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SECOND CHANCES,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have been born,.. Jiang the illegitimate, unwanted and disfigured son of General Lei had never thought he will be forced to take his sister's place as the empress in waiting to the emperor of the great Tang Qin Shang dynasty, he also never thought that just mere moments of been given a second chance in life his life will be in danger yet again, he had hoped upon entering the imperial palace he could try to live a bit peacefully and then escape when he had the power to protect himself but reality proved different. Everything he was told by his family was nothing but lies, he wasn't suppose to make it into the palace and now that he was in the palace there was no turning back. Book Author: Snowflakes iLyna_chAn Book Cover: Shanru.xia Please Consider Supporting Me On PATREON by simply clicking on the " SUPPORT ME" button on my profile. THANKS.

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Chapter 1- In Search For Answers

Chapter 1 - In Search For Answers
After arriving in this strange land, emperor Qin Jie Huang had lost all his strength, he could hear footsteps approach him, but as he was on his knees with his head aching, and eyes dizzy, despite being very much aware of the dangerous situation he was in, he wasn't scared but tried to keep his guard up, the emperor was ready to fight to the death with this person coming after him even if the odds weren't in his favor, his head thought one thing, but it seemed like his body wasn't in agreement, soon the emperor could not hold out and blackout the moment the stranger stood before him, all the emperor saw in that dizzy state as he fell to the ground, was a pair of strange-looking footwears that he had never seen before...

Author Note: Snowflakes iLyna ChAn
Hi Lovelies, so obviously this is not the complete CHAPTER 1, I just did this so that you will know that I have the book in mind but my schedule is really tight, I will hopefully be able to get to writing this soon, and even this that I have written here might change slightly as well when that time comes.

Thanks for all your love and support to the story.
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