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The North

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The time when wolf shifters could roam the land freely has ended. The world is changing swiftly around us. With the human population slowly growing, we have to sink deeper into the ever shrinking wilderness. Something else hunts us in the shadows too; strange new creatures that drink blood in the night. Demons thought to have disappeared centuries ago. My pack has seen too much of death. Our sanctuary comes in the form of Hati Hróðvitnisson. He's willing to take us in as he has many a pack; if I don't endanger everyone with the very blood that runs through my veins. . . . . .because the prophecies of Gods and monsters may be alive in more than just the stories after all.

Fantasy / Romance
Rebecca A Stewart
4.9 27 reviews
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Glossary/Pronunciation Guide

The Gàidhlig language has become a really important part of my day to day life, and I love being able to share it with you all, even if it's only a few phrases and names.
I highly recommend trying your hand at learning!

If there's any other words or phrases you'd like added, leave a comment and I'll get round to it :)


Eabha ~ Ae-va
Fionnlagh ~ Fee-yon-lah
Seumas ~ shae-mis
Niamh ~ Neev
Loaghaire ~ Lee-uh-ree
Tabhin ~ Tav-in
Oighrig -oy-rig

Hati ~ Ha-tee
Magne ~ mug-neh


Alba ~ Al-uh-ba (Scotland)
Nirribhidh ~ Nir-i-vig (Norway)
Èireann ~ ae-rin (Ireland)

Terms of endearment etc:

An nighean agam - my daughter (an nee-uhn akum)
A ghraidh - love (a ghr-eye)
M' eudail - my darling (may-dal)


Ciamar a tha thu - how are you? (Cimmer a ha oo)
Oidhche mhath - goodnight (oi-keh vah)


Fomhairean - a race of giants in Celtic mythology (foe-ir-an)
Vargr - (var-ger)
Bana-bhuidseach - female witch (bana-vood-shoch)
Cailleach - (cahl-och)

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