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The Chosen of Helment:The Game of Chosen

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Are there second chances? These questions received answers. I died and was chosen by a game to acquire a second chance, in which I will have to show my worth that I am worthy of living and reincarnating in another unknown world. Fear takes hold of me with each test and each second in this frozen place; but I will not give up, what I did not do in life I will do in my death. Dying a second time is not in my plans. "Welcome everyone to ... The Game of the Chosen!"

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It is a Sunday morning just like any other, the bright light of the new dawn enters through the cracks in the window, the alarm clock sounds and I wake up after tossing and turning in bed.

I look at him observing the time of 8:30 with eyes narrowed from sleep.

"Mmmm ... sometimes I wish the night didn't go by so quickly ..." I yawn dejectedly "Well I went to bed at two in the morning playing online ... so it's very normal that I'm so tired."
But hey ... breakfast, I clean up and then I'll see if Daniel is online to continue like last night.

I stretch my arms up, making a bone or two crunch as I take its rightful place.

Still half asleep, I put on my sandals and go straight to the dining room with all my black hair tousled.

As soon as I got to the table, my mother told me seriously in her words when she saw my zombie expression ...

"Iran, you shouldn't keep going to bed so late playing on the PC, that's not good for your health and you know it very well ... If you don't look at the state you're in," I hear his voice in the distance with my neck bending down .

-Are you listening to me !? - She pronounces her angrily with her hands on her waist.

Eh? - I answer after falling asleep with my forehead on the table.

My mother looks at me with an expression of disgust, she shakes her head and speaks to me again while she takes my breakfast of toast with cheese, but she this time in a tone of concern for me ...

"You're old enough to be into that video game addiction." She sets the plate in front of me.
"I hardly even recognize you anymore.
Before you loved to go with your friends from school to play soccer or go out somewhere, like the pool" She sighs.
"However, after you finished high school you have become a complete social outcast." Her eyes search my gaze and I refuse to face her.

"Yes, yes mom, that was before now my tastes have changed" I say reluctantly as she eats me some toast.

She gets up from the table in the direction of the refrigerator.
"When you finish go to the market and buy some salad that we don't have for lunch"

"Ok mom, I just get ready and go," I answer with sleep torturing my eyes.

After having left the bathroom, putting on a black T-shirt with a white Adidas on the chest and fixing my hair, I go directly to the market to return soon.

It is not too far, only a couple of blocks that I can walk.

Along the way I reflect on what my mother has told me.
And yes, she is right about everything;
But what she doesn't know is that my so-called friends were all traitors and liars who used me to be mocked while they paired me with a girl who was actually in cahoots with them.

Well, since I was a boy without much experience in relationships, I was the ideal subject for her claims.

I had the pleasure of beating Pedro's face, who was the one who plotted everything, but I still have the bad taste of having been deceived like that.
Something like that is not easily forgotten.

And well, not everything has gone well in school either, I did not get to enter the University this year because I did not pass the entrance exams, so I will have to try again next year.
Up to this point I still say to myself ... >> Now that I think about it my life has not been a big deal, on the contrary it is quite boring, uff << I sigh and look at the white clouds like cotton in the sky >> Actually I would like everything to be different << I keep thinking as I stop in front of the pedestrian crossing.

I check my cell phone, I see out of the corner of my eye how the light changes to red and I start walking without looking anywhere. I hear the "Watch out!"
of a man behind me and in a split second I see a cargo truck skipping the red light until it hit me from the side.

The enormous force and speed with which I am hit throws me into the air like a leaf blown by the wind, I fall completely motionless from the intense pain that is unlike anything I had ever felt before, it is how every part inside of me becomes I would have shattered how a crystal glass fell to the ground that invades my whole body, I feel many bones that crunched inside me like branches when being stepped on, I immediately lose consciousness with my breathing slowly decreasing due to the much blood that comes out of me nose and mouth .....

I feel that I completely vanish as when one falls asleep without having any dream;
I awake lying face down on the coldness of a floor of extremely polished blood red stone slabs to the point that I can see my reflection in it.

"What the fuck ?!" I say out loud, very surprised and practically without thinking.
"Where am I?!" I mention as I look around me, stunned I touch my body in perfect condition.
"That was not a dream at all ... So much pain was impossible not to die."
"No, I died ... I'm sure I died!" I exclaim desperately.
"So this is heaven?" I say as I look at the moldy stone walls of the small circular room, with what looks like shackles with rusty chains attached to it and a picture in front of me of two men with armor and swords like the ones they used. gladiators where one is beheading the other who has also lost an arm.

All this adding to the fact that this place is extremely cold almost as if it were on top of some mountains and a musty stench typical of places like that.

At this moment my idea that I am in heaven is changed to that of I am in hell, my fear increases just by imagining the things that may happen to me in this place.

Over and over I wonder why
to have stopped in this place if I never did anything to deserve it.

I sit on the cold ground trying to calm myself, I put my hands on my head and take comfort in thinking that at least I am not in a lake of lava burning or being consumed by flames of fire, as would be expected.

I rejoin and go straight to open a door that I have on one side with great fear of what may be on the other side.

To my relief, which I express with a sigh, there is only one other room with all kinds of weapons from the Middle Ages, such as swords, spears and even bows with hundreds of arrows, but with a rather macabre appearance, they are all black with the edges of the silver hilts in addition to emitting an intimidating aura of darkness.

I feel somewhat afraid to take any of these to the point that my hands shake even more than they do because of the climate here, I begin to sweat cold whose drops run down my forehead.

I do not hesitate any more after thinking that I have to have to defend myself in this place and I get a long sword.

Immediately I perceive how a set of red lights come out from below forming a very strange circular diagram of various patterns of signs and figures.

Without realizing it, I appear in a gigantic room with dozens of armed people like me, we look at each other confused with fear reflected in each of our faces.

Then there appears a huge subject like a tower, corpulent like an elephant and with a black armor of spikes on his shoulders with figures of skulls tagged all over, who carries a sword on his shoulders even bigger than him, his helmet is shaped like a circular cage where inside you can only see a deep darkness with a breath of rage that can be heard in the distance that freezes the blood.

Everyone looks very scared at him, to the point that even a couple of idiots drop their weapons from the tremors they give them as they imagine what is going to happen.

At that very moment a deep and enthusiastic voice can be heard saying ...

"Welcome everyone to the Game of the Chosen!"

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