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Chapter 2

Kira's p.o.v

It has been six years since I have been living with aunt Jenny. She continued to train me and I found out that I had some powers apart from my wolf powers so aunt Jenny was teaching me how to use it. Aunt Jenny was an elemental witch so she could train me really well and I could now fight pretty good "kira get your lazy ass down here this second"aunt Jenny shouted from downstairs and I grumbled as I got up from my bed and raced downstairs with my wolf speed "what do you want now?"I asked her when I got downstairs and she handed me a basket and a paper "what for"I asked again confused "you are to get me all the things in this paper from the blood moon pack, I need them to make a portion"she said "WHAT!!! alpha Jason's pack, you know how cruel he is and you are sending me there"I asked shocked, I had gone to different packs for something that aunt Jenny needed but not alpha Jason's pack,he is the most wicked man in the world. She walked close to one of the cupboard in the kitchen and brought out a bottle which had a greenish mixture in it "this will mask up your smell,he would not be able to know if you are not from his pack but it only works for three hours so go and come back quickly"she said "I am not drinking this and I am not going there"I said with an irritated face "you have to drink it kira"she said "why would you even send me there to my own grave, what if the spell doesn't work"I said "it will work so drink it now, my sister is coming to collect this portion"she said "alright then"I said and collecting it from her and taking a sip and it tasted really irritating as it looked and I then walked out of the house,who am I kidding she pushed me out of the house leaving no room for complaint. I walked through the forest talking to Khloe until I reached the blood moon pack.

I was done getting everything I needed and was returning home when I heard a sound from a part of a forest but I didn't take it seriously until I was shoved to a nearby tree making almost all the bones in my body weak "why are you trespassing?"I heard a masculine voice say making my wolf scream mate, I looked up to see the most handsome face I have ever seen with beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes that touched his cheekbones when he blinked,high cheekbones and a sharp jawline that could definitely cut into something,full plump lips that made me go crazy, toned wash board abs and his oh so delicious "I asked you a question "he said bringing me out of my trance to meet his angry eyes "seems like she can't resist your charms"another guy said making his presence known,he had blond hair and blue eyes "is she dumb"my mate asked "I am not dumb"I said "oh so you speak anyway you are coming with us"he said "No way I did nothing wrong"I said standing on my feet "you trespassed"he said "and I'm sorry"I said "your apology isn't accepted"he said "what?"I said "you are coming with me"he said "I'm sorry but I can't"I said, even though I wanted my mate I couldn't go with him "your opinion wasn't needed rogue so you are coming with me"he growled before plastering a smirk on his face "please just let me go"I said "no you are coming with me whether you like it or not"he said "alright then let's see about that"I said and he held my hand and dragged me with them farther into the forest "let me go"I demanded "you know you have no choice but to come with us"the other guy said, just because I came to his pack does not give him power over me , just then a mischievous idea formed in my mind so I closed my eyes and called on fire making my body lit up a little causing a slight burnt on his palm and he groaned in pain freeing me "what did you do?"he asked angrily but I ignored him and smirked instead "Arnold get her"he ordered angrily before resting on a tree. The other guy set his hand into a fist "let's not do this the hard way"he said "oh I love this way "I said with a smirk and he sent a punch my way but I dodged it and kneeled him in the balls and he knelt on the ground grunting in pain while holding his balls, alpha Jason cornered me and pushed me to a tree and held my neck strangling me and I called upon the wind which shoved him to a tree, I went close to his beta and shifted into his wolf and aimed at my neck but I slapped him and he landed on the ground with a thud so I grabbed his leg and flunged him to a tree and went back to alpha Jason and gave him a punch in his face before using my enhanced speed to leave "you beat him so hard kira and you know who he is to us"Khloe said "I am sorry Khloe but I had to fight for us"I said to her "you are right anyway but Jared isn't like that"she said "who is Jared?"I asked "his wolf"she said and I blocked her when I reached the house. My wolf is white a rare color to find and I love her so much, she doesn't talk too much but she is very dangerous when she is angry. I saw aunt Jenny standing at the varandah with a worried face "I was worried about you, what the hell were you thinking,she asked but I ignored her and entered the house,she looked taken back by my action "what is wrong kira"she asked noticing my sad face "nothing"I said "don't tell me that kira, I know you inside out and you can't hide anything from me"she said sitting beside me and holding my hands "I met my mate today"I said "wow that's a good thing who is he"she asked with a smile "alpha Jason, can't you see my life aunt, I am mated to a monster"I said crying "hey it's okay"she said and I laughed sadly "it isn't okay aunt I am mated to a monster who called me a rogue and treated me like one"I said "calm down"she said "why should I, you don't know how I feel"I said I know how you feel"she said "how would you know how I feel?"I asked "I know because I have experienced it, I was mated to a vampire who was very arrogant and ruthless,he would beat me every day and I will cry myself to sleep but one day something happened and he almost killed me so I ran away but he always found me until I came here and put an invisible barrier here for him"she said and sighed "so you are still running, I am so sorry about that"I said"I just don't like bringing up the story of my mate"she said sadly "I'm sorry"I said again "you don't have to be honey now go rest a little"she said and lay me on the bed "don't think about it too much because people like like alpha Jason don't deserve our tears and love so rest a little and I'm sure you'll make the right decision"she said and gave me a peck on my forehead before leaving my room, I stayed in the room looking at the ceilingthinking about my life when my second wonderful aunt came into the room "kira I heard what happened"she said and I sat up "you need to calm down, he might not be as bad as he seems"she said "he is bad aunt"I said "he might be a wicked alpha but I know he wouldn't hurt you, you are his mate and he would love you and treat you like one okay "she said "if you are sure though"I said "I brought something for you"she said "what is that?"I asked "it is a band"she said bringing out three beautiful white bands "take this two,one is for you and one for your mate and the last one is for me"she said "what do I use them for?"I asked "when you wear it you can feel the pains of your mate to know if he is in trouble"she said "WOW"I said taking it and putting it on and kept the other one "only you can feel your mates pain and my pain,he can't feel mine and I can't feel his"she said "okay"I said and looked at the band which fit my hand perfectly "let's go train I've miss fighting with you"she said "okay"I said "I'm going to win you"she said "if you are lucky"I said and jumped down from the bed and we both left the room.

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