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The Dark King

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2. Stranger

She seemed unconcerned that I had just tried to kill her and had a wicked smile upon her face.

"Great shot,"

She laughed wildly and refocused her gaze at me. I did not like how she stared at me like I was some golden prize she had just won,

"Who are you?"

Her eyes had an unusual glow to them as she glided across the forest floor and I once again got another arrow ready, I was not going to let this snake come any closer,

"Little Rose do not be afraid, I am only here to help you with your ill mother."

A shiver crawl down my spine when she spoke of my sickly mother and I took a generous breath in, knowing this woman was not someone I wanted help from, but it did not cool my need to find a way to relieve my mother's pain. How could I trust this woman I did not even know?

"How do you know my mother?"

The red woman's eyes glowed once more,

"She and I were acquaintances many years before you were born."

Her answer did not satisfy me at all, my mother had never mention anyone that resembled her, but then again my mother never talked about her past much at all as if she was afraid of the demons in her past would come back to haunt her.

"If you knew my mother, then why had she never spoken about you?"

I was becoming impatience and not wanting to stay in the woodland much longer with this unwelcome guest,

"We did not end on the best of terms, trust me my dear I only mean to help an old friend. I have knowledge of a place, not far from here, that has an elixir that can aid your dying mother. Please just follow me."

Not giving me much choice she turns around and starts to disappear into the trees. My desire to cure my mother was so strong, I blocked out all the doubtful voice in my mind and decided to pursue the red woman. The path was lengthy and chilling, the trees were getting compacted and seems as if they were losing their spirit, the air was becoming more dense and raw making it more difficult to breathe in. The blanket of night casted over us swiftly and I was about to inquire on how much longer our journey would take, the dark castle revealed itself to us. It was ancient, grim, eerie as it towered over head,

"Come child do not fall behind darkness lurks in these woods at night."

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