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The journey begins

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Four curious travellers went in a 1000000 year old cave and found themselves new powers to save the world from a beast.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Once there are four ancient races, the elements the most powerful races each one of them have powers, there are fire, earth, light and water these four races lived in peace but not for long.... One day a forbiden beast came across four of the races and killed many slous. Until they had enough. They decided to cast a spell on the evil beast that cost it to fall in a deep sleep that can last forever then they locked the evil beast in a cave, they put a red crystal at the middle of the cave that prevents the beast to wake up and if a anyone dares to take the crystal they will be doomed and will be taken to a dungeon. After 900000 years the story became a myth but hikers claimed that they saw a red crystal in a old cave about 10000000 years old. Then four friends heard this event one of them said "maybe we should check it out" they disagree but soon they are curious and they all agreed to go. After they arrived they saw a red crystal they took pictures around the cave and never touched the red crystal "so the myth is true!" Navilyn said and soon Ericka was tired and leaned on a wall then a secret entrance opened up she was shocked she told her friends to get here they were all surprised too! Then Ryan said "but in the story it didint say there was a secret entrance" Oliver wanted to go in so bad so he asked if they wanted to go in too they agreed but Navilyn has a bad feeling about this but she doesn't want to miss out any of the fun so she joined soon as they entered in they saw a room full of vines and bricks that are made out of unknown material and they can tell this room is in bad condition cause of the large cracks and there's even a weird drawing on the wall then as Oliver is was walking around the place he accidentally stepped on a button then everything started to rumble until four pillars rises from the ground and revealing four different crystals each one are stuck on the pillars that are covered in vines, great thing Navilyn got a blade in her bag only if a dangerous animal appears. Then she used it cut the vines then Ryan sees the yellow crystal fall out when he reaches out to get the crystal it started to glow in his hands then the three other crystals started to glow too then a dazzling light blocks their view then after it was over they saw each other in different outfits they all started to freak out but Ryan said "guys! Chill out" Ericka said "what happened to yall?" "I don't know" Oliver said, Navilyn was frozen for a second like she saw a ghost or something or even worse then Ryan said "Navilyn are you okay?" Navilyn shoock her head and she was confused of what she saw when Ericka asked what happened? Navilyn said she don't know after they got up and looked at their weird outfits Ryan relized that these clothes are no normal clothes they are from the Elements.

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