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Chapter 10

2 weeks later

The palace drama has been quiet for some time now; rightly or wrongly, everyone seems to be starting to relax. There doesn’t appear to be any signs of any immediate impending doom, which has allowed everyone some space to breathe a sigh of relief.

Although, when I leave the Palace, I can’t shake this feeling that I’m being watched, I feel as though I can feel someone’s eyes on me, but I can’t tell where it is coming from. I can’t see too well in the distance in comparison to other wolves; my wolf disappearing is once again to thank for that.

Whilst everyone else begins to relax, I have been feeling more and more on edge; I feel as though a storm cloud is following me around, looming over me, waiting for the perfect moment to begin its destruction. It makes me feel as though at any second, someone is going to jump out on me and say ‘BOO’, even though it’s something that I’ve been expecting, it doesn’t make it any less unnerving.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Caleb. He’s sweet and understanding of my needs; he drags me out and forces me to live my life, but if I say no, he will listen and change his plans to work around the mood I am in.

I really enjoy his company. There have been a few moments where I’ve thought he is going to kiss me… Like just yesterday… Caleb walked me back to the Palace; we were arranging our plans for today when he made me laugh about, I don’t even know what!

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his firm chest whilst biting his bottom lip - my breathing became ragged; he was looking at me with hooded eyes as his hand travelled up my back to firmly grasp the nape of my neck, I thought ‘this is it!’

But then he pulled away!

He walks around town holding my hand, or with a hand holding onto my waist, which seems like a ‘more than friends’ kind of thing to do, but he’s made no attempts to progress anything. Talk about mixed signals!

I’m starting to think maybe he just wants to be friends... maybe we get a little carried away in the heat of the moment sometimes, which isn’t uncommon for unmated wolves. But I can’t get his scent out of my head; it drives me crazy! It makes me want to be near him, revelling in his scent every chance I get! Does he taste as good as he smells!? I will probably never know!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have found that my mood has been lifting. I feel as though I’m at least treading water, whereas before, I was drowning, on the brink of death. I can only put that down to meeting Caleb; something about him makes me feel more like the old me, happy and carefree. I like it.

But... that’s selfish of me, right? Caleb has a mate out there somewhere, someone he would be whole with; I feel like I would just be holding him back from meeting his one true mate if I were to push things further… ugh, why does life have to be so arduous!? I finally find someone that makes me feel something, and now I’m getting in my head and worrying about what-ifs… he probably doesn’t even want me!

Get out of your head Mae! If he wanted you, he would’ve tried something by now.

Just enjoy his company as a friend… yeah, a friend. A friend that smells like a prime fresh juicy steak ready to be bitten into… man, I’m in trouble!

“Hey! Are you coming in, Mae? The waters fine!” Caleb shouts, snapping me out of my daydream.

He’s been taking a dip in the sea just off of the coast of the private beach he showed me a couple of weeks earlier; he’s been underwater for some time and has just resurfaced. His dark almost raven hair hangs in his face as the water drips off the ends and back to the sea. His handsome face is the only thing I can see at the moment; the sun reflecting on the ocean is creating a glare across his face, directly into his eyes, making his green eyes light up and illuminate in the light.

“No, it’s ok… I’ll just enjoy the view from here”, I smirk.

“Oh no, you don’t! You don’t get out of this one that easily!” He says playfully; he strides out of the water, his eyes glinting with a clear goal in mind.

I can’t help but allow my mouth to hang open as Caleb strides out of the water, eyes fixed only on me, looking like James Bond emerging from the water. Water drips off of his sculpted body as he surfaces. I watch a trail of water as it moves down his chest and over his pecks, moving lower before getting caught in one of his defined abs, then escaping to the delicious V shape that is now showing as his trunks have moved down just slightly.

I trail my eyes inch by inch back up to the piercing green eyes that are smirking at me knowingly before the smirk turns mischievous. Raising a large hand to a peck, he carefully and oh so slowly runs his hand down his body to his swim trunks; tucks his thumbs into the sides, loosening the waist before starting to bring them down. Lower. Lower.

I straighten my spine, eager to see the end of this show, when suddenly... he bursts out laughing, throwing himself down onto the sand next to me.

“Did you like the show?” He chuckles as I turn red with embarrassment.

See? mixed signals! Goddess, I’m such a perv!

“I would’ve liked it even more if you’d finished it”, I grumble quietly to myself.

“Sorry? What was that?” He asks, a knowing smile spreading across his lips.

“N-nothing!” I stutter, even though with his wolfs hearing, he probably knows exactly what I said.

“Come on, come and swim with me, pleeease?” He says, batting his eyelashes for dramatic effect.

I can’t help but smile at his dramatics; smiling has become a lot easier for me since I’ve met Caleb; even the ache in my body seems to have eased. There’s something... addicting, about him. I can’t get enough of his presence.

“Hmm”, I say, tapping my chin thoughtfully, “Nope!” I say, emphasising the P sound.

“Right, that’s it!” He says, standing up and crouching over me; drops of water drip onto me from his sodden hair.

“Wait! What are you… No! Stop!” I shout, wriggling at an attempt for freedom and squealing, though it’s more of a laugh, I’m not seriously asking him to stop, as I’m relishing in his close contact. He grabs me by the waist and slings me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

I can feel the water on my long legs now; Caleb must be at least waist-deep. Splashing the water with my wriggling legs, I laugh whilst telling him to put me down; when I feel a sharp sting on my backside followed by a slapping sound. I freeze as my core clenches and my body heats.

Slowly, I feel my body slipping flush down his front; his hands are still firmly bracing my arse and pulling me into him, he is still slowly wading out to the sea, but he stops moving me down when I meet his eye level. I can’t reach the floor, so I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist as my arms hook behind his neck.

“Sorry”, he says breathlessly. His breathing has become laboured... and slow.

I shake my head slowly, unable to tear my eyes away from the emerald eyes before me, “Don’t be”. I wet my lips slowly, scraping my top teeth over my bottom lip.

He watches the movement as if he is hypnotised by something so simple.

There’s a long quiet pause that stretches out, no one says anything, no one moves, all I can hear is our breathing which is becoming more and more like pants by the second.

I’m waiting for him to pull away and break the moment, as he always does.

But that moment doesn’t come.

Lips crash onto my own as though his life depends on it. His tongue brushes along my bottom lip, I gladly allow him entry.

Our tongues dance as weeks of pent-up sexual tension is released into a passionate kiss. I grip the back of Caleb’s head, my hands entwining within his raven hair.

This kiss feels nothing like kissing the other wolves since Rex; I feel lust-crazed, my mind has become foggy, I barely even remember where I am or who I am at this point in time; all I know is… this feels right.

Hands are roaming, groping every inch of my body... I’m in euphoria; I want more - I need it. My core is throbbing, excited for the first time in years.

Suddenly we pull away panting - hard. Our eyes lock, we look at each other with the same expression of lust reflecting back at one another. Giving me a slow and seductive smile, his hands come to my core - covered only by my swimming bottoms. Silent communication ensues as he tugs at the side of them gently; as I nod maybe too enthusiastically in response, he pulls them to one side.

Feeling the tip of his cock at my entrance, my excitement builds; I can only think of him in my lust-filled haze. I want this, I want this so bad.

Plunging his cock deep inside, I scream out in ecstasy; he stays to the hilt for a moment as he gently bites down on my shoulder, regaining his composure before gently raising me and throwing me back down on his cock.

I’m in a state of bliss; at times, I feel like I’m not fully registering what is happening, all I know is pleasure, and that pleasure is being given to me over and over again by Caleb. His mouth is panting by my ear, letting out the odd moan of pleasure, gently nipping and sucking on my ears and neck as I throw my head back in pleasure, my whole body quivering with its release.

Caleb continues to pound into me without mercy, following shortly after my release with his own.

Our foreheads come together as we come down from our highs; as my mind clears, I start to worry.

What if he regrets what we’ve just done? It could’ve just been a heat of the moment fling of passion.

Could we still be friends?

What if it becomes too awkward?

Before I get too wrapped up in my worries, Caleb pulls me from my thoughts.

“That was incredible”, he breathes, “Say you’ll be mine”.

My eyes widen with shock.

Is he being serious? He wants me?

Something inside of me is ecstatic at his admission, but as the fog of my mind clears, another part cannot commit. The truth is, I can never fully belong to someone else… because my heart yearns for another, it calls for Rex every day. Although I might want to be with someone else that makes me happy, I cannot fully commit. Not ever.

I will not allow myself to be marked by anyone other than my mate; I won’t allow my greed to take the opportunity away from Caleb to find his mate, either.

“That felt amazing”, I smile before growing more serious, “I cannot be yours though, Caleb. You belong to your mate, wherever she might be. I can’t take that away from you”, I reply sadly.

He grasps my chin between his thumb and index finger, raising my face until our eyes meet.

“Mae, I might never meet her… but what I do know is that you make me happy, happier than I’ve ever been”, he smiles back at me lovingly, “Please don’t push me away… give me a chance”, he says looking at me with pleading eyes.

Biting my lower lip, I nod gently back at him.

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