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Daydreams: Short stories

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As the title says, daydreams. This book will be composed with short and random stories that appear in my daydreams. The stories may vary in genres. Some may contain harsh words or scenes so beware. The stories will also contain entirely made up fantasy creatures, characteristics and descriptions given along the story. It will also contain creatures already known by the humans. Story 1- The ogres return A girl is on the run. A man she is acquainted to finds her and offers her a solution which will protect her from the ogres. Will she accept his proposition or will the ogres find her before she can even think about it?

Fantasy / Other
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The ogres return- CHAPTER 1


She flinched, her arms shielded her face, eyes shut tight as she awaited for the impact that never arrived. Slowly, she peeked through her arms and met his wide, horror- filled eyes.

She gulped when he took a step forward, his hand still up. Another step and she recoiled hitting the bookshelf.

"I just wanted to take that book," he spoke softly reaching for the book. Book in hand, he watched her and in a sudden movement she felt warm.

He had his arms wrapped around her and her face rested on his chest. She inhaled the citrus scent and relief washed over, followed by tears. She started shaking while trying to muffle her sounds. They were in a library after all.

"Let it out," he whispered onto her hair pulling her closer.

And she did, she let it all out, her knees threatening to fall but he fully supported her. She had passed her limits, with all going on around her the last few days and now this sudden action of comfort, her mask fell.
She worried she would stain his shirt but he was thoughtless about that. He was more worried about her state and the bags besides them.

He ignored the weird looks people gave them, most certainly he would have to explain this to his superior. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt she wasn't moving anymore.


She brought the silk sheet over her face, covering it from the bright morning rays reflecting through the window.

She groaned and sat up, memories of the last day resurfacing. She couldn't be here, she had to go, run.


Knock knock knock

At the sound of the knock, he wondered who could it be on a 6 AM Sunday.

"Good morning, Mr. Jsakow. I found this woman by the back entrance of your house. I considered letting you know. Her appearance ahm..." the security man looked at her with a bitter look. "Mr. Jsakow may had too much fun and women like this–"

"I did not ask that but thank you, you are dismissed. You'll be contacted by my accountant for your last paycheck. Good day."

The man was left baffled as the door closed on his face. Was he just fired?

"Breakfast is on the table. I would suggest you don't try running again although I'm surprised. How did you–" he stopped as he watched her unlock the door with what appeared to be a tool.

He sighed.

"Asuis, seat and have breakfast."

She turned around at his command.

"You saw the bruises," she whispered.

"And so did that security I just fired. Now, seat so we can have a talk. I can and will call the police but I need to know how you got them."

She remained silent staring at her bare feet and the bruises around her ankles.

"They'll come after you, you can't call the police."

"Your father filled a report yesterday before midnight, two hours before I found you at the bookshop. You had a suitcase and your backpack. I'm assuming you're running since you skipped classes the whole week."

She stared at the corridor. Maybe she could make it out if it weren't for her heavy suitcase.


"Don't take me to him."

"Close the door and we will talk."


"Dad wants to sell me to the ogres... the ones from the North mountains." The girl finally spoke.

He lifted her chin.

"That's illegal, we cut relations with the ogres, specially the sex maniacs one. Your father can't sell you to the ogres."

"He is one of the people who made deals with the ogres a decade ago. And now he can't pay up so he will–"

"He will not do a fucking thing!" Mr. Jsakow fumed and started pacing around angrily. Echoes ring against the wall with each aggressive step. She was caught by surprise at his outburst.

"You should let me run, it won't be long until the werewolves find me."

He let out a huge sarcastic laugh.

"Oh, they'll love the chase, that's for sure."

"Better werewolves than ogres."

"What do they want? Your feathers? Your scales? Or your blood? They'll take what they want then use you as a slave." The man tried guessing what made this girl so interesting.

"Whatever they want, they'll not get... I am not a kxody," she revealed and he went pale. "When my father takes me to the ogres he will have enough time to escape before they discover I have no kxody blood in me."

"You are just a human." He gritted his teeth.

"Mom was a human, she left because this world was not for her. And honestly not for me too, everyone at school, human or not just waits until the day either my wings open or my tail appears."

"Which won't be happening."

She nodded.

"And that makes you my prey," he gave her a lopsided smile.

"Well, yeah but since you are working at a school, which at least forty five percent are human, I assume you are under a spell or the government is controlling you," the girl shrugged uninterested. She was bound to die anyways. "Death by a budek doesn't seem bad. I could strike you a deal and you'll have my soul in return. Worse case, I become an undead and the hunters kill me."

"Oh, really?" Mr. Jsakow smirked at her willingness. He walked towards her not breaking eye contact. She got in a transe and her heartbeat rose as he approached her like a predator approaching the prey.

Her eyes widened. The coach sank and his breath fanned against her neck.

"I could take you here and now," he growled onto her ears and licked a strike along her neck and up her earlobe. "You're right, I'm a imprisoned by the government," he rolled down to her side. Got this nasty collar, any attempt of attacking and it tightens."

Asuis tried stopping her intense heartbeat, she could feel it on her chest as if she had ran a marathon.
She watched in disbelief as he rested his head on the pillow as though he hadn't just threatened to kill her.

"Stop staring," he told with eyes closed. "Keep staring and I'll stuff you with omelet which reminds me," he sat up. "When was the last time you ate?" He didn't have to wait because her stomach grumbled in response.


"Eat. Asuis, this is the last warning. Don't just seat there and watch me. Get the naan, soak it in the butter chicken and put in your mouth."

"I already had the omelete," she fought dropping her arms.

"Yes but this is to compensate dinner. Take a bite now or I'll stand and personally feel you with my hands," he threatened.

She sneered. Him and his threats.

"You can't be ser–" she watched in horror as he washed his hand. He pulled the chair besides her and raised his brows.

"Oh you can't be serious!" He mocked. "Open that mouth, I'm not asking I'm demanding."

Her mouth wasn't open because she wanted to, her jaw had dropped, she had never been fed by someone and a budek feeding her... it was just strange.

"Good girl, now don't forget to chew."

Knock knock knock

"Goddammit! It's a bloody Sunday!" He stood angrily and when to check the door. "Don't try to run," he looked back but she wasn't on the table anymore. "Fuck whoever is on the other side of this door," he muttered.



"Mind if I come in?" The governor peeked inside.

"As a matter of fact I do," Keuyei pushed the door closer to his chest.

"I'm sure you can send whichever women out–"

"I'm afraid I can't," Keuyei cut in.

"This is of great importance," the governor glanced at the two man in suits behind him.

"And so is everything when you bless me with your visits. And I already said, no, I'm not enclosing the location of it."

"This is different... the investigation is complete, you are free to go. We found out who was responsible for the murder of the 170 women's at that bar."

"I'm sorry, you what?" This could not be possible.

"Yes, you were drugged. It has been concluded that someone planted you to be the–"

"Who was it?" The moment he wished, after all this years he would know who had the nerve to make him look like a murderer.

"The ogres of the North mountains."


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