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Chapter 25

Our eyes connect in a silent battle for dominance. Both, waiting for the other to make our first move, the temptation to allow my eyes to wander over his body overwhelming.

Don’t do it, Mae. Don’t do it. You are strong, you can do this!

Gah! Who am I kidding, you cannot do this! I repeat you cannot do this!

We both break eye contact at almost the exact same time. I can’t help but allow my eyes to roam over his form, taking in the crisp white shirt that clings just enough to his body. The top few buttons are undone, showing just enough chest to make my mouth water, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his shirt is tucked into some light grey suit trousers that he has paired with tan dress shoes.

His honey hair that tickles the tops of his ears has been styled backwards, with some unrestrained strands falling forwards into his face.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I turn and storm towards the bar in a huff. As I stomp away, I focus my hearing on Rex. I can hear the rumble of his deep chuckle as he watches my retreating form.

I’m more embarrassed than anything. Being watched by someone I care about so very deeply, someone I want to impress… and I’m dancing like a fish out of water, floundering and gasping for life on the dancefloor, making a complete fool of myself next to the dancing queens that are Ali and Anya.

Throwing myself into one of the bar stools, the dragon bartender from earlier speaks up.

“That rough a night, huh?” He smiles warmly.

“Ugh, tell me about it. I was having fun. Until he showed up to mess with my head”, I retort, flapping a hand in the general direction of Rex.

The barman follows my gesture, looking to the balcony.

“He seems to be very interested in you. He can’t take his eyes off of you… I can see why”, he flirts with a charming smile.

My cheeks grow a shade darker at the compliment before I brush it off.

“Could I get a few shots?” I ask, changing the subject abruptly.

“What kind?” He questions.

With a shrug, I retort, “Surprise me”.

A devious smile spreads across his features.

“Ohoho, that is a dangerous request, my lady… but it’s a request I will gladly accept!” He goes off to the back of the bar, crouching low and looking at individual bottles.

He pours three shots before coming back and placing them all in front of me.

“Voila!” he exclaims, gesturing towards his shots proudly.

I don’t even ask what they are; I pass him my money and grab the closest glass. A vibrant green liquid sloshes around. I can’t help but note that it looks like the sweetest of poisons, before necking it.

Instinctively I reach for the clear liquid in the shot glass and throw that back, naively hoping it would be water... or at least something more appealing to my tastebuds.

“Oh god, what were they!?” I sputter with a grimace, my face distorted to one of disgust.

“That was absinthe and vodka”, he says with a smug smile, “Though I must warn you, that vodka is infused with wolfsbane…”.

My eyes widen, fear pressurising my chest, yet making it feel hollow all the same.

Am I in danger? Is he going to hurt me? This seems to be the only logical thought I can think of.

“Woah, woah, woah! Don’t panic! It’s a tiny minuscule amount, not enough to harm you... or your wolf. Just enough that you will feel the alcohol way, way more”.

I can see what he means. My head already feels light and airy. I randomly burst out laughing, slapping a hand to my mouth in surprise at my accidental outburst.

“Who thinks this stuff up!? Are they evil geniuses?” I slur, narrowing my eyes at Mr bartender.

Oh dear lord… do I sound like that already!?

I push the third shot to Mr bartender, “I… don’t think I need this. You have it”.

“With pleasure, my dear”, he responds, glancing briefly over my shoulder with a sly smirk.

“You know… he’s still looking at you”, he states, looking at me with increased curiosity.

“He can look all he wants. He doesn’t want me”, I pout, resting an elbow onto the bar and leaning on my hand with a solemn expression.

“Not from what I can see. He’s looking at you as if you’re something special…”, smoke begins to slowly burn from his nostrils in wisps, “…some kind of… treasure”, he purrs as his eyes melt from grey to yellow, his pupils slit, forming his reptilian eyes.

Suddenly his eyes snap back to their stony greys as he coughs, blinking rapidly like he’s snapping himself back to reality.

“Sorry about that! Can’t help it! If I see something of value to someone else… I want it”, he shrugs guiltily.

Sitting swaying slightly in my seat, I wave him off, telling him it’s ok. A sound from the main stage causes me to swivel in my stool; a band has now been set up, the beautiful sirens from the bar earlier are before some microphones singing like divine angels to the band’s upbeat music.

“Wow”, I breathe. Their voices are so beautiful, so mesmerising that for a moment, it felt like my breath had been taken away.

“You like?” He questions, eyes flicking towards the main stage.

“I love! I want to dance!” I beam enthusiastically.

“Let’s get you a water, aye? I think that wolfsbane vodka is kicking in now!” He chuckles, fetching a fresh glass.

As he pours the iced water, he starts, “Do you see their mouths?” I glance at them; before turning back, nodding, “They have a spell placed so that their voices won’t accidentally lure anyone to their deaths, only lure you to the dance floor”.

“Ohhh”, I respond, making an exaggerated O shape with my mouth.

“But be warned, if you do choose to dance… things can get a little… intense, shall we say”, he warns, looking at me with an intensity that makes me feel like he is trying to drill home his words.

After he has finished pouring my water; he slides it over the counter slowly. Grasping it quickly, I chug the water, passing the glass back to Mr bartender as I scramble to my legs like Bambi on ice.

When I’m finally stood tall, I tap on the bar, “Thanks for the drink, Mr bartender, I’ll be careful! See ya around!” I sing, manoeuvring my way back to Ali and Anya... who are yet to realise I’ve disappeared. They sway with their eyes closed, completely lost to the music.

I can feel Rex’s eyes, observing me, carefully, eyes lingering up and down my legs.

Well played ladies. I compliment the twins’ choice of outfit for me.

As I approach the dancefloor, I can see it now... a clear shimmer like bubble encases the mouths of the sirens, dulling their full magical capabilities as their serene voices pull me closer and closer to the dancefloor. The pull is fierce, though I don’t feel afraid... if anything… I feel like I can finally let my guard down... like everything will be ok.

With each stride, I swing my hips more sensually than the last, swaying my arse as if I’m dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.

Something about this music… or is it the alcohol? It has me feeling unstoppable, completely invincible, to everything and anyone. I feel untouchable! Like I could challenge ten of my fathers all at once - and win.

With newfound confidence, I look up, daring to meet the eyes of Rex. He slowly raises an eyebrow, sensing my shift in attitude and the complete U-turn in my previously uptight body language. I wink at him boldly, followed by a challenging smile. His eyes blaze, burning fiercely with passion… and want.

Got you, I cheer to myself.

Just for good measure, I shift my aura. Demanding attention, demanding everyone to be aware of me, demanding their respect. Like a moth to a flame, one by one, they each turn to watch my entrance to the dancefloor.

Coming to a halt in the middle of the floor, I begin to sway my hips, languidly to the rhythm of the music.

My hands roam my body sexually. Hands roaming higher and higher until they mess into my hair. I peer up to Rex from underneath my eyelashes, a naughty smile plastered onto my face, making Rex’s gaze darken in an instant.

My focus is Rex. I want him to know this dance, this… display, is for him. It’s all for him and only him.

He doesn’t try to hide it as he grasps his crotch, readjusting himself, forcing me to bite my lower lip; the sight alone is almost enough to send me into a frenzy.

Sensing someone approaching me from behind, I throw out a single copy of myself, switching the mirage to my current location.

I watch with interest awaiting Rex’s reaction as the stranger closes the distance to my mirage.

As he edges closer, Rex’s gaze darkens, nearing my form from behind. He reaches out, Rex’s gaze turns murderous as his eyes flicker to a glow. His jaw ticks, nostrils flaring as his large hands wring on the balcony as if he is trying to choke it.

As the man reaches the mirage, he attempts to grab the waist, only for it to fade away into nothingness; the stranger looks around, bewildered, before grasping onto another female close by.

Rex’s burning gaze finds my own. The laughter I wanted to burst into is gulped back at the ferocity of his glare - butterflies take flight in my stomach, making me catch my breath.

Finally, he pushes off of the balcony and out of sight. Leaving only finger marks indented into the metal railing.

I don’t have long to wonder where he has gone. I catch sight of him walking briskly towards me with intent; he pushes his slipped sleeves back up to his elbow, the sight alone of his toned forearms enough to dampen my core.

“Come”, he growls, “I’m taking you home”.

“I’m not going with you, Rex. I’m having fun”, I retort with defiance, continuing to sway my hips and mess up my hair.

“It wasn’t a request, Mae”, He states seriously, his brow creasing.

Go with him, you idiot! Sierra chimes in.

And why would I want to do that?

Hmm, I don’t know… maybe the fact that we would get alone time in a small restricted space… with our mate?

Well, she’s got a point!

I turn to Ali and Anya, telling them a brief goodbye so they don’t worry about me before facing Rex. I offer my hand, smiling sweetly at him, but in reality, this is to let him know I won’t be leaving unless he takes me out of here himself. Truth is… I just want to feel his touch against my skin.

Devious, I know.

He stares at my hand for a moment, appearing to contemplate it. Suddenly, sparks erupt up my arm as he grasps my hand and pulls me from the club with urgency; as we pass the cloakroom, he supplies a ticket and they fetch him a deep blue suit jacket. He looks at me, quirking an eyebrow as he gives me a questioning look, I shake my head and we continue on our way.

Taking one last look over my shoulder at my friends, I see Franklin striding to join Anya on the dancefloor, a devilishly handsome smile parting his lips as he stands behind her, their hips swaying in perfect sync, his arms wrap around her waist, grasping her firmly as she reaches an arm backwards to grasp the base of his neck.

The seductive little minx!

As we burst through the main entrance into the cold crisp air, he fumbles with his free hand to dig out his phone from his back pocket. As he does, my eyes linger on the action... taking in his round…yet, oh so toned derriere.

I know I have taken the piss out of the twins before now for their ogling of other males, but my goddess, that ass should be illegal!

“You know… I can tell you are checking me out”, he says, catching me in the act.

“Oh, I know you can…” I drawl, “…because I’ve felt every last inch of my body your eyes have wandered this evening”, I challenge right back, smirking proudly at my brashness.

“I don’t doubt it”, he grumbles, almost to himself.

When we come to a stop, Rex dials for the Palace chauffeur to come and collect us.

A group of drunk male wolves walk past, ogling, howling and whistling at me as they walk by. Rex, perhaps out of instinct, pulls me into his chest, letting out a low, deep warning growl; silence follows instantaneously, followed by some very swift apologies and shuffles of feet as the group races away, tails between their legs.

I stay there, resting my head against his chest, enjoying the warm contact from my mate. He smells like cedar, the mix between his scent and his cologne... ugh, perfection! I could happily roll in it all day!

I hold back a whimper as he clears his throat awkwardly and steps away, making me pine for the Rex shaped hole of warmth to come back.

A few minutes of uncomfortable silence ticks by, the cold air bites at my exposed skin, causing me to shiver and chatter my teeth uncontrollably.

I notice Rex side-eyeing me every once in a while but then; continuing to look ahead.

He begins to shift on his feet as if something is bothering him.

Suddenly he lets out a beaten groan. As he removes his jacket, he moves to stand behind me. My spine straightens, the hairs on my arms rising in awareness at our close proximity. Slowly and delicately, he places his jacket over my shoulders, leaving his hands there, even once it has been secured, making me hope it’s because he doesn’t want to let go, that he enjoys the physical contact just as much as I do.

I thank him and instinctually raise my hand, grasping onto the ends of his fingers gently; the sparks that play there send a shiver throughout my body.

Slowly, I pivot… turning to face the man I love so deeply.

Shyly I stare at his shoes for a brief moment - before looking at him from under my eyelashes.

At this moment, I can’t honestly tell what is going through his mind; all I know is that a storm is brewing inside.

I wait with bated breath, trying to look deep within his soul to see what is holding him back from me.

As his Amber eyes clear, he carefully reaches his hand to my face, hovering just beside my cheek. I can feel the heat pouring from his palms as I close my eyes, hoping and praying for the contact to come.

“Mae…”, he breathes airily, sending my heart soaring into the heavens.

I open my mouth to respond when the sound of a car horn causes Rex to snap his hand back down to his side.

He spins on his heel, walking hastily to the car. Reaching the door, he opens the car door and steps back, gesturing with his other hand for me to enter first. As I step in, I chance a glance up at him; the sight before me sends my whole body aflutter, pleasurable tingles firing up every single last one of my nerves, eliciting a heavy breath, close to a pant to escape my lips.

Something about how he’s looking at me; tells me… this isn’t over.

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