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"The legendary warrior" a story every wolf tells their pups. A beta's daughter turned rogue at a tender age of 12 with a witch as a guardian finds her mate who doesn't want her and isn't ready to get tied down by a female six years later. Her mate mistreats her and blames her for any misfortune in his pack. unbeknownst to everyone she is the daughter of the Moon goddess sent to the world to stop destruction but would it be that easy?.......

Fantasy / Adventure
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Kira's p.o.v

We were all seated down in the pack house, the omegas of our pack were serving us food. A twelve year old me was sitting beside my mother and bestie, cherry. My name is Kira Ravenwood, I am the beta's daughter. We were all having a good time at the pack house until one of the pack warriors came running into the pack house and to the alpha's side "we are under an attack" he said gasping for air making my dad stand up " tell the warriors to gather the weapons and meet me outside" he ordered before he left with the alpha and gamma. My mother quickly led me into my room and began to pack my things into a bag, she also packed her things into another bag and led me out through the back door and we started running into the direction of the forest. People were running in different directions trying to be safe " mum where are we going"I asked "I don't know, I just know that I am keeping you safe"she said and I smiled while cuddling my baby doll. Suddenly, I looked into the direction of the pack house to see a boy around my age in black who had a mask on (every one of the attackers had a mask on) about to shoot my mother with an arrow" mum look out"I said but it was too late my mother was shot dead in front of me "MUM!!!"I shouted in tears. The noise of people shouting had died down and dead bodies were scattered every where and I knew I had to find dad but one of the dead bodies caught my eyes, I n front of me laid my best friend, cherry in a pool of her blood " cherry please wake up" I said in tears " cherry please stop this joke"I said shaking her "please wake up"I said holding her tight in tears realizing that she wouldn't wake up " k-i-ra"I heard my dad voice say "dad"I said going to where I heard my dad's voice. It led me to the back of the pack house to see my dad gasping for air and clutching his stomach "dad who did this to you"I asked kneeling beside him and holding his face "k-i-ra r-u-n don't let t-h-e-m c-a-t-c-h you"he said "you won't leave me too right"I asked "I would always be in your heart"he said pointing to my heart,he slipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a locket and placed it on my palm before closing my hand "don't leave me dad"I said in tears and he used his thumb to clean my tears away from my cheeks "I can never leave you but promise me that you would always be that strong girl I know"he said and a tear slipped out of my eyes "I promise dad"I said in a whisper while closing my eyes as tears ran down my cheeks " good now run my dear" he said before closing his eyes with a tear stained face but he had a peaceful smile on his face. I heard the sound of people approaching and started running into the direction of the forest, I ran as quickly as I could until an arrow was shot at my leg but I didn't stopstop , I ran until I started feeling dizzy and then darkness consumed me.

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