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The Day Silver Meets Gold

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Ezereath was a normal teen in his kingdom until the incident now that his brother is gone his struggles to come to terms with it. He tries to act normal. Until he meets a boy who is quite the opposite of him. Is life how he knows it threatens when he founds out more about his brother?

Fantasy / Drama
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1. Ezereath Caste

“Sometimes you might feel the need to cry and scream, and that’s alright, because I’m on your side.”

“ Catch them you imbeciles!” An ominous voice shouted. The loud clopping of hooves hitting erupted.
We rode until we were almost halfway out of the forest.

“ I don’t care how long it takes! Bring those noble brats to me, dead or alive. Though dead is preferable ”

He shouted once again. I could hear him clearly. He was getting close to me, too close. “Faster!” I yelled to my horse. They must have heard me because a few voices yelled. Within minutes they had me and my brother cornered. They seemed to have planned in advance. I heard rustling in the tree and saw some figures. Then eight men on horses suddenly emerged from the trees they were in front of us and at each of our sides. They circled us, as did the four men who were chasing us from behind. There seemed to be 14 of them in total against the two of us. They weren’t going to be easy to fight.

The man who seemed to be the leader of the chase hopped off his horse and offered us a cruel smile. It didn’t take me too long to recognize the crest he wore was from the kingdom of Asteron, they always wore a crest with 2 snakes. I’ve always despised the people of Asteron, I have been they’re many times. I've seen the poor spit on. the sick rejected, cursed at and threatened. I’ve seen so many of the commoners mistreated. I thought it was so sickening how people could just behave in such a way. They do not care for the poor, nor for the sick. He let out a devilish laugh, “Nowhere to run now.” He said before pulling out his sword which made a terrible screeching sound.

The sound still haunts me to this day, I’ll never forget what happened on the night July 8,1826.

I bit the top of my pen. It was hard to focus in class especially since it was math, I constantly zoned in and out. Suddenly I felt very strange, a bit dizzy too. I slightly turned around and someone was staring at me. I glanced over at him. He had 2 distinctive features that made him look quite similar to someone I’ve met before I just couldn’t remember who.

First was his hair, it was jet black except for a patch of white in the front, the second was his eyes, they were 2 different colors, the left one was tea green and the other baby blue, they were quite gorgeous. He gave me a cold expression and then turned around. It bothered me a bit but I also turned to the front.

I let the sound of the clock fill my mind “Tic, Tok, Tic, Tok.” Just a few more minutes and I’ll be free. Today I get to attend the party I’ve organized for the royal family and nobles. It’s nice to be trusted with something so important to my family. Finally the bell rang and I quickly packed my things. I needed to be home as soon as possible to get ready and make sure everything goes according to plan.

I hurried out to the forest and made my way to the tall slim oak tree as always. I knocked 3 times and said “Noble Caste of Lucentia.” in less than a second and I was at the castle, my home. The royal family and my family lived together but in separated sections. I saw servants scurry around putting things in place and cleaning. My father was so focused on them he didn’t even notice I had arrived. “Father!” I called out.

“Oh! My boy, didn’t see you there.” He walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. “I must say you’ve done an exquisite job planning.” I raised my eyebrow. “What’s the catch?” I asked him “Well I was just wondering if we could..” I stopped him there, frowning. I said “I thought we agreed I would plan the whole thing, no changes.” Father let out an exasperated sigh. “Mother!” I yelled as I saw her. I waved her over. “I love what you’ve done darling, I should remember to have you plan my next party.”

She said in a voice more pleasant than usual. She eyed my father, he shifted uncomfortably. “I need to talk to your mother for a moment, go ahead and make sure everything is going smoothly.” I nodded and left them I turned to see my father wearing a nervous expression. They were acting very suspicious. I shrugged it off.

Everything was going according to plan, everything finished just in time for the guests' arrival. Earlier I had changed earlier into a red, black, and gold suit, my family’s signature colors. I stood by the door and greeted some nobles before heading inside. I took my seat between my mother and the prince. He and I had grown up together so we have become accustomed to each other, we were basically brothers. “How was school?” He asked, “ It was alright.” I replied. Since I had planned this party it was my job to start the meal. I picked up my glass, raised it and said “Let the meal commence.”

Everyone began to eat, making sounds of delight. “Let’s make a toast to our host.” The king said grabbing his glass everyone did the same “To Ezereath” they all said. It felt I had been truly noticed for the first time I smiled and nodded.
The party was very lively. Soon time came and almost everyone had left except for my family and the royals.

“I have something I’ve been meaning to discuss.” My mother said out of the blue to the king and queen. The nervous expression I had seen on my father earlier returned to him which was a big contrast to my mother who seemed very confident. “I’ve been wondering, when will your daughter marry?” She said to the king, he smiled. He must have seen where this was going as did I. “I haven’t found the right suitor, do you have someone in mind. Possibly your son?” He asked in a strategic voice.

My father squirmed while my mother softly chuckled. " You’ve seen right through me.” This made me uncomfortable. Princess Cassandra seemed like and was a very lovely girl but I had no interest in her romantically or in marrying her. “In this case I would have offered my oldest son, but you already know our circumstances. That is where I drew the line. “Excuse me!” I cried out, getting up abruptly and leaving before someone could say anything. I couldn’t believe my mother was talking about my brother as if he were an object. It was as if she didn’t really care for him. He’s gone but it doesn’t seem to affect her, I don’t understand why.”

I made my way to the corridor where my and his room was. His room was locked. Nobody had been in there since the incident. I wore his room key as a necklace. I didn’t want anybody to go in there and mess up his things. I wanted his room to stay the same. I walked over to his room and placed my hand on the door handle but hesitated.
I just wasn’t ready yet, not yet. I let go and will back in her to my room. Locking the door behind me. I walked across the large dim room, to the window and opened it then sat on it, while I folded my arms. It’s the best way for me to calm down. The moon was brighter than usual tonight. I took some deep breaths rubbing my chest. The wind caressed my face sending chills down my spine. Then I heard a knock at the door.

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