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The Dark King

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Plummeting down the stairway to darkness, I could not release a sound. The sudden push had caught me without warning and by the time I had reached the bottom my lungs had lost all breath. Once I had gotten my wits it did not seem to matter the darkness was paralyzing and concrete. I must stay calm and try to figure out where I am. I willed my eyes to see past the inky blackness with no hope. " Roses," a powerful deep, red-blooded voice whispered from within the abyss. My heart almost bursts from my breast, for a gentle graze came across my cheek, down and to the back of my neck. " Sweet roses," the sinister creature nestle into the nape of my neck.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Fall

The fall air welcomed me, but I did not welcome it. Another foggy gloomy morning and another plentiful day with not enough daylight to complete the tasks at hand. Forcing my feet to depart from this step seemed harder and harder these past few days. Mother's health has been at a decline and I fear that she will sing her last song while I am away. I have tried everything in my power to prolong what is to come... But I must keep hunting for a different solution, I will never give up! The whistling of the wind bought my attention, as if to remind me of my mission. Exhaling the breath I did not notice I had held in, I command my legs to move on. I swaddled my long black wool coat around me and began my journey into the woods. The changing of the forest has me uneasy, for life in this tranquility will soon be forgotten. My mother sudden illness came as a surprise to me for she is a powerful witch and did not suffer from sickness ever, that I could remember. She is the strongest woman I know and to see her vulnerable frightens me, for I know that we have enemies lurking in the shadows waiting for us to just slip up. Being hidden and alert your whole life starts to make you really paranoid, especially when you have witness with your own eyes what thrives in the darkness. I have been training to become as powerful if not more then my mother, in both magic and physical combat. Since I was young, she has always made sure I never stepped away from a challenge until I was able to overcome that obstacle and achieve my fullest potential.

'I never want to see you quit, ever!'

Her voice echos in my past memories, I can not help but let out a little chuckle at how I use to hate those words and the disappointment I felt after I could not accomplish a spell or hit my arrows target, but mother was always there to say,

'there is always next mornings light.'

The crumbling of a fall leaf has me bow and arrow ready in a matter of seconds, aiming at the source of the noise, I heighten my senses, the forest will tell me who our unwanted guest is. The forest starts to sing, whisper and unraveling her secrets to me,

" state your purpose and then I will decide whether to kill you."

Being very authoritative I execute the tree behind the intruder with my arrow,

" do not test my patients, I suggest you move along."

Arranging another arrow to be end this strangers life, the bushes in my for front rustle, reviling my intruder. A goddess woman with dancing wildfire hair, icicle skin and lavender eyes.

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