Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 13

Eris flew towards the palace. Why had he agreed to rescue the human? He was sure to be caught now.

As soon as he had looked at Rogue, he had immediately sensed a storm beneath the unnatural calm. Something was wrong with Rogue. He had agreed to help them, because he wanted to do something to help the citizens of Ashanti after his initial failure.

Eris thought of Rogue's sins. Hopefully his story had awakened something inside her that took the place of guilt. To be honest, she wasn't a bad person. She was a great one. He could see the way she looked at Aerys. Maybe they didn't know it, but their love for each was true and in the best form.

He genuinely wanted to do something for these humans, and that was why he come to rescue Aerys' brother. Maybe not all humans were superficial, some of them definitely had substance.

Looking at Aerys and Rogue, he had realized that there were always exceptions. Everyone wasn't the same. Everyone had their differences. Their irregularities. And each one of those irregularities and flaws defined them and made them who they were.

Maybe he had judged them wrong, but they were very much real and substantial and not just superficial.

With thoughts flooding his head, Eris flew towards the palace. How was he to get in?

How much time did he have? A lot of questions were there, but Eris would have to act. It was time to forgo his cowardly ways and turn a new leaf. He had to show them the brave angel he was. It was time to go against the king, something he had been waiting to do but had never found the courage to do. He had to go free the human. Eris sneaked past the guards and into the palace of the king.

He looked around, the palace was deserted. Suddenly he heard a few screams and headed in their direction.

Eris stopped, speechless. The scene in front of him terrified him, right down to the inside.

Nothing could have prepared Eris for the heinous atrocity about to take place. The king was truly a madman. He was inflicting damage on these small innocent children. He claimed it was a sacrifice for the greater good. Ironic as he was sacrificing it to the devil. So very ironic.

There were five guards, their swords drawn. One for each child sitting on the thrones for them. In front of them was a pentacle shaped basin, and the five sat in the formation of the holy red pentacle itself. They had their head bents into the basin, a sword at their necks.

They lay still, tears flowing down their soft cheeks. They seeped into the basin, hissing as they evaporated. The fear on their faces made Eris hurt inside. The king was a vile, repulsive and cruel creature who deserved to be dethroned and done away with for the good of mankind.

Eris had never experienced this kind of cruel before. Who hurt children? They were innocent. They were innocent. Eris couldn't bear to watch as the king held his breath in anticipation.

In the middle of the five thrones lay a boy. Underneath him was a pentacle. It wasn't red as the color of blood. It was black, the color of the king's heart.

Eris closed his eyes, as he heard the swish of the swords. And then silence, except for the hissing of the blood evaporating. The dripping of the blood. Drip drip drip. Eris felt sick. Who would do such a thing?

And suddenly out of nowhere, a chant. “O mighty Satan, accept this blood as a tribute to thy mighty one.” and then laughter, the evil kind. Cackling.

Eris opened his eyes, taking a deep breath. Oh, there was blood. Lots of it. The children were bent into the basins now, a single sword cut on each of their pretty little necks.

It was in that moment that Eris realized that he had failed Aerys. He had failed Rogue. But most of all, he had failed himself.

As Eris thought, his eyes strayed to the pentacle in the centre of the room.

There was a boy with strong resemblance to Aerys. Tears sprang to Eris' eyes as he saw how the boy was lying. The boys hand covered his face as he lay there. One last plea.

Eris was horrified. Who killed children he thought yet again. No lord was so cruel. No god so horrendous. He was wrong, Satan was merciless and cruel. Satan was a tyrant.

Eris stood there for a while, shocked at what he had witnessed. He soon gathered his wits and flew back out. For the first time he was doing what the humans called crying. It felt alien to him. But tears sprang to his face. He swooped high up near the clouds, feeling the pain spread inside him spreading like a ripple in the water.

It really hurt. Seeing their terrified expressions had made a new feeling surface in him. The feeling of hate. He shouldn't feel it. Angels could only love, but he felt it.

Eris felt hate and rage like never before, they slowly took the place of guilt and self-pity, as he was going to seek vengeance.

Angels weren't supposed to hate; you cannot combat hate with hate. You have to combat it with love. Eris would have to learn that important lesson before it was too late. Too late to turn back for the path of destruction that one emotion was about to create.

Eris went to his spot in the forest. Rogue and Aerys could wait He needed time with himself to get over the murder scene.

Meanwhile Rogue and Aerys were still waiting in the forest, at the same spot where Eris had left them.

“Do you think we should get going?” Rogue asked Aerys.

“No. let’s wait it out. He'll find us here easier.” Aerys replied. He had finally come around to talking after a bit of pestering on Rogue's part.

“Okay” Rogue said and sat back down. She was bored and at the same time terrified.

What if Eris didn't make it.

The forest was home to a variety of sounds, but ever since the first panther attack, they had taken precautions. One person would always be in the look out, so that they didn't get attacked. If an animal looked to be coming close, they would stop and hide in the dense bushed or up some tree. All that had worked, and they had been extra careful of the king’s soldiers as well.

“Eris is an angel, what will happen? He will make it don't worry.” Aerys said, sensing the vibes of impatience and fear emanating from Rogue.

So they waited, keeping a look out for soldiers, animals and many other things that might roam the forests. The sun was setting, and even Aerys was starting to feel the anxious. Where was Eris. Had he saved the children. What was going to happen to them?

Suddenly, they noticed a silhouette in the dark flying towards them. It was Eris.

They looked up eagerly, But Eris was alone. There was no little boy with him. No little brother of Aerys. Aerys slumped to the ground devastated.

Tears started to come to Rogue's eyes. This wasn't happening. It was all her fault. Eris came down, and the gruesome expression on his face spoke volumes. Aerys' brother was dead.


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