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Scarfil Expanse

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Chapter 1

"I need 100 Kins worth of Glory. That should be nothing to you guys, right? You literally get paid to mine Crypt just to throw away the good parts? Hook me up and I'll pay you back double."
"You act like it's easy to sneak off with that much in Caecis, Kai. 25, maybe 50 Kins but no more." The two men stood out at the edge of the pier, gazing over the waters as they continued their discussion.
"Don't let me remind you what the Relnad rats will do to us if they catch us."
"Yeah yeah yeah. You know Cruz, one day someone is gonna show the Expanse a different outlook then what it's used too."
The leaner, more sketchy looking man of the two, reared back and let out a giant burst of laughter as he placed a hand to his acquaintances back.
"It won't be by you though Kai. 50 Kins in 5 days time. It'll be tied to an anchor just East of the Caecis entrance. I'll be expecting to be paid in full, all of my Bolts this time."
The younger man, Kai, stretches his arms up to the sky as if he had just woke up as the sun began to come over the horizon.
"I know, I'll be sure to let the boys know!"
"Safe travels," Cruz let out as he turned and began to walk away.
"Forever journey," Kai replied softly.

A couple steps back up the pier, and Kai was face to face with the Factionless town of Catarei. As he walked over bridges from one floating building to the next, the previous age architecture could be appreciated from those that currently inhabited the broken buildings that remained from the Old Wars.
'Leon where are you dammit.' Kai thought to himself.
"Kai! How's the travelling going?" A kind voice yelled out from a direction that trailed the smell of baked goods.
"Miss Kira! It's been a while! I just got back to Catarei last night, an the travels have been going well of course. Did you bake me something to bring with me when I leave again?" Kai smiled a cheerful grin as he scratched the back of his head with one hand.
"Of course! Come by on your way out and we'll have a chat!"
"Sounds good!"
Kai continued his walk through the slummy town, his brown curly hair held up into a bun behind his head as his emerald eyes held sturdy in the front. He was tall and muscular enough to fool others.
Midway through his day, he finally walked up to the door he expected his friend to be behind.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Coming!" A strong voice yelled out.
A couple of steps later throughout the home and the door swung open.
"Leon! Let me in you bastard, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Kai ordered with slight annoyance.
"Come in, come in!"
The skinny yet tall man stepped to the side to let his friend enter. Once received in the light, Leon's spiky ginger hair became more apparent to anyone that could've caught even a glance.
"How's Eileen these days?" Kai started.
"She's good, working a lot more at the tavern then usual these days. How's it been going for you?" Don't get to see you as often as I did in the older days brother," Leon responded.
"I've been fine, the water gets comfortable when it's just you and a Treader for days on end."
"It's a beautiful boat, I still remember how proud you were when you got it."
They both took a seat at a table and chuckled momentarily at the thought. Silence filled the air before Kai continued the conversation.
"50 more Kins, I need the bolts up front when I deliver it."
"Damn, alright. Why so uptight this time around?"
"I'm trying to get a Booster."
Leon stared at Kai's response before laughing out loud and responding.
"Why a Booster? You think you're gonna fill the rooms in one of those things on your own? Let alone maintain it?"
"I have a plan Leon," Kai began. "I need you in on it."
"Alright then tell me what it is. You know I'm always on board," Leon leaned back in his chair as he replied.
"It's time to begin our Forever Journey."
As the words left Kai's mouth, Leon knew exactly what was coming next.

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