Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 8

The assassin had been on the run for a while now. She had forsaken the horrors of religion as the guilt hit her. She had killed her father. Her own father.

There she had been sitting in the ring of Satanists, waiting for her task to be given. When she heard his name. “Aerys Vitterion.”

Her heart sank as she realized the task being given to her. Yet again forced to kill someone she loved. She couldn't take it anymore. She sat silently as she accepted the task put forward on her. No religion was so cruel. “Damn you Satan” she muttered for no one to hear.

The ritual had proceeded as normal, and when her turn at the chalice came, she had acted as if she was taking a sip but hadn't. Nothing could make her like this religion anymore.

After the ritual, she had rushed out, remembering to keep her face covered as she sped across the streets to the house she had so many times shared with Aerys. Tears were now streaming down her face as she realized what a mess her life was. Only Aerys would understand now.

She stood out of the house, waiting for him to arrive. It would be a good hour before he arrived from his work.

She sighed as she looked at the house. The house where she had had so many memories. The fireplace where they used to sit together. The table. The bed. The walls. Everything. A wave of nostalgia hit her as she realized what she had done.

She broke down in a fit of sobs.

“My father. Daddy”

“What have I done?” She screamed. “Aargh” she screamed again in a bid to get it all out. She had killed her own dad. He who had helped her walk. Who had helped her when no one else was there. He who had heard her out when no one else had.

Her thoughts soon shifted to what she was going to do when they found out that she had deserted them. They and them being the Satanists.

The corn in the field swayed with the wind, and also her intense stare. She tried to keep the tears out of her eyes as she waited for Aerys to come.

She had known Aerys since childhood. They had been inseparable, always together. She looked up as she heard the sound of rough leather hitting the cobblestone path hat led into Aerys' quaint little cottage. He was finally here.

She ran up to him and enveloped him in a hug, relieved. Everything would be alright now that he was here.

“what’s wrong?” He said, making her feel better in a way no one could.

“It’s a long story” She said, sighing as the moment when she was going to spill everything was drawing closer.

I sat down at his table, as he handed me a cup of hot milk.

“It all started when I had this notion that I wanted to be free.” I said after gulping down some milk.

“I always knew that about you. So free, so arrogant.” He laughed.

“I'm never arrogant. “She said indignantly. “Anyways, I wanted to be free. I somehow found this tunnel leading right into the archives.”

“The archives? Like The Archives.” He interrupted, staring enviously. “Why didn't you tell me?”

“Look I had other things on my mind okay?” She said impatiently twitching her fingers. “So, I found this book about a religion. And I thought it would be different, and flipped through it. What I saw in it intrigued me as it was something new I was dealing with. All my life I had hoped there was more t religion than the sky father and the great inventor and stuff like that. Naturally, I was accustomed to go ahead and read it. So I did, and what I found scared me. It talked about another form of religion, a one that Akan's had never heard of. Satanism.” She paused waiting for him to say something, but he was still for once.

“Well, I soon found out that near our city, the very cult held weekly rituals, sometimes even daily ones. I went up to the priest and asked if I could get in. I asked him all about the Satanist religion. I believed I could finally be free from the clutches of Akanism, and also dad. He told me that we were created by the Devil. And the devil was the epitome of who we should be. He was just and fair, and the priest also said that Akans were a disgrace to humans. But all that later. He said this, why symbolize god? Why make statues of him like those Akan's do.”

Aerys was staring at the assassin horrified wondering what she had done. His hand was on hers, and he gently squeezed it, letting her know that he was always with her no matter what.

“He then asked me one question that was the ultimate on in my turning to Satanism. He asked, do you believe that god can be contained? Contained in a form as lifeless as a statue? Well I think that. And with that he turned his back to me, immersing himself in a chant to the demon above. The religion impressed me. Its ideals were something I had never encountered before. So, I went back to the archives. For a few weeks, that was all I could think about until I found the courage to go up to the priest again. He told me that I could be a part of the cult If I completed the task set be him.”

“And the task was?”

“To kill Brother Nana Kanu. Yes, to kill my father.” She said, tears starting to fall from her eyes.

“You don't have to tell me you know.” Aerys said gently, already guessing what was coming next.

“I hate myself. I did.” She said breaking down completely now.

He moved towards her but she gestured, “No, there's more. My next target. You” She said pointing at me.

Aerys was shocked. “Are you going to do it?” He asked warily.

“No, I had enough. We need to go away, far far away.” The assassin said, still weeping.

Aerys sat still for a moment, before beginning to get into action. He took up two satchels, putting in his life savings. He then picked up a few weapons for himself.

“What do you want?” Aerys aske0d the assassin.

“I have my own.” She said showing him her curved dagger.

“Wicked.” Aerys muttered, before returning to his packing.

“First of all, where are we going to go?” Aerys asked her.

“I don't know, but far from here. I heard that if we cross the forest, there is civilization on the other end.”

“The forest it is.” Aerys said with the air of someone excited for a journey.

“I can't understand how you forgive me so easy? How are you even coming with me.” She said.

“Look” Aerys said, putting both his hand on my shoulders and looking straight into my eyes. “Tell me how long I have known you?”

“Seventeen years.” she said.


“Then what?”

“I trust you. Simple as that. You've been there for me when no one was. You have always been there. And I plan on doing the same for you.”

A ripple of warmth spread across her face as she heard those words. She knew she could always count on Aerys. She was glad she had met him.

“Well, to start with. What all do we need?” She asked.

“Satchels, hatchet, coins, water, food, wool and leather.” Aerys said.

“I don't think food is going to last us” She said uncertainly.

“Oh, and rope, and my bow.” Aerys said, slapping his palm against his head.

“How much time do we have?” Aerys asked me.

“One week before they find out we're gone. We should be far away by then.” She said, her spirits lifting. And then, “Why the rope and bow?”

“To hunt of course. Did you think we'd reach the other side in a day?” “Well.” The assassin muttered.

“Anyways, we set out tomorrow morning.” Aerys said with a wave.

That night, the assassin could barely sleep. Curled up on the bed next to Aerys, she looked up at the thatched roof above her, wondering why she had gone to the archives in the first place.

Her thoughts soon shifted to Aerys as she heard his rhythmic breathing beside her. He was such a good friend to her. They had known each other since Aerys' father had come to meet Brother Kanu one evening. They were inseparable throughout childhood, and inseparable they would be. She soon found herself staring at him. His handsome features seemed much more outlined, now in the light of the fire.

She slowly got up, trying not to wake him and grabbed her blanket. She walked towards the fire that was slowly dieing out. She picked up a few more sticks and threw them into the fire, watching them burn.

After a while, the fire was dieing out yet again. She felt the cold creeping up her spine. Suddenly, she heard a grunt behind her, and a fistful of sticks went into the fire, causing it to be reborn again. It was Aerys.

And they sat there, enjoying each other’s company. Both of them, their lives destroyed, their homes gone now. They had only each other now. And that was how they sat, the silence deafening. Deafening but not awkward. A warm kind of silence.

And that was how they sat for a while, until they slumped onto each other. Sleep taking them.

In the morning, woken by the chirping of birds, the assassin gently shook Aerys awake. It was time to leave. A time to leave this old life, and move on towards a new one.

The grass was wet as the assassin stepped onto it. She took a breath of the morning air as she heard birds chirping all around. The serenity calmed her down, and she turned around to look at Aerys. There was no turning back now.

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