Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 12

Rogue sat silently, offering to take the watch for the rest of the night even though Eris had offered to.

“No, I'll do it. I need time to think.” She had insisted. Aerys was still silent. He hadn't talked to Rogue much; he knew that Rogue needed her space.

Rogue was still digesting the facts of her sin, when she found out Eris knew. It didn't surprise her all that much though, he was an angel after all. And so, she didn't brood over it too much.

Rogue wondered if he was directing his story and words at her or himself. But whoever, it had its impact on Rogue. She took the words directly at herself, but she couldn't help repenting. What she had done was unexplainable. It was in the heat of those few days that she had performed those sins.

She regretting going to the archives, following the high priest, getting influenced, and killing her father. Her very own father. Tears sprung to her eyes as she thought about how she had left his mangled body, arms spread out. She hadn't even closed his eyes. He deserved at least that much, she thought as her tears fell onto the ground, leaving a trace on her cheek.

But most of all she regretted making this hard for Aerys. Everything had been her fault. She regretted her life. She was a curse to everyone around her. Her father, Aerys. Everyone who meant something to her.

Ever since she could remember, she had always been a disappointment. The rebel, the one who didn't listen. She had just wanted to be free. Rogue hated her life, she hated Satan. And that was why she wanted to take him down.

Killing the demon would mean redeeming herself, and not only that, it would also mean saving the lives of countless Ashanti people. It would mean freedom at last from the tyranny of the king. And most of all, it would mean Aerys' life wasn't being threatened.

Her thoughts shifted to Aerys as she stared at his rhythmic breathing. His chest heaving up and down. HE had always been there for her, and all she wanted was to be with him. BE there for him. She hadn't realized how much he meant to her until now.

Until someone threatened to take him away from her. She had realized that Aerys was the one rock in her life. And he never would budge. And ever staying still rock. Her heart was filled with warmth when she thought of that, and she soon started to feel better.

She soon noticed Eris curled, one wing covering him and the other underneath him.

She had been confused, perplexed an awed when she saw an angel. I mean, who wouldn’t be. She couldn't believe angels existed. But his existence disappointed her in a way. She had been counting on the theory that maybe demons were just a figment of myth and fiction, and not real. The existence of angels proved demons to be real and very much alive.

She sighed as she got up to put some sticks into the fire, before sitting back down and taking her spot by the fireplace. She stared as the fire crackled, sparks flying around.

It was going to be one long night. Rogue just hoped the soldiers still weren't looking for her.

All day had been tiring for Rogue, emotionally and physically. She had been tired, but hadn't complained. She still blamed herself, but the guilt had been taken over by the strong desire for revenge and the warmth for Aerys.

It was almost daytime she thought as she saw small patches of light. It had come suddenly for her, she hadn't noticed the sun come up. Maybe just because of the dense forest cover. Or maybe she was just preoccupied with her thoughts.

Rogue shook Aerys and Eris awake. It was then she understood the similarity in their names. Aerys, pronounced Areees, And Eris pronounced Aris. Not much difference, except that the 'e' was pronounced.

Aerys rubbed his eyes, finally coming to his senses.

“Lets get going.” He said to Eris.

“Yeah, we need to make it out fast” Rogue hastily added.

“At this pace we are going to get nowhere.” Eris said.

Wow that was rude. “You know we are going as fast as we can. Not everyone has wings like you do” Rogue said angrily.

Aerys reassuringly placed his arm on Rogue's shoulder. “He's just helping.”

Aerys and Rogue walked on, with Eris flying ahead in the lead. Eris would circle back every few minutes, because he was going too fast. Eris suddenly came to a stop when he saw something.

He froze still, staring at something ahead. Rogue and Aerys rushed forward to llook at what he was seeing. She put her hands to her mouth and in a strangled voice said ”Aerys what is this?”

Aerys' eyes were round with shock.

“Aerys you never told me you had a little brother. Aerys no.”

There on the tree, etched out in blood was the message.

if ÝÕú wÂÑt ÝöùR bRÖthÉr cØmË GÆt


“Stay with me Aerys. WE will get him. I promise. I promise.” Rogue whispered.

“Leave that to me.” Eris muttered. Eris was the one who had the most chance of completing the task.

And with that, Eris flew towards the palace quickly so that Rogue and Aerys wouldn't be able to stop him.

Rogue sobbed as she wrapped her arms around Aerys.

“He'll be okay. I promise.” She whispered into his ear.

Aerys shrugged. Whenever something unhappy or bad happened he would freeze, like a cat thrown into a room full of dogs. Rogue on the other hand was expressive. She would channel out her emotions onto something immaterial.

She had no idea about Aerys little brother. How had Aerys left him and come. Sensing thee question on |Rogue's mind, Aerys said, “Step brother. He had a family and was living with them.”

Rogue was still getting over how the king was threatening Aerys to get back at them. She hated the king and his henchmen. Everything was her fault now. Familiar feelings of guilt started to creep up as she sat down beside Aerys. All they could do was wait for Eris to come back and pray that he succeeded.

If Eris got caught by the king, then all hope was lost. If an invisible angel couldn't rescue Aerys' brother, what could they do other than turning themselves in.

“I didn't know you had a step brother. I didn't even know your dad took a new wife.”

“Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you Rogue, but I never wanted to speak about him.” Aerys said and closed his eyes.

Rogue understood that he didn't want to talk. But shutting her out like that. She shook him, trying to get him to open his eyes but in vain. He wasn't budging. Rogue sighed and leaned onto him. The second time she was keeping watch now. God, the girl needed sleep too.

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