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Stop fidgeting babe I'm sure everything thing is okay.

I can't help it Dylan I'm nervous what if all this treatment hasn't worked I speak holding my tears at bay

12 months ago Dylan had a fall at work and hurt his head resulting in us being told he has a lump on the left side of his brain tests were done within a week it came back as it could be a form of cancer not yet knowing he had brain surgery no less then a week later the results came back as a rare form with a 40/60 chance of death if left untreated.

We sold everything our home our cars shit even borrowed of family to pay for this treatment in all honesty we was screwed with out a penny to our name we wait for these results.....Will he live .....in honesty I don't know.

He's gotten better per say he can finally keep a good bit of food down he's not always so oh how would you say forgetful though I've put every second of my time into him and his journey well our journey really it still feels as if we aren't any closer then what we was before all this.

Mamma keeps saying that I should ask him

But I can't he would tell me if something else was wrong .....WOULDNT HE ??

Mr price Dr Norma will see you both now

Standing I grab his hand and walk towards Dr's door hyping myself up for this conversation.

Ah their you are Dylan please take a seat

Sitting we both wait until she's looked over the results

She looks up and I met her eyes and my gut drops

Pain sorrow anger sadness all fly though me at once

I'm sorry Dylan but its not good news the tumor has grown twice its original size this treatment has not worked but my colleges have suggested a new form of radio and cemo with a high survival rare

He's frozen his whole body has turned to ice

But we was told this treatment would work!

How has it grown the lump if its had a 60/40 chance of working you said so yourself this would be the best option I try to keep my voice calm I need to keep strong for Dylan.

Yes I understand that but miss Jones you must also understand that this form of cancer is hard to fight theirs only ever been a record of 50 out of 15000 chance people servive this form I'd like to get the go ahead in treating him with a new treatment he would have a 70/30 chance with this one its relatively new but its been approved in this country.

So what we just go with this new treatment with out thinking if it will cause more harm then good

How much will it cost dr .....Dylan finally speaks

50.000 to 150.000 depends how fast it works of course we could get this started as soon as tomorrow morning.

I look towards Dylan waiting to see what he will decide

Okay we will try it I speak

Both Dr and Dylan look towards me I nod my head and stand what time should we be here tomorrow dr

Come by around 5.30 we will be able to have the go ahead off everyone who's involved by 7 he should be haveing the treatment.

We leave nothing said between us how are we going to do this ...why isit everyone I love have to suffer its as if I'm cursed or some shit

Baby don't worry okay we can do this you know that I speak hopping to resure myself and him

Myla what if it doesn't work what if I die

You won't.....I won't allow you to leave me too if this world wants to take you it has to take me too we can get though this babe I know it I rise to my tip toes to kiss him but he pulls away holding his hand upto his mouth thinking he's going to be sick I step alittle away but still have my hand on his back rubbing it hopping to help ....but nothing comes up it's a strange thing he's eaten today yet he's kept it down my feeling hurt I step away acting as if it never happened he's been like this for a while hell he's not even touched me in 18 months I've always put it down to nothing then of course the cancer yet he's still unable to even kiss me.

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