Angels Can't Die

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Almost there.

The medieval ages proved to be a disastrous time for angels, as one by one they faded out of existence. One by one, they were captured be the satanists. At that time, all the angels had faded out of existence, only one was left.

The satanists were the ones who worshiped the devil. They believed that Satan was an inspiring and liberating figure. These theistic satanists, were ruthless and cruel. I mean, who would worship a red creature who had claws and hideous eyes. Well, after the extinction of the angels or so they believed, these satanists disappeared, biding their time and waiting for the devil to take the place of the angels.

But, there were still some people out there, the more milder satanists, the atheistic ones who carried out assassinations in the name of Satan. They would etch the symbol of satanism, the downward pointing pentacle on the body. Their targets were mainly the priests and the royalty.

In the medieval times, the followers of Satan were at large, ravaging towns and pillaging villages. The angels were the ones who opposed them. And so they fled to the mountains, waiting there, and then trapping angels and sacrificing them to the devil. How they could see and fight angels is unknown. It is believed that Satan himself grants them powers to fight the creatures. And so, for a large part of our culture, angels have become myths.

Satanic followers soon attached themselves to towns and villages after the fall of the angel, but they were hardly large enough to be a threat. They would keep to themselves, and most of them were theistic and practiced their faith in private. All this was soon going to be proved wrong.

But now that the angels had vanished, humans found themselves plagued, and the followers if Satan were regrouping. They were preparing for one final assault, one final assault and medial earth was theirs.

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