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Forbidden Voices

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Believe it or not, at the heart of the earth our mere existence is in the hands of a sixteen year old girl. After her parent's divorce, Eleanor struggles in her new life with her mother and two brothers. will she carry the burden set on her shoulders by her mysterious grandfather, or will she walk away and lead the earth to its doom? Will the districts survive with the youngest guardian named? Will the Heart Of The Earth Survive, or will the Forbidden Voices arise on earth?

Fantasy / Adventure
Reine Alk
Age Rating:

One Member Gone

The tickets were booked. The house which once was called home was sold. The car was locked and shipped. There in the New York's international airport was Eleanor. She was closing her eyes tightly every second. ″Eleanor stop doing that people will think you’re crazy,″ Nick whispered so that his mother couldn’t hear.

″Update, she is crazy,″ Jake whispered trying not to crack up on his own joke. Nick was the eldest brother. He was the athletic jock who just finished junior year. He kept everyone in line and played his role as the eldest child very well. However Jake was the youngest. The Austin family ends its series by him. He was mamas little boy. No matter what he’s an angle, a masked one. Under that mask was the most viscous monster anyone could ever witness. Eleanor was the middle child, the one who was constantly bossed over by the eldest and bullied by the youngest. Well normally she couldn’t get away with anything even though she was right.

″Shut up you two,″ Eleanor replied. She kept on closing her eyes constantly and opening them with a sigh.

″ Okay this is it. Everyone follow me quick.″ In front of the children was their mother. Her face was dark and she showed grief but she held a big wide smile. ’’Come on lets go,″ she said. The three kids stood stiff with their eyes in their shoes. ″ Look, it’s not the time to do this. That’s it. We’re here there is no way to turn back. We got to do this together.″ Nick carried his luggage and stood beside his mom. Eleanor was busy closing her eyes constantly so she stood next to her bother without even knowing what just happened.

″ Should we go? The door is right there we can just turn back and go home.″ Jake used his big brown eyes to appear pitiful and change his mother’s mind about going back, but unfortunately that didn’t work.

″No Jake, We can’t. Now move on to my side and we’ll talk about this topic later.″ With that the siblings moved with their mother to the plane.

Eleanor gave up. She stopped closing her eyes the moment they stepped on the plane. ″This is all real,″ she whispered to herself. Eventually Eleanor was trying to wake up from a situation she thought was a dream. Her eyes filled up with tears, but she hid them from her family as always. As they entered the plane and found their seats Jake started jumping on the seats.

″They’re so comfy,″ Jake said while jumping on the seats.

″ Jake will you stop doing that,″ Nick was always annoyed by his brothers actions claiming them as embarrassing.

″Jake honey, get down from there.″ Their mother as always got in between and saved the day.

″ Okay mommy.″ Jake replied as he stuck out his tong at nick. Nick looked at his mom as if he just heard the biggest insult of his life. Their mother called out Jake’s name and he got away with it. Eleanor sat in her seat still holding back her tears.

″All settled?″ their mom asked. All replied with yes except for Eleanor. ″Eleanor, what’s the matter. Is everything okay?″

Eleanor looked at her mom and said,″ Yes everything is perfect. The seats are so comfy.″ She gave her a heartwarming smile and Eleanor smiled back. This is Eleanor, the child who always smiled through everything and was positive about everything as well. She had her family in front of her own life. Even though she has her own problems but she kept them away and took her role of the child who is happy through every moment.

Their flight was four hours. During that time nick decided to sleep with his headphones on. While Jake decided to take every free sample on the plane and continuously go to the bathroom. Their mom was following Jake everywhere. Every now and then she would zone out. She would fade away from the real world and go to her own, but Jake was always waking her up startling her whenever she decides to take a break. Eleanor sat on her seat. She didn’t say a word and didn’t move an inch. All she did was staring at the seat in front of her where her mom sat.

There she was leaving New York, her home country where she lived and had the best memories. All her friends, her apartment, and part of her family was gone. Eleanor was moving out because of her father, the man who held her up when she was down. The man who made her feel better every day, but unfortunately the man who was in love with his daughter, decided to cheat on the mother of his children.

In court, Eleanor’s father claimed that he didn’t want any of his kids. That broke their hearts. The Austin family was better off without a father. At that night Eleanor sat with her brothers in the living room.

″ Is she asleep?″ nick asked.

″ Yes, but she seems so down.″ Eleanor replied.

″ I can’t believe he did this to us.″

″ Nick, lower your voice or mom will hear you.″

″Okay,″ nick whispered.

″ At least he should have picked you. You were always his favorite.″

″ Turns out no one were his favorite,″ Jake said. ’And the worst thing is that we can’t do anything about it.″

A moment of silence passed in the air. Eleanor looked at the family picture in the living room they were in. ″We can,″ she whispered. She took out the frame brought some scissors and handed them to nick.

″ Do it.″ she said.

″ Do what?″ nick said.

″Nick cut him out of our lives once and for all.″

″ No that’s stupid. He’s still our dad. If he gave up on us we can’t give up on him.″

When Eleanor opened her mouth to talk back Jake jumped and took the scissors from nick. ″ If he can’t then I will.″ At those words, he cut their dad out of the picture neatly. Eleanor returned the picture to the frame. Nick looked at them with total disappointment.

Eleanor turned on the stove and said,″ okay nick. Now it’s your deal. Burn him out of our lives like he burnt us in the court.’’ Nick looked at his siblings with confusion.

″ Should I do it too?″ Jake said.

″ Just let me think.″ nick replied.

″ Think of what?″ Eleanor looked furious.

″ Eleanor he’s our dad.″

″ Yeah, the dad who left us for another woman, the dad who wants new kids and a new life, and he dad who threw us at court. Is that what a father looks like to you?″

″ Will you stop talking and let me think.″ nick was anxious.

’’Okay I’m doing It.″ said Jake. As Jake was holding the piece of picture, nick took it from his hand and burnt it. He held it in the sink and let it burn. Then without even glancing he opened the water on top of the ashes where they disappeared in the sink.

″ Now that is maturity.″ Jake said. By that action, they started a new family where they don’t need a father in.

After three days, their parents were divorced. Their father didn’t even glance back at his children or said goodbye. Then it all came. They sold the house, booked their tickets, and they were off to their mother’s home country to live in the house that Eleanor’s grandfather left for his only daughter Marie.

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