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Chapter 1

Kira's p.o.v

I woke up to find my self in an unfamiliar room and I was having a serious headache "where am I?"I asked looking around the room, just then a woman in her early thirties came into the room "who are you?and where the hell am I"I asked giving her a suspicious look and getting out of the bed "calm down my dear, I know you have a lot of questions to ask and I promise to answer all your questions but for now you have to eat something"she said softly "why should I trust you?"I asked still with the suspicious look "because I haven't done anything bad to you but treat your injury"she said and I looked at my leg to see it bandaged "so now would you come downstairs for food?"she said and I hesitated for sometime before answering "okay I will"I said and we walked downstairs. The house wasn't really big but it was well decorated and beautiful,we passed a hallway and got to a door and we walked in and she helped me sit on the counter in the kitchen "so what would you like to eat?"she asked me with an excited smile "anything is fine"I said with a smile "fine I'll cook you my favorite Mexican dish called spicy chorizo enchiladas that my mother always cooked for me"she said smiling as if she remembered something "okay"I said and she began cooking while I watched. Atlast when she was done cooking she put some in a plate and brought it to me "have a taste of my favorite delicacy"she said dramatically while handing me the food and I took a bite of the yummy looking thing in front of me and I moaned in delight "it tastes delicious"I said and she smiled happily "I knew it will, cause I'm the best cook in the world"she said "oh don't flatter yourself my mum food tastes better than this"I said rolling my eyes "I know that's a lie"she said and sat down to start eating "so who are you?"I asked "I am Jennifer Aniston but you can call me jenny I am a witch and a will trained assassin"she said with a proud smile "you are a witch, I've heard a lot about witches and their powers, they are so amazing"I said "oh sure they are but learning the spells get you worn out easily"she said "I don't know about that but all I know is that I don't want to depend on anyone and I want to be v
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