little killer, which was fine by me. As I have already stated numerous times. I. Don’t. Need. Anyone. Now, I am 17. What this story is about yet, I do not know. I will tell it day by day, as my life happens. I know there is a story to be told. Tomorrow will be day 1 of my journey. I am setting out to meet new people and see new places. Tomorrow, I shall start to live for who I am, and not who others want me to be. Not for what others see me as.

Day 1:

I packed up all of my things. I sat up all night wondering where I wanted to go first. I honestly had no idea, (and honesty is something I’m very good at. Why lie? You normally get caught in the end of the matter. Besides, lying is not tolerated very well.) Around 7 in the morning I had finally decided where I wanted to go. I was excited too. I was going to Greece. I had always wanted to visit there, but before I had just been too lazy to really go. No motivation there. Now I had plenty.

I was taking a private jet so I could transport all of my things and have a comfortable ride. It was going to be a long flight.

Day 5:

I know, I know. Where did all of the days go in between.. I will tell you, nothing happened until day 5. I was out on some random beach, I never bothered to look at the name, when I ran into a certain someone. Hiyyeth Irregheshe. Hiyyeth is 19 and a pain in my ass. I’ve known him all my life. We have never gotten along. My parents and his were planning an arranged marriage between us. Over their dead bodies ( which as you’ll remember I made happen.) Not Hiyyeth’s, just mine, that is.

“Angile, what are you doing here?” Hiyyeth asked.

“Hiyyeth, go to Hell,” I told him with a sweet smile on my face.

“Angile, my past future wife, why so much anger?” I wanted to wipe that huge smirk off his face.

“I have no time for you,” I told him as I walked away from him towards the beautiful ocean. What was I doing here? What was he doing here? I had a feeling that he was sent here to spy on me. Just a feeling.

“A romantic place, the beach is,” he said as he followed me.

“Hiyyeth. Go. To. Hell,” the repeat wasn’t truly necessary. There was no way he was going to listen.

Hiyyeth had always been a very persistent person. When we were younger he had a very big ego. He thought he was the most handsome, charming, and delightful Brawlii there was to ever walk the earth. Hard headed and stubborn.

The day persisted on. With Hiyyeth right behind me the whole time. He eventually ended up following me back to the little cottage I had bought upon my arrival. I felt trapped. He was an unwanted dog, that I thought about beating. I left my killing behind me.

“Mind if I crash here for the night?” he asked me walking right in.

“First of all, you do not “crash” as you put it, because you do not sleep. Our people do not sleep. Second of all, GET OUT!” I was yelling at the end. As I said, we had never gotten along.

We argued for quite some time. A good hour, I should say. One of the most irritating people I ever had the displeasure of tolerating. Shaking his head, Hiyyeth finally left with a promise to see me soon. I would not be looking forward to it. I wonder what Hiyyeth is doing in Greece. It makes no sense. He should not be here while I am here. Why I think he just may be a spy. I will get him to leave. He simply can not stay. Greece is not supposed to be so frustrating, it’s not supposed to be filled with frustrating people.

“Then what’s he doing here...” the thought would not escape my mind.

Day 6:

A day of relaxation. A day to lounge around and do nothing. That’s what I was hoping for. That is exactly what I got. At first I did nothing but stare around and expect Hiyyeth to pop up somewhere. It was aggravating, but I relaxed. Tomorrow, I decided, I would go out for a little life. I may of been of different kind, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun.

Day 7:

I was wearing a very tight dress. Black, and what showed my prominent figure. I knew one could see my breasts tight and excited through the dress. The dress would have done no good with a bra. Besides, I wasn’t concerned for my modesty.

With the outfit, and my hair down in long waves, I knew I looked the picture of a beautiful young woman. For the night, I was 25. A young human women with no reserves and looking for a good time. Although I knew I would be the one showing the good time. Which in turn, would show the guy I chose a good time.

The beach was not my choice for the night, I went into a small town. I found plenty of men there. I went up to a small bar and ordered a fruity little drink. One I knew men would see and think me the easy, yet sexy, women I was being. I looked around and tried to look helpless and lonely. However, if a man started to approach I didn’t particularly take a fancy to, I put a stern look on my face and shook my head.

After about half an hour, a young man that looked no older than 30 approached. he had short brown hair with blond streaks. A nicely tanned and toned body that looked absolutely delicious. I could see his pale brown eyes from anywhere. They shined magnificently. His perfect mouth looked carved from stone with a sexy smile. He walked with arrogance. Good, I liked them that way.

“Hello beautiful,” he said when he got close enough to be heard. His voice like warm silk. American too.

“Hello,” I made sure to sound as timid as possible. I needed to be an easy target, after all. That definitely egged him on.

“What is such a gorgeous woman like you, sitting alone like this? Such beauty must act like a magnet towards those around you.” He held out his hand. I took it and stood up. He got down on his knee and kissed my hand gently. Shameless, the guy was good. I put a nervous look on my face.

“Thank you.”

“Ah, here my lady is. Awaiting my arrival, I am sure,” the voice was only recognizable, which made this agonizing. I ignored him. My companion, however, did not.

“What’s this? Who are you? Do you know him beautiful?”

“No,” I told him after I spent Hiyyeth but a simple glance.

“Angile, sweetheart, don’t play hard to get. I came all the way to Greece for you.” Hiyyeth was going to play this up. Well so was I. I turned my full attention towards him and gave him a blank look.

“The lady doesn’t know you, get lost,” my companion replied for me. He took my arm and we started to walk away. Hiyyeth took my other arm and pulled. I turned and smacked him.

“Oh, that’s right. You are the man that has been stalking me. He follows me everywhere,” I confided in my companion, “let’s leave.”

By the look on my companion’s face, I knew he would call the cops if I acted any more scared. By the look on Hiyyeth’s, he knew the same. He didn’t follow us.

“What did you say your name was?” he asked.

“It is, I confess, Angile. What’s yours?”



A short chapter, to be sure. I am only doing chapters by seven day splits. It’ll save me the trouble of deciding where to start or end chapters. Truthfully, I don’t want this to be too difficult a task, as I want to be able to do what I want to do. Where I want to do it. Whenever I want to do it. Therefore, this story can’t be too time consuming. So, here is the end of the chapter, and there shall be more to come, you can be sure.

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