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The Prince's Guard

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Chapter 2

Chris raced back to the palace, getting to his room still in fur form. His wolf was annoyed the human side had turned tail. Chris didn’t care. That was not his mate. Fuck what his wolf said.


Never going to happen.

He showered and dressed in more formal attire than he would usually wear. Today was his coming of age day. Even if he didn’t feel much like celebrating. He headed down to the communal kitchen, as he suspected, his parents were there. “Happy birthday, son!” His father, Former King Xander, rose from where he sat at the large dining table.

“Thank you, father.” Chris put on a large smile, going over to his mother.

“Morning, darling. My youngest baby is all grown up!” She cupped his cheeks, laying wet kisses over his face.

“Mamma!” he brushed her off him. “I’m not a baby!”

“I know, but you’re so cute!”

He scoffed and rolled his eyes at her before sitting down next to his father at the table. “Smelt your mate yet?” his father asked expectantly.

“No. She won’t be here, I don’t feel anything.”

Liar,’ his wolf piped up in his head, he ignored him.

“So you agree to the tour?” Xander asked hopefully.


There was a pause, a clear shock from both older wolves around the table.

“Why the change of heart, darling?” His mother set down an assortment of pastries before the men before sitting herself.

“I hoped I would feel my mate within royal packlands. I don’t… Marc had a word with me yesterday and… I agree that I should find my mate quicker than he did.”

Or run away… strategic running seemed like a good idea.

“You will not force it,” his father’s voice stern, foreboding.

“I will not accept a forced mate.” He agreed, a pit of dread opening in his stomach. Without picking the person himself, he’d be alone. His pack tour would fail… but his father would find out that it wasn’t his true mate.

And he knew exactly who his true mate was.

“Uncle Chris. Uncle Chris!” A small body slammed into his side.

“Victor! What did I tell you about running?” The booming voice of Wade, his brother’s beta, filled the kitchen. Chris picked the youngster up as Wade and Chris’ sister walked in, hand in hand. “Happy birthday, baby brother!” Adelaide sang.

“Less of the baby!” He grumbled, settling Victor on his lap, his brilliant green eyes twinkling with mischief up at Chris. “What you planning?” he whispered.

“He’s a man now!” Wade clapped him on the shoulder, sending him lurching forward. Adelaide kissed Chris on the head and wrapped her arms around his shoulders before sitting next to their mother. “Victor on a seat please,” Wade directed firmly, pulling the chair out next to Chris.

“Daaaad,” he whined.

“I know, such a big meanie!” Chris exclaimed, winking at the large dark-haired male. But Victor did as he was told.

“What are your plans today?” Adelaide asked, digging into a croissant while Wade sorted Victor’s breakfast. They usually had their breakfast in the beta wing. It was a nice change to have them join in the communal kitchen.

“Not a lot.” Chris shrugged.

Chris felt a mind link come through while he tucked into an apple turnover, ’Happy birthday. Klara’s not feeling great this morning.’

‘She alright?’ Chris asked instantly, her pregnancy hadn’t been going well, they weren’t supposed to have pups so close together. Five years was the minimum safe period… Klara had become pregnant after four.

She’s fine. Doc’s seeing her now, she’s just having a bad morning.’

I’ll come see you both, has Amelia taken the twins?”

“She has.’

‘I’ll be there straight after breakfast.’ The link finished and he directed his attention back to the family sat around the table.

“Who was that, dear?”

“Just Marc, Klara’s not well again.”

His mother gave an exasperated sigh. “I’ll get the chef to make that soup. I could still ring his neck.”

“Darling, it was an accident. Accidents happen,” his father rumbled warmly.

“Everyone else can restrain themselves!” she argued. “Look at these two!” She gestured to Wade and Adelaide.

“Mother!” Adelaide protested.

“Yeah… can we stop talking about Marc having sex?” Chris mumbled, losing his appetite. “Even more so Ele.”

“I second that!” Adelaide announced.

“What’s sex?” Victor piped up.

“Chris!” Adelaide scolded.

“Not my fault.” He put his hands out in surrender, before turning to the pup. “It’s how you came into the world, little man.”

“Chris!” Adelaide snapped again. “Baby, it’s a hug that mummies and daddies do.”

“Hey, he needs the truth. Can’t have him going around the kingdom saying he wants to have sex with Sophie or someone.”

“It’s true, Dels,” Wade agreed warmly. “Vic, it’s something that only mates do. I’ll talk to you about it when you’re a little older.” Chris was surprised Wade managed that without a tinge to his cheeks.

“Just like grandpa did with your Uncle Chris,” Adelaide shot, smirking to herself.

Chris did go red as he caught his father’s golden eye.

“Don’t remind me,” he mumbled.

“I thought it was a good conversation!” his father protested.

“You did wonderful, dear,” Elsbeth patted her mate’s arm affectionately.

“Didn’t need the gory details.”

“Less of the cheek. You may be a man but that will never make you too old for a spanking.”

“Dad!” Chris protested instantly. “You haven’t done that since I-” he stopped himself. “…Since I was ten.”

“Seems I should have been harder.”

“What’s a spankin’?” Victor piped up again.

“Chris!” Adelaide scolded instantly before he could even open his mouth.

“I wasn’t going to say anything!” he protested.

Wade gripped Victor until he was standing on his chair, tapped his backside before settling him again. “That.”

“Oh, what you do to mummy?”

The table stilled.

Wade did go red that time. His face lit up a brilliant shade of cerise.

The uncomfortable desolate silence, where everyone was staring between Adelaide and Wade engulfed the room before Chris guffawed. “Best present ever! Thanks for that information, little man.”

“That doesn’t leave this table!” Adelaide almost screamed.

“Oh, it is so leaving this table. Just wait till Marc finds out!” Chris crammed his last mouthful in before leaping from his seat and scarpering from the room before anyone could stop him.

He raced to the King’s wing, not stopping for Rose as his feet pounded the stairs. “Marc! I’m fine, stop fussing! I stood up too quick. I’m NOT ILL!”

Chris chuckled to himself, finding them both in the bedroom, Klara bundled in the bed clearly disgruntled.

“Finally! Chris, tell him I’m fine!” She pointed accusingly towards his brother. As siblings went, him and Marc were close to identical minus the sixteen-year age gap. The only difference really, Marc sported a crew cut (with a hint of grey that Chris one-hundred-percent did not tease him for… nope not at all.) While Chris’ hair fell to his jaw, needing sweeping back regularly.

Chris smiled indulgently at their Queen, going over and feeling her forehead with the back of his hand. “She feels normal.”

“That’s what the doctor said!”

“The doctor also said you’re low on vitamins.”

“The doctor also said I don’t need to be bed bound! I’m fine!”

“He said you need plenty of rest,” Marc argued.

“I’ll get plenty of rest. After the Queen’s council!”

“He’s not going to budge, titch,” Chris commented warmly.

“I know,” she grumbled, folding her arms. “Happy birthday.” She stopped pouting to smile at him.

“Thought more on my suggestion?” Marc asked.

“Yeah. Going to leave tomorrow.”

“So soon?” Marc frowned deeply.

“My mate’s not here. I’d feel ’em. Sophie said she felt Trey on her birthday like he was in the next room. My mate isn’t here.”

“Alright. You don’t have to go straight away… Next week is still fine.”

“Why wait? You were right. A mate will steady me.”

“You’re fine, Chris,” Klara stated affectionately.

Chris didn’t respond. He was far from fine… he hadn’t been fine for nine years. Not really. Not properly. His mind went back to those five months too regularly. His nightmares had never receded. The panic over certain smells, certain sounds too regular.

Not that his mate would ever help.

He just needed to get away from them.

“If you’re sure. I’ll notify your guard detail. You’ll start at Pelterson.”

“Awesome. I better go pack.”

“Oh. Don’t forget this… just in case you do find your mate.” Marc winked, grabbing a wrapped package from the chest of drawers. Chris frowned and ripped enough of the paper to see ‘101 ways to have sex’.

He blushed. “Thanks… I think.”

“Did me some good.”

“And that’s my cue to leave! Let Klara come to the ball tonight. Can’t have my coming of age ball without my most favourite person.”

“He won’t be stopping me.” She glared daggers at her mate.

If it wasn’t for the ball, he’d be leaving that day. Anything to try and escape the hum that had cocooned his body. His wolf was angry. Furious. But he just had to get used to the fact that he was wrong. There was no chance that that guard was his mate.


Not happening.

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