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The Ocean Between The Sky

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Chapter 02

Dear God,

The day that everything turned into a nightmare was a perfect day. You can’t ever predict when your life will turn into a hell, but I think that perfect days are the best for misfortune to happen, because no one is waiting for it.

Yesterday was the perfect day. The type you waited for a long time. The sun was bright, the climate was neither cold nor hot, I had a free day, my brother was at home after a long time, my sister probably will visit us. So, I will stay with my family after a long, long time. We will be together. Perfect. So perfect.

I choose this beautiful place next to the sea, away from the city, and where we can find a piece of peace for a few moments. We played in the sand when we were kids and had some time together. In some sad way, it was poetic, remembering a quiet moment in our lives.

I was in the sand, looking at the sea, where I heard the whisper of the wind, someone was flying toward me, a place that should have no one. Anya was flying, my sister’s friend. Like she was a king’s messenger with a legion of assassins behind her. She almost fell in the sand, fighting to breathe, fighting to speak, fighting to accomplish your mission. And I stayed there, looking at her, trying to understand what was happening, trying to understand why she was there and where my sister was. At the same time, I was praying for my sister and my brother to be okay, for my family to be safe, for nothing bad to happen to them. It lasted for a few minutes, but I thought about so many things, I prayed for everything and everyone who could hear me.

I think it was an of this moment that lasts forever, an eternity, a second that you can think about everything in your life, everything that makes you what you are, everything you care about and makes you feel safe. I think this instant can be the most important time of your life or the worst time of your life. The type that stays in your head for years and never goes away, the type that makes you have nightmares for countless nights in your torment life. Unfortunately for me, this is the second option. My personal nightmares.

After this few moments of trying to breathe, and that for me took forever, Anya said:

“They took her.”


Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for don’t let me lose my mind. Please give us a good night of sleep. And Please, please, give me the strength I need to protect my family. That’s what I ask you and appreciate, God.

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