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Poppi: Things weren't supposed to be this way. I was fine serving my step mother and sisters. But just a look and I can't help myself I have to touch him. What's wrong with me? David: She's mine. The one the witch promised me. The calm to my storm. I know I should stay away but her pull is too strong. I need her peace. I need her period. My flower. She's all mine and I can't wait until she gives in completely.

Fantasy / Romance
Shawna Chapman
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Chapter 1

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions. Families coming together. The bride and groom merging their lives together until death do them part. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond where two people give themselves to each other. But this wedding wasn't about that.

My step sister Petra was found in a compromising position with the Duke Collis. Of course that was seen as an opportunity for my step mother. Anything she can do to advance her station she will do it. Petra was her ticket to move up in station. Petra will now be a dutchess. Step mother will be the mother to the duchess. The day she found Petra and Collis she was the happiest I’ve ever seen her. Her daughter was going to be a duchess. It was all she had hoped for. Petra not the slightest. But she did as told for her mother mostly for the riches. Both of them as greedy as can be when it comes to wealth. I was always glad I never had any. I didn’t want to be them.

Looking in the mirror all I see is tired eyes. The blue hazel eyes that used to be vibrant and shine are now dull and beaten. My golden hair is up into a messy updo. My step mother said each of us needed to look our best for Petra’s wedding but none of us should outshine the bride. So imagine for a second a woman who has always been so cruel to you allowing you to have one day of peace. I guess when you move up a station you forget who you truly are.

The dress I was allowed to wear was one of my mothers. It’s an off white silk dress with gold embroidery all through it. The corseted top was lined with lace that was of the finest quality, and hung low over my breasts. The sleeves were the smallest pieces of silk I’d seen and hung off my shoulders. The skirt was full and flowing yet surprisingly comfortable. The dress in itself was gorgeous but on me I didn’t feel right.

A woman like me should never be allowed to wear something this amazing. Surely I’d ruin it with the chores I’m sure I will be assigned. Besides a servant should never be allowed to wear such things ever. I was always taught this. Now the fear bubbles in me at what my step mother will say. I’m sure she will be something.

“Woah. Poppie. You look stunning.”

My step sister Danielle was always the kind one. We were best friends. Right now hearing her comforting voice made me smile. She was a vision in her emerald green dress. Of course nothing but the finest silk would do. Her black hair was up and neatly done and not a single strand out of place. Her green eyes popped and kept the focus on her face. Her eyes almost seemed to glow.

“Sister you are a vision. That dress suits you.”
“Please don’t get me started on this hideous thing. I mean look at it. It’s nothing but emerald silk with the tiniest piece of gold trim around the breast. There’s nothing to it. But you. Poppie there are no words.”
“I hope it’s not to much. It’s Petra’s day. She needs to be the one to shine not I.”
“Please that wretched cow could never shine in a room. She’s too rotten.”
“Don’t let mother hear you say that.”
“She has many times. But now that you mentioned her you have been summoned to tighten Petra’s corset. The maids are having a hard time making her look as thin as mother desires.”

With that we left my small changing room and headed down the long hall of the castle to Petra’s chamber. Before opening the door Petra’s shouting could be heard. She wasn’t pleased with the work the ladies were doing. I’m their defense Petra wasn’t exactly skinny. She had some weight on her. Not much but enough to notice. And enough to not fit into her wedding dress when she needs to. That comes with all the spoiling she received when we were children.

“Ah Poppie. Thank you for rescuing us from these creatons. They can’t seem to do anything right.”

Step mother gave them her all too familiar look of disgust. They were on her bad side and it showed in her face. It was starting to become a red color and her cheeks were puffing out. Her eyes looked too big for her face as they bulged out. It was a sight. I managed a laugh in my head but a bow in the room. There was nothing to say. I moved to Petra and began to tighten her corset.

I managed a quick glance around the room and noticed my third and final sister Paula. She was obviously the chubby of the three and the youngest. Mother splurged on her as well. Always doting upon her “blond beauties”. Paula was nastier then Petra though. Petra at least had some manners. Paula, well she’s entitled to everything and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Or so she feels anyway. Her dress was just as plain as Danielle’s and looked as ill fitting as Petra’s wedding dress.

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