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Chapter 24

I lay in my bed, mulling over everything that Idris has confided in me. As much as I hate to admit it… I get it now. The secrets, the lies… all of it. Although I wish he would’ve handled this differently, I search myself and ask, would I have done anything differently? Probably not... especially if I truly believed someone I loved was in danger.

The more people that know of the secret, the more likely someone he knows and loves would be in harm’s way. Would there have been something my father would have been able to do to have fixed the issue of Rex’s birthright? Or would the only thing we could do be continue to hide him from the world without letting him realise he was a prisoner in his own home?

Neither sound like a particularly great idea… especially after seeing some of the records Idris showed me…

…Whole packs slaughtered by the Lycans, all because King Wraithe issued a very appealing reward for information. He received countless tip-offs from hopeful reward collectors that the amber-eyed boy may very well be in one of their packs.

Little did they know, they and everyone else in their pack would be slaughtered for this information.

In fact… it was one of those annihilated packs that little Lia was found and rescued from, her parents murdered all because of selfish, greedy individuals.

It made me sick.

The thought that this man might know where Rex is makes my insides churn. He won’t be getting to my mate… he’d have to kill me first.

Looking at the time, I realise it’s time for dinner. Swinging my legs over the bed, I make my way down the stairs.

I catch sight of my father patting Idris on the back, promising they will discuss Idris’s matters after dinner.

Idris looks up to me, looking tired and extremely unsure of himself. I give him a comforting smile that says, ‘you’ve got this’, before continuing, on to the dining room.

Peering into the dining room, I let out a sigh of relief to find that Rex isn’t here yet. I take a chair next to Ali and Anya, who sit eagerly discussing their plans for the evening.

“Mae! Just the girl we’ve been waiting for!” Anya chirps.

“Hmm, what trouble are you devils going to try to get me into this time?” I respond, squinting my eyes suspiciously for dramatic effect.

They feign shock and horror, “Us!? Whatever could you possibly mean?” They retort in unison before bursting out laughing.

“But, seriously, we have a great plan tonight, and you’re coming!” Ali demands.

“What plans?” I ask.

As they begin to excitedly rattle off their plans for this evening, the sound of the large wooden doors creaking open catches my attention.

In walks the man that haunts my dreams, nightmares and every waking thought.

The future King of the Lycans.

It’s hard for me to believe, the boy I grew up with, that sweet, gentle giant, always so down to earth… is destined to be a King. What’s even more unbelievable is that I’m supposed to be his destined Queen. Yes, I’ve grown up in royalty, but I never saw myself becoming a Queen. I had always figured we would live our lives peacefully somewhere with little responsibilities. How will Rex feel to find out he will have a whole kingdom on his shoulders?

As Rex stalks inside the hall, his eyes immediately find my own pinning me to my chair and trapping my breath in my throat. I’m unable to move, unable to swallow and unable to focus on anything other than him. My eyes shadow him to his chosen seat… and where does he decide to sit?

Directly opposite me, of course.

Sierra howls in my mind, panting at the sight of our mate.

We sit in a silent staring contest, neither one wishing to give our thoughts or feelings away, just staring with cold, steely eyes, masks of indifference plastered to our faces.

Ever since my meltdown at training, I’ve told myself he doesn’t deserve to see my sadness, anger, or even happiness, for that matter. I will only give him disinterest… I guess I’m hoping it will eventually get under his skin... maybe, if I’m lucky, make him realise he wants me as his mate, just as I yearn for him to be mine. I realise now this task I’ve set myself is going to be a lot harder than I thought!

“So… what do you think?” Ali sings.

Shit… I forgot I was mid-conversation.

Not wanting to let on to Rex that he holds my undivided attention. I wing it… naturally.

“Ah yeah! That sounds great!” I look to them eagerly.

The twins stare back vacantly, stunned into silence.

I raise an eyebrow at them. Unsure why they’re staring at me as if I have just told them I met a small green alien on my morning run.

“Wha-Wha? You actually said yes? We didn’t even need to torture you? I was about ready to guilt you into it with it being our last night here”, Anya sputters.

My heart drops at that. How am I going to cope without my girls? They keep me sane!

“Sooo, you’re in? Party at Charlie’s, tonight?” Ali asks with sceptical eyes, clearly unconvinced.

My gut churns uncomfortably at the thought… a party… at one of Jasper’s ex-friends... can it get much worse than that?

“Yeah”, I squeak, “Can’t wait”, is choked out. “Sounds right up my street… drinking, dancing, pervy men”, I respond, too self-absorbed in my own spiralling thoughts to remember who is opposite me.

The crack of something gains my attention, instantly snapping me out of my dark thoughts process.

I turn to look and see Rex with a metal fork snapped in the palm of his hand. Glowing amber eyes transfixed on me as his jaw ticks wildly. I swear I can hear his jaw grinding his teeth to dust from here. The whites of his knuckles are prominent as he grips the fork as though he is trying to strangle the life from it.

“Oh! Er, Rex! Why don’t you come too!?” Anya spits out, trying to relieve the palpable tension in the room.

His body tension eases, just ever so slightly. His eyes slowly dimming back to their normal state.

He smiles a stiff smile towards Anya, “Thank you for the invite, Anya”, as his eyes slide back my way, he continues, “I can’t wait”.

Just like that, I realise… it really can get worse.


“Wow… Mae… You look like the goddess of seduction!” Ali squeals, jumping and clapping with Anya - both evidently proud of their creation.

“Goddess, I wish I could pull that dress off as well as you can!” Anya says.

Staring into the mirror, I have to admit… they did good! But can I go out like this... what will Rex think?

Oh god… what will Rex think!?

Errrr, that he should mate and mark us… right away. Sierra nods her head to this ‘fact’.

Orrrr, will he just murder every single wolf that dares to lay their eyes on any bare flesh on show… which, by the way… is a lot!

Well, I guess we will find out! She responds nonchalantly, with the slightest hint of excitement. Making me roll my eyes internally. Our wolves love when their mates become possessive, their human counterparts… not always.

Smoothing my hands down my dress, I take in one last look, trying to muster up the courage to step foot out of my bed-chamber.

I’m wearing a black sequined dress that ends mid-thigh; on one side, it has a small slit… exposing more thigh. The neckline plunges to just below my breasts - exposing some of my supple mounds in the dip, whilst the neckline ties up in a halter style around the base of my neck.

My chestnut hair flows freely down my back, in very loose ‘I haven’t bothered to try waves’, giving the outfit more of a party feel. Alia and Anya applied a nude eye palette and finished off the look with bright red lips.

I slip on my black sequined high heels to tie the outfit together, making my already long legs appear never-ending. Rex would always compliment my legs - I think they were a weak spot for him… I would be lying if I said I hadn’t given this tidbit of information to Ali and Anya whilst they were thinking of the perfect outfit for me in the hopes they had something to play to his tastes – the girls pulled it out of the bag.

I’m having a strange dilemma of emotions; one part of me is worried about Rex’s reaction to my sexy party number… more so for the sake of the males at the party. The other, possibly more dominant side, is wanting to push his buttons, to show him what he’s missing… what he is rejecting.


As the Palace chauffeur pulls up outside of the building, my eyes are wide with surprise.

“When you said party at Charlie’s, I assumed you meant his house!”

“Oh no, we are christening his family’s new club, VIP’s only”, Ali winks.

Charlie’s family owns a chain of nightclubs all across the country. This new club will be the closest to us by far at just a half an hour drive away. This club is built on pack lands, which will mean supernaturals only… though, that can sometimes mean even more trouble, mixing the likes of vampires, werewolves and other supernatural’s into a small space.

“I swear you’re both more demon than I am sometimes”, I breathe out, exasperated, causing the twins of hell to cackle.

Once the twins have dragged me inside, I look around in astonishment. The club from the outside looked like any ordinary nightclub, with neon lights, music blaring loud enough to be heard outside etc, but the inside, the inside is… well… magical.

The club has at least ten floors, spellbound trays holding customers’ orders are floating from level to level, serving drinks and collecting glasses. Looking at the booths scattered around the main dance floor, I see each booth has a notepad and a black feather quill with a golden tip. I watch as someone writes something on the pad; before tearing off the page and throwing it over their shoulder, the paper bursts into flames moments before a tray floats over with their order.

The club décor is dark and alluring; blacks and charcoal greys coat the walls and floors. The only part of the floor that isn’t obsidian is the dancing section, which is crimson red. The booths have deep red leather, which matches the leather front of the bar. Chains and leather adorn the bar and booths, giving the club a very raunchy vibe.

An array of supernatural beings, man the bar. I watch as one pours some shots for some very, beautiful women, unnaturally so. If I had to guess what they were – I would guess sirens. When he pours the last shot, he spits flames over them, causing them to ignite – a dragon.

“Wow… this place is… it’s…” I start, trying to put it into words.

“…Amazing? Incredible? Yeah, tell me about it!” Anya squeals with delight.

“Come on, quick, let’s grab a booth before they’re all taken!” Ali says, hastily shoving us forwards.

Once seated, I look around, trying to catch a sight of the one haunting my dreams, “Did Rex say when he would be here?” I ask, trying to be casual about it.

“No, sorry Hunny, he said he would be here later, said he had a few things to deal with first”, Anya responds with a sympathetic shrug, understanding my interest.

A tall, lean man approaches our booth; he is wearing all black, from his suit and shirt to his tie and dress shoes. There is a strange beauty about him. His skin is pale, almost sickly looking, but it holds a certain charm to it. His shaggy chocolate brown hair is tousled and casual looking. As he draws closer, I see his eyes are a deep predatory red – a vampire.

“Good evening, you magnificent creatures! My name is Franklin. If you need any of your deepest, darkest, desires being met, all you will need to do is write my name on that notepad there of yours to call me. If you need… anything… please let me know”, he says in a velvety, sultry tone, his eyes lingering on Anya, eyeing her exposed legs and creamy skin with interest; before disappearing back into the club.

“Is this? A sex club?” I sputter.

Ali and Anya are close to wetting themselves, struggling to regain their breathes, “It appears so!” They respond, “We didn’t know, I swear!”, Ali chortles at the unexpected turn of events.

“But, my oh my, that vamp was delectable, maybe I’ll take him up on his offer”, Anya drools fanning herself, looking dreamily in the direction he disappeared.

“Girl, get your head out of the clouds”, I say, waving my hand in front of her face, “You could have anyone, without having to pay for it”, I tell her.

“You’re right”, she nods, “I’ll seduce him instead!” She retorts with an impish grin.

When we finally come down from laughing, I ask, “Ok, but seriously, when are we getting the drinks in?”

“Ooo, I’m on it!” Ali offers enthusiastically, grabbing at the notepad.

“Do we really trust Ali, ordering our drinks?” I question, looking to Anya.

“Hey! You haven’t died... yet, so no complaining!” She snaps back, keeping the pad close to her chest so only she can see what she’s ordering. Some moments she looks up thoughtfully, tapping the pen to her chin before a devilish smirk spreads across her face and she dives back into writing.

“There! Done! No take-backs now!” She states, tearing off the paper and throwing it over her shoulder. It promptly bursts into flames, the page slowly disintegrates away in the air as if it was never there.

“Oh god, what have you done?” Anya giggles whilst Ali motions zipping her lips shut.

After a few moments, two large trays float to our booth; there are two large pitchers of cocktails, fifteen shots of tequila and a couple of beers each.

Anya and I look at each other wide-eyed, we may be wolves, and it may take a lot more to get us drunk than your regular human, but my god, we know Ali’s intention for the night.

We start with the shots. Taking five each, we begin. After each one, all of our faces scrunch in disgust. Routing frantically to shove the lime into our mouths as soon as possible.

After some time, we finally finish our drinks; feeling a very merry buzz, we make our way to the dancefloor.

I can’t help but look at some of the other booths guests on our way past. In one, there is a very, large man who would make even Rex look small; his arms and legs are as thick as tree trunks and he has a barrel for a chest. His nose is pierced with a very thick, gold bull ring. He is a minotaur. Contrary to others’ beliefs, minotaur shift into their bull-like form; I mean… they do need to be able to get around during the day without completely terrifying the humans.

Across his broad lap sits a stunning elven lady, her skin so light it seems to glow. Her eyes follow us as we pass, though she continues to stroke the behemoth’s face with adoration.

In another booth, I see a succubus straddling a merman. The succubus wears a leather-like bikini; her pointed tail swings slowly as the merman gropes her behind with his lightly webbed fingers.

I daren’t look in the booths nearer to the back of the club for fear of what I might see.

When we reach the dancefloor, I try to lose myself to the music, hips swinging half free, half rigid, as I attempt to get into the rhythm. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to do it. I feel awkward and off. Meanwhile, Ali and Anya look like fiery-haired goddesses burning up the dancefloor with their beauty and grace.

Anya faces the direction where Franklin stands on the outskirts of the club, swaying her hips suggestively and rustling her wild hair. Franklin stares on with increasing curiosity, his crimson eyes shine brightly through the bleak lighting of the club, even if he wanted to I doubt he could tear his eyes, he’s hypnotised by the sways of her hips, her every movement, he laps it up.

My body is alight, burning with intensity as I push through and try to let loose. I feel as though my whole body has heated due to my own embarrassment.

Someone approaches me from behind, grasping at my hips and starting to sway with me; I freeze as the burning intensifies to an inferno, my cheeks heat as my breath hitches. Looking over my shoulder, I tell the stranger to get lost and continue swinging my hips to the beat of the music; my body language shows that I’m unsure and self-conscious. As the stranger leaves the wildfire burning my skin cools off just slightly.

I raise my head to the ceiling to sigh out my frustration… as I draw my eyes back downwards towards Ali and Anya, I freeze. Familiar amber eyes shine through the darkness of the club, glued to my own, never wavering, never blinking, drinking me in and holding me to my very spot.

Rex leans on the balcony on the floor above, hands grasped in front of himself, as he looks at me with a devilish crooked smirk.

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