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The Local Witch

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Lauren Moon comes from a long line of witches in the suburbs of Pforzheim, along with a dark and tragic family history. Routine life seems to go smoothly until a new client, Fredrick Noal, seeks her magical expertise and Fate starts to play its long twisted game with the pair. Drawing them into the dark underbelly of the coven world of witch society and reveals clues to dark secrets.

Fantasy / Erotica
C.S.O. Casivier
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I hum quietly to myself as I restock a shelf of dried herbs in jars and hear the bell ring as the door opens, notifying me of a customer.

‘Please don’t let this take long, Nanna. I have to get back to work,’ a husky baritone voice grumbles and I notice the familiar scent of my favorite customer, Georgia Hamilton.

‘Oh, hush. You should be happy that I got you out of the stuffy skyscraper. Now where is that silly girl?’ she huffs, and I jump down from the ladder and walk out from the shelves, my eyes landing on the peppy elderly lady dressed in a neat pastel suit which reminds me of the queen of England. I smile at her neatly styled silver hair which she had grown out of for years and I wonder if it’s ever been shorter than her mid-back.

‘Over here, Mrs Hamilton. How have you been?’ I ask and her face lights up as she spots me.

‘Oh, my sweetheart, how wonderful to see you. See, Fredrick, you could learn a thing or two about compassion from Lauren here,’ she says and I look behind her to see a tall, broad-shouldered and well-built man probably a few years older than myself. His dark brown eyes seer into my cool blue and I shiver at his intense aura.

‘Uhm… will it be the usual order for your husband, Mrs Hamilton?’ I ask, walking behind the counter to fetch her usual order of calming herbs that helps with joint pain and fill the jar she hands me.

‘Thank you, dear. And could you add some of that amour mix you have?’ she asks and a blush rises to my cheeks, but I nod, avoiding her grandson’s questioning gaze as I work on filling her first jar. I go to the back in my storage and find the large Jar of already prepared Amour cream mix. I take a new jar and fill it with the mix and then walk back to the front counter to see Fredrik waiting there patiently.

‘I’ve heard your tea mix helps my grandfather wonders. What does the amour mix do for him then?’ he asks and I look at Mrs Hamilton, who is busy looking over some crystals at the display table. I blush harder and clear my throat before looking at him and answering the unintentionally awkward question.

‘It… uhm helps for…. Uhm the bedroom…,’ I stutter and his face pales before it becomes red with bubbling rage.

‘What if it causes problems?! How could you sell it to my grandparents?!’ he snarls without alerting the older person and I shrink back, looking down at my twisting hands.

‘It’s an applicant. Non-allergenic. She’s bought it before and has only praised its effects. I’m sorry,’ I whimper and feel him calm down a bit.

‘Everything, alright here?’ Mrs Hamilton asks as she returns with a jar of organum and I force a smile, nodding my head, avoiding the intense stare of her imposing grandson.

‘Everything is fine. Here are your things, Mrs Hamilton,’ I say and she tuts at me after taking the paper bag with her things.

‘How many times should I tell you to call me Georgia?’ she says and I nod my head to appease her. She looks at her grandson and huffs as she sees him reading something on his phone. She looks back at me, gesturing at him and frowns.

‘Do you have anything this one? He’s been working himself to the bone and doesn’t even realize it,’ she asks and he looks up at me. I bite my lip and shake my head, my heart sinks at her fallen expression.

‘What he needs can’t be remedied with my herbs, I’m sorry, Mrs Hamilton,’ I say and her shoulders sag, nodding in defeat. She pays for her things and waves goodbye. I sigh, turning to pack away my tea mix and sense him still near.

‘What is it I need exactly?’ his gruff tones causes shivers and I turn to look at him.

‘If you truly want to be helped, you can come back at six. I’m sure you would only complain about how much work you are missing out on,’ I say with a snipped toned, taking him back and notice a young couple walk in looking nervously around. The woman walks up to the counter with hope in her eyes and I give her a warm smile.

‘Lilian said you could help us with fertility issues…’ Her anxious tone reveals her unsureness and I look for her partner, who stands a few paces behind with a sceptical expression. I pat her hand, allowing my aura to envelope her in a calming manner and gesture for her partner closer.

‘Let me close the store for a bit and then I will take you to the backroom,’ I say and walk to lock the door and switch the store sign, before leading them to the backroom. I gesture to the soft creme couch and take out my notebook.

‘Your names?’ I ask gently and the woman clears her throat, looking at her partner before answering me.

‘I am Gwen and this is my husband, Brian,’ she says and I note down their names in my notebook. I look back up at them with a serious expression and clear my throat.

‘Lilian referred you to me? Do You both understand what it means to ask for my help?’ I ask and Gwen nods and I look at Brian, who seems to reconsider coming here.

‘She told us that you helped her get her twin boys. We have tried five rounds of IVF and hormone therapy. Nothing works,’ Gwen explains and I look at Brian as he shifts next to her.

‘What would this cost? If you are a witch as Lilian claims, won’t you ask for some sort of blood sacrifice?’ he asks and I chuckle, shaking my head. I use my magic to bring the kettle to life and summon my tarot cards to my left hand, proving his doubts wrong.

‘I am a witch, but I don’t ask for blood sacrifices for Fertility. I work with what is already there and enhance the chances for a prosperous outcome,’ I explain and he blushes in embarrassment.

‘Sorry about him. It’s been a rough ride for us, We’ve tried for six years now,’ Gwen says and I nod.

‘Well, we are going to see what we can to get some buns in this oven. I do have to warn that you should expect twins as my magic enjoys being extra when it comes to fertility for reasons I would prefer not to disclose,’ I say and they nod, accepting my explanation.

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