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Chapter 4

“PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE?” Anya begs in her whiniest voice.

“No, no and… no”, I respond before adding, “no one will want me there to depress the shit out of them anyway”.

Ali and Anya have been trying to persuade me to go to a beach bonfire this evening... for the past hour. The old me would’ve jumped at the chance, but the broken me is struggling to come up with the energy to try and be social.

“Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I know at least two people that want you there”, chimes in Ali, rather smugly, I might add.

I look at her and roll my eyes, “you and Anya don’t count”.

Anya huffs, “ok fine… we didn’t want to have to do this… but you’ve left us no choice”, she nods to Ali, “We’re bringing out the big guns… we’ll stop when you finally agree to come with us”.

Stop… stop what?!

The twins look to each other once again, a mischievous glint in their eyes. They take a long, deep breath before proceeding to make the most high pitched, annoying sounds that come to their minds.

Dear Goddess… what new fresh hell is this?

Let’s just say a band of yowling cats, fighting to the death with a flock of parrots that have been taught the world’s most infuriating noises, comes to mind.

I scrunch my eyes in annoyance.

Please let it stop, I think hopefully.

My hopes are crushed when they pick up the volume, causing my eardrums to feel like they’re rattling in my ears.

“Please girls… stop… stop!” I say, frustrated.


Ugh, goddess… kill me now, make it stop. I silently pray.

Looking skywards, I scowl. No? Not going to help a girl out, goddess? Fine, I’ll remember this lady.

“FINE! Fine, if it shuts you two the hell up, I’ll go with you”, I huff moodily, cursing under my breath about them being evil geniuses.

“YAAAAAY!” They squeal, jumping up and down, “you won’t regret this!”

I sigh, “I already do!”

The Palace chauffeur drops us off at the beaches car park; I see the sandy dunes and hear music booming in the distance. I can’t see how many people are there yet… though I can tell from the volume of them... there is a lot.

Stepping out of the car, I smooth out my tan dress before throwing on my oversized cream knit jumper and a pair of sunglasses; the sun may have started to set, but my plan is to hide my terse emotions behind my sunglasses; maybe it’s not the best plan… but it’s all I’ve got.

Ali and Anya skip around to my side of the car, linking their arms through mine on both sides.

“I’m so happy you decided to come!” Chirps Ali.

“I didn’t have much choice”, I glare.

“Oh pish posh, you know you wanted to get out and have some fun, it’ll be good for you to be around so many wolves”, Anya says, “Oh and… keep the claws away, just for tonight, yeah?”

“Me? Claws? I couldn’t even if I wanted to”, I smirk.

“You know what I mean,” Anya says, nudging me.

We climb to the top of the sand dune and look down below to see the party in full swing; there must be at least forty people here, all scattered in different groups either talking or dancing; some look like they’ve already passed out on the floor and some look as though they’re trying to eat each other’s faces.

No turning back now, I sigh internally as we make our way down the dune and towards the group.

I hear a couple of groups turning our way and talking about their surprise that I’m here…. Oh, yeah… that’s something else I should mention; they don’t bother whispering around me anymore; because they all know I don’t have a wolf, which of course means I have lost all of my heightened senses, such as hearing… what they seem to forget is I’ve lost my wolf… I’m not deaf.

I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring them; there’s no point saying anything when I’m with Ali and Anya anyway; they glare them into quiet submission, like my own personal gossip shields.

Ali and Anya chose a spot to sit which is reasonably close to the bonfire, right in the midst of the party... yay. They grabbed us a couple of beers each and now we are sitting just having a general chit chat about the upcoming ball.

“Which Lords and Ladies do you think will come?” Anya questions.

Ali scoffs, “All of them obviously! What pack will want to miss out on the ball at the Royal Pack, hosted by the King and Queen themselves?”

“You have a point”, Anya nods.

Lords and Ladies are Alpha’s and Luna’s that have either a substantial amount of wealth, or they have been gifted the title for doing incredibly generous work in our communities.

Believe me, when I say to get a title from hard work, they must have done something big - I’m talking Mother Theresa tier.

“What are you going to wear Mae?” Ali asks.

“Err, I’m not sure. I usually let my mum choose something; she’s got a good eye for that sort of thing. Do you know what the theme is yet?”

“I heard it’ll be black and gold”, Anya says as she takes another long gulp of her beer, “or at least that’s what mums hoping for”, she laughs.

We continue our conversation as just a trio, I’ve had a couple of beers and I’m starting to feel a buzz… Ali and Anya, on the other hand, have had ten beers each and are feeling more than a buzz.

They’re getting itchy to get up and dance to the music, trying to pull me up with them. I stand up but try to insist they go on without me, telling them I’ll happily watch them dancing.

They refuse to budge, saying… or rather slurring they’ll stay with me until I’m ready to dance.

A group of guys that used to attend our college approach us; Jasper was the ultimate crush for many, many she-wolves - I could see why… he’s tall, dark and handsome with a bad boy panty-dropping vibe, but I have sworn off men, no one makes me feel anything, even Jasper. The rest of the group are also attractive as 99% of the werewolf population are. There’s Charlie, Mike and Petey; Ali once had a fling with Petey and Anya with Charlie.

“Hey ladies, can we get you another drink?” Jasper says with his award-winning smile.

“Hell yeah!” Shouts Ali enthusiastically; whilst simultaneously raising her unfinished drink in the air.

Jasper nods to Mike, who scurries away to find more drinks.

“How are you, Mae?” He asks.

“I’m, er… good”, I answer awkwardly, looking for rescue from Ali and Anya, who are now busy catching up with their former flames.

“I haven’t seen you around lately?” He says as he steps a little closer. I feel like his tentative movement almost replicates that of someone trying to stalk closer to a wild animal, one they don’t wish to spook and scare away.

“I mostly keep to myself these days”, I respond with a shrug.

“I thought so, it’s a shame. It would be great to see more of you”, he says scanning my body.

Yeah, I caught your hidden meaning there buddy.

“Ali and Anya kind of dragged me out; after breaking any remaining will I had”, I try to joke and lighten the awkward air swirling around us.

Mike all of a sudden returns with the beers and hands them out to everyone.

“Cheers… to Ali and Anya dragging you out”, Jasper says with a mischievous smile, whilst offering his beer to be clinked by mine.

“Cheers”, I say as I clink our beers together and take a sip.

He continues to make conversation for some time, always making sure I have a beer in hand and fetching me a new one as soon as I’m low. I’ve lost count now of how many beers I’ve drunk.

Ali and Anya, staggered away to dance with Petey and Charlie a little while ago, whilst Jasper has remained by my side.

I stand swaying slightly as I listen to him.

“Hey, what do you say we get out of here?” He says in a very seductive tone.

“No, sorry. I’m going home with Ali and Anya”, I slur.

Jasper leans forwards to my ear whilst his hands rest on my hips, giving it a little squeeze, “Looks to me like they’ll be going home with someone else soon”, he whispers, indicating to his friends.

“No, it’s ok, they’ll be back soon”, I say, tapping his chest.

“Come on, Mae, it’ll be fun… I’ll see to it that you’re thoroughly satisfied”, he says as he nibbles my ear.

“I doubt that”, I retort without thinking.

Shit, that was dumb.

“You don’t think I could? I could fuck you all night long and make you scream my name”, he says as desire drips from his voice.

“Thanks for the offer, really. But no thanks”, I say trying to let him down as gently as I can.

“Oh, come on, Mae, you’re the pack slut; you’ve even let Hector have a fucking piece. It’s my turn now”, he says like a two-year-old being told no, his grip tightening on my hips.

“Excuse me? Pack slut? Why? Because I fucked a couple of guys… how dare you!” My rising anger is evident in my tone as I snap back.

“Yeah, it does. So why not be a good slut and just let me have my turn?” He says as he starts to get handsy, groping my breasts and bum.

“Jasper, stop it! You’re drunk, please!” Fear quickly rises within me as I realise the dangerous situation I’m in; he can easily overpower me, especially as I have no wolf.

Harnessing my demon abilities is the only thing I can think of to try. Though I’ve never been any good in the past… and today would be no different.

I create a small flickering flame, like that of a lighter’s flame in my palm. I can only manage one palm at a time; even this iddy biddy miniature fire requires a lot of concentration from me.

I press the flame to his arm, causing him to hiss as he sucks in a breath. His eyes flash to those of his wolf’s bright blue eyes.

“Oh Mae, I do like it rough”, he growls as he crushes my body to his; before devouring my mouth, biting hard on my lower lip, enough to draw blood.

I’m in inner turmoil, shaking like a leaf; what the fuck can I do to get him off of me!?

A stray tear slides down my cheek as I realise I have no hope. I just look like another horny wolf at the bonfire to everyone else. Everyone else that is except…

Someone clears their throat.

“Jasper, put my sister down,” Hunter says in his serious tone. It’s hardly ever used; he’s usually so carefree.

I sigh with relief as I realise my brother has come to my rescue. Hunter is stood behind me whilst Jasper is looking over my shoulder at him, not trying to hide his disdain for the interruption.

“What are you going to do if I don’t? I heard the future King isn’t allowed to be getting into fights at parties… so I think I’ll just keep her”, he says smugly, pulling me closer to his chest, causing me to stiffen and whimper.

“I do if someone is in danger”, he says, taking a menacing step forwards.

“Danger? No one’s in danger here, just two adults looking to screw all, night, long”, he says innocently, though his eyes tell a different story... there is dark wickedness simmering in his eyes.

“Well… maybe my brother would like to play with you instead? There are no rules for the future Demon King about getting his hands dirty now, is there?” He says, smirking over his shoulder.

Ozzy is sat quietly, watching as the scene unfolds before him as he sharpens a stick with a stone, looking dangerous as the lights of the bonfire dances across his features. The grim expression on his face is enough to turn even my stomach; he is just about holding onto his rage, one wrong move and Jasper will be at his mercy.

“No, brother, there are no rules for me”, Ozzy says darkly; his stare is cold and dangerous, yet his mouth quirks up in the corners into a predatory smile.

Jasper pales as I feel his heart rate starting to skyrocket. He’s afraid.

“I could do with a new pair of balls… the hellhounds have destroyed all of theirs”, he cocks his head to the side, eyeing Jasper’s crotch before looking Jasper dead in the eye.

“Yours are a bit small… but they will do”, he taunts. A sickening smile spreads over his face as he slowly stands up, eyes never wavering from Jasper’s. A low growl rumbles from the darkness behind Ozzy, three sets of glowing red eyes appear from the shadows as the hellhounds make their presence known.

“You know what, I think we’ve just had a misunderstanding, yeah… we got our wires crossed, y’know? Have a good evening!” He says as he all but shoves me towards my brothers, making a run for it away from the bonfire.

Hunter grabs me and pulls me to his chest. Wrapping my arms around him tight, I can’t help but let the tears fall as sobs wrack my body. Ozzy comes to stand with me kissing my forehead and stroking my hair, whilst Hunter curses under his breath about stupid royal rules.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with him,” Hunter says.

“Let’s get you home”, they both say in unison.

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