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Chapter 19

The sound of Sierra’s voice causes goosebumps to erupt across my skin. Having not heard her for so long, especially not so clearly, the strength of her voice causes all sorts of happy emotions to swirl within me, pride, excitement, joy. So much so I burst into happy tears, smiling and laughing uncontrollably.

I must look like a complete headcase, but I really couldn’t care less at this point!

Crouching down with a knowing smirk spreading across my face, I prepare to shift… for the first time in ten years. I can feel Sierra’s restlessness to be free, to tear our enemies limb from limb. She won’t be taking any hostages today.

Digging my fingers into the earth, I reach for Sierra, calling her forwards. She happily accepts my call. Beautiful silver fur with the odd black fleck blooms over my skin; I cry out as my bones begin to re-shape, snapping and cracking into place; it’s not as painful as when I first shifted - the pain will cease the more I transition.

Suddenly I’m looking through Sierra’s flaming eyes; I allow her complete control and freedom - she needs this after so long cooped up.

She shakes out her glossy fur; glancing over her shoulder, almost reminding me that we have back up.

“Kill them all”, I speak monotonously through the mind link to my siblings and friends. I hold no emotion for the lives of these people - not after everything they have done, everything they have robbed me of for the past ten years.

She howls fiercely before bolting in the direction of our enemies. The feeling of our paws clawing at the dirt, the wind whipping at our face and fur as we hit incredible speeds, is exhilarating. I feel like I’m high as a kite, the feeling intoxicating and euphoric.

Caleb shifts into his onyx wolf, his emerald eyes shining brightly. Looking at Caleb’s wolf, it’s no wonder he has gone under the radar for so long he looks just like any regular wolf, with no sign of being a hybrid at all. I couldn’t even scent him as a hybrid, though, now that’s not much of a surprise as he’s able to copy scents at will.

Ozzy and Ali take to the skies from beyond the steep hill - both have shifted. Ozzy soars in his wolf form, much like our mothers, fur as dark as night and green eyes aflame, demon wings stretch from his shoulder blades as he manoeuvres through the sky, ready to pick off his prey like an eagle.

Ali isn’t far behind; her wolf has vibrant copper fur, much like her hair. Her bright blue eyes are a stark and beautiful contrast to the copper of her pelt. The coat of her back seamlessly blends into the formation of feathered wings of her gryphon heritage. Instead of paws, Ali’s wolf has razor-sharp talons, making her a deadly enemy in the skies.

She swoops down and scoops two wolves up and away into the sky by the scruffs of their necks, making it nigh on impossible for them to release themselves from her vice-like hold. When she reaches deadly heights, she simply drops them to their deaths. She doesn’t wait for the impact of her prey... instead, she simply moves onto her next target, stalking them from the skies, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Ozzy opens portals beneath rogue and hunters feet, only for them to come out of another portal high enough to end their lives with the impact. He lands on some, clamping his fiery jaws around their necks and ending their pathetic lives in a flash.

His hellhounds stalk out of the shadows, tearing through Caleb’s army left, right and centre; his ill-trained wolves stand no chance against hell hounds - they’re literally indestructible. If you’re lucky enough to destroy one, they will simply re-spawn in the demon realm and be back within all of 10 minutes to finish you off.

Hunter surges through the crowds taking down anyone that dares to challenge him, ending his opponents within seconds; before they’re able to lay so much as a finger on him.

Many of these rogues haven’t had formal training; however, they will likely have years of experience in battle. Hunter, at just seventeen years old, annihilates each and every one, showing no mercy.

His aura exudes power and dominance from across the field, causing most to think twice when it comes to taking him on.. head-on at least. Some sly human hunters are trying to circle him from afar - in an attempt to take him out from behind.

Hunters senses are extremely sensitive; I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s able to sense each shift in the blades of grass between our paws or decipher where each thud of paws and heavy breath of our enemies are coming from. They may think they stand a chance. But they don’t.

In a heartbeat, Hunter has spun on them, taking them all out with a thrash of his claws. Two lay with their guts splayed on the ground, one still bleeding out as he tries to piece himself back together; the last hunter lays gurgling his own blood, his neck lolls to one side as the wound spurts blood like a fountain from the gash.

A swarm of rogues make an attempt to circle us, to close us in. Just as they begin to feel confident with their method of attack. They press forwards. Passing under a couple of trees in the process… and straight into our trap.

Hector and Anya pounce from their branches, shifting mid-air, taking the rogues by surprise and preventing their own surprise attack.

Anya’s wolf is much like Ali’s, except she doesn’t have wings as her twin does. She slashes her knife-like talons at her opponents, slicing their flesh with ease. Anya is incredibly agile, ducking and dodging the onslaught of attacks sent her way.

Hector’s wolf’s creamy fur is dripping with the blood of rogues. Usually, he’s so placid. But in wolf form, he exudes rage and fury, swiping and snapping into anyone that dares challenge him.

Chancing a glance at Rex, I see him now face down in a puddle of his own blood. My heart aches due to the sight before me. I can barely stand it… But I know everything will be ok. No one is near him… he will be fine - he has to be.

The battlefield has thinned out significantly now, our odds at victory greatly increasing. Thank the goddess.... because we are all starting to tire, our muscles screaming from fatigue.

I notice Hunter suddenly changing course, piquing my interest. I can’t help but follow him, slashing anyone down that dares to face me. My face and muzzle are slick and dripping with dark blood.

My heart rate speeds up as I realise what Hunter has found. Ozzy stands over a very pale looking Jasper; he’s in his human form with his bat-like wings extending from his shoulder blades.

Jasper trembles naked on the floor, begging for his life. Apologising for every wrong he has committed towards me, to our pack.

Ozzy stands with false sympathy plastered on his face, head cocked to one side, nodding as if he pities him.

Hunter shifts back into his human form, standing tall and proud, commanding attention.

“Well, well, well… what do we have here, brother?” Hunter teases.

Jasper’s eyes flash to meet Hunters, face paling even more to a sickly grey colour - he looks nauseous. Like he might throw up at any second.

Jasper sputters and stammers, “Listen, man... I’m sorry, I should never have… Y-you know… d-done-”.

“You should have never what, exactly? Touched my sister without her consent? No, you’re right… You shouldn’t have done that”, Hunter spits through gritted teeth. I can practically feel the heat of his anger from where I stand about 10ft away, watching the scene play out before me with glee.

“What was it he told you back at the BBQ, again?” Ozzy chimes in, tapping his chin thoughtfully with his finger.

Jasper lays still, eyes flicking frantically between the two. He can sense their predatory instincts rising; he is but a mere fish swimming with blood-thirsty sharks.

“Oh, yes. Something about the future King not being able to get into fights at a party”, Ozzy nods, confirming that to be fact.

“But… it doesn’t look like we are at a party now”, he gestures around him to the bloodshed marring the field “… And you’re a traitor to the crown. Does your statement still stand?” Ozzy questions, brows furrowed as he puts the question back to Jasper, toying with him, as we all know the answer.

“U-Uh maybe we could come to an agreement instead? I can help you!” Jasper pleads, sweating profusely.

“You know what, brother? I think I’m bored of hearing this worm speak”, Hunter steps forward, grasping his chin roughly in his hand.

“Say ahh”, he states, sticking his own tongue out.

“No, please! I’m begging you. No!” As Jasper begs, Hunter roughly shoves his free hand into Jasper’s mouth. Grabbing his tongue and drawing it out into the open air.

His facial expression reminds me he and Ozzy are, in fact, identical twins, the sadistic glee he wears as he enacts his form of vengeance looks identical to Ozzy. Maybe it’s the demon in us... but we find joy in the pain of others, though only if they deserve it... we crave retribution.

With a flick of his clawed finger, Jasper’s tongue falls to the floor. He screams bloody murder, attempting to curse as blood fills his mouth, trickling down his chin. He continues to speak, his words unintelligible, though the expression on his face tells me he is begging for his life.

“Ah… much better”, Hunter states, picking up Jasper’s tongue and bopping him on his nose with it.

Jasper makes gurgling, strangled noises in an attempt to get his point across… whatever he’s trying to tell us is pointless. His efforts will prove to be futile.

Ozzy steps over Jasper, feet on either side of his legs. As he crouches low, Jasper tries to crawl backwards, still muttering something unintelligible as blood spews from his mouth with every attempted word.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ozzy says with menace, eyes shimmering with murderous intent. He leans into his face, hands braced on Jaspers knees.

“I thought you wanted to play?” a cracking sound followed by a nasty crunch fills the air, followed by Jasper’s cries of agony. He won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, seeing as both his knee caps have just been shattered.

Tears streak down Jasper’s face as pain and fear lace his tone, his eyes full of fear and imploring Hunter and Ozzy to change their mind as to his fate… But his fate was sealed a long time ago now.

“I think I’ll give the hounds their chew toys now”, he states with a gleeful smile.

Slowly he turns his attention to Jasper’s crutch, “huh”, he chuckles, smiling to himself, “I was right… they are small”.

Extending a single claw, slowly, toying with Jasper and playing on his fear and anxiety as to what is about to happen.

Ozzy pushes Jasper’s cock to one side as he grasps his balls - Jasper flinches at the intrusion, slamming his eyes shut... he squeezes them tight, frantic, panicked breaths bursting in and out.

With his extended claw, Ozzy swipes his balls clean off, a strangled cry escapes Jasper’s lips, he bites down on the cushioned area of his thumb, attempting to contain his cries, tears glisten in the corners of his eyes before rolling down his cheeks.

With a high-pitched whistle, the hellhounds stalk away from their latest kills, heeling to their master’s side. Ozzy throws Jasper’s balls in the air, the hounds instantaneously jump into the air and catch them, before an all-out tug of war commences between the three as they fight for the trophy of their master.

Jasper turns over, spewing vomit all over the floor at the sight.

Ozzy turns to me, “Your turn, sister”, he states with a sinister smile.

Jasper stares at me wide-eyed – like a deer in headlights. Waiting for my move, as he slowly bleeds out.

Shifting into my human form, I stare him dead in the eye. I want him to look into my eyes when I speak of him, so he knows he holds nothing over me, that I’m not frightened of him anymore.

“Do what you want, brothers. I don’t wish to waste another second of my time on him” I stand proud, exuding royal power, my chin tips upwards as I look down on him as if he’s nothing but rubbish to me now.

“As you wish”, Hunter responds, giving Ozzy the go-ahead.

Ozzy calls back the hellhounds, “Finish him… and bring me his skull when you’re done”.

I’m not entirely sure what he wants with Jasper’s skull… but I leave it as his own business. I’m sure he has his reasons.

With that, we all turn, shifting back into our wolves and re-joining the fray, whilst Jasper’s screams fade away into the background.

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