Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 18

Eris stood up and shook the sand of his wings. What a nightmare it had been. There he had been flying towards Aerys and Rogue, his search for water in vain. A gust of wind had blown him of course, and he found himself stuck in the middle of a sandstorm. It took him away from Rogue and Aerys and back towards the dreaded forest. He had lay in pain, as his wings had taken quite a beating. He didn't have the strength to fly or else he would have gone off in search of Rogue and Aerys immediately.

Suddenly, Eris heard a scurrying noise. Some creature seemed to be heading towards him. Eris looked up warily, to see a pack of furry creatures moving towards him. They were half the height of humans and resembled humans in many ways. They could have even passed as human children without the hair. And that was all he could thing before he heard a piercing whistle and suddenly darkness surrounded him.

When Eris woke up, he found himself seated on a high chair made of wood and decorated with leaves. All around were the creatures that were short for dwarfs but yet resembled humans in a subtle way. But Eris' ears soon started to hurt as their shrieking continued in a high pitch and they just wouldn't close their tiny mouths. The creatures seemed to be worshiping him, as they pushed a bowl of what looked like crushed berries towards him Eris was hungry and tired, and so he took a handful and pressed them into his mouth, chewing slowly before suddenly spitting them out. Eurgh, it was disgusting. He was pretty sure they weren't the berries they looked like, but some insects mashed together. Eris gagged once more, the mixture tasted ghastly, and the taste brought him to his senses. He had to get out of her as quickly as he could and go find Rogue and Aerys. But he was so tired and hungry.

“Why am I here?” he asked the creatures, but they just blinked back uncomprehendingly, their yellows eyes blank.

“Why am I here?” Eris repeated, but they didn't seem to understand. Oh, what had he got himself into. Surely there was someone who would understand the language he was speaking. But no one seemed to comprehend what Eris was saying.

But no one seemed to understand. He had to go out and fly towards Rogue and

Aerys. They might even be searching for him this very minute. Suddenly, Eris realized that he could fly away, but his wings needed the space too open, and he had to find the space. He had to make a break for it whenever he could.

Eris stood up and threw his bowl in one direction and scrambled towards the other direction, trying to make a break for it. He had almost reached the entrance, but he was stopped. There was someone, or was it a something in his way. The creature had red eyes instead of yellow, and a pungent odour rose from its body. Its body gave the impression that its passing was close, the grim reaper would come soon.

“Beware, beware of those you call friends, for they shall leave you as you have us in times of need. Lose hope not, for you shall your quest as of now. Come the second half, in my mind a doubt. One of three will die, the other two in pain. All creatures can play this cruel satanic game.” the creature said in a quavering voice and then fell to the floor.

Finally, someone who could speak the common tongue, and it had to be this delirious creature? Could his words be true or was the reaper clouding his senses? Eris rushed out into the open, and opened his wings, flying into the sky as fast he could. He really was tired. He flew away from the small little creatures, not thinking too much about the prophecy. And yet it nagged at him, and a voice in the back of his mind cautioned him and asked him to remain wary.

As he flew over the stretch of the desert, he began to realize he could have finished the journey really quick if he had flown. Eris couldn't see a thing, and night was approaching. He had to make it to the mountains quickly.

The words of the creature still rang in his ears, and he was beginning to worry. What if it was true?

“Beware, beware of those you call friends.” But that meant Rogue and Aerys. He didn't just call them friends; they were truly his friends. Surely they wouldn't harm or desert him. It was possible that the words were referring to someone else, but who else did Eris call friends. Rogue were the only two humans he currently knew. For now, Eris would have to be alert, or he could trust his friends and go on being normal. Maybe, the creature was so close to death that it had been uttering nonsense, but Eris hardly believed that was the case. Mostly, people near death saw life in a new light and what they said was almost always true, so Eris really wasn't sure. Eris didn't believe in accidents, and he was sure those words had a meaning. Everything happens with a meaning, and this incident had to have a meaning too. But Eris was still coming to accept the words. Now that he came to think of it, where were Rogue and Aerys? Shouldn't they be hunting for him? They didn't seem to be anywhere.

But things aside, Eris himself would survive, but one of the three would die. So the two dying referred to Rogue and Aerys? That couldn't be. Eris didn't want that for his friends. He had to save them somehow. Could the three refer to the king, the demon and Eris? Nothing was clear, everything was confusing and befuddling, and had many versions. Well, wasn't that how a prophecy was supposed to be? Eris wondered if his friends were alright. He really hoped they weren't in grave danger, but then he would have sensed it. No, they seemed to be alright. Eris wondered if he should be worried or not. Had his friends left him the way he had left those creatures in times of need? What reason did the creatures need him for? There were a lot of questions left unanswered, and Eris wondered when he would get answers.

Thoughts filled Eris' mind as he flew towards the mountains. The night was creeping, and it rose up from behind the mountains, slowly eating away at the sun. He had to make haste and find shelter. Come morning, he would search for Rogue and Aerys and make sure they were safe. He had quite a lot to tell them, and a few answers to scrounge for as well. They had quite a bit of answering to do, and Eris pondered a bit more as to what the prophecy meant as he flew. He would have to ask the other. He sighed, if only he could find them now.

Eris took shelter on a tree on the mountain, and closed his eyes, It had been a tiring day, and a disappointing one. Realizing the only he cared about were to betray him wasn't a good way to end the day. It was taxing, and extremely disappointing. Without knowing it, Eris had been constantly hyperventilating, creating situations in his head. What if Rogue and Aerys had left him for good? Maybe they were better off without him. What if they were plotting behind his back and everything until now was a hug hoax. There were so many what if's.

Eris realized how much this had hurt him. He had loved being part of a family, having friends and this sudden alienation stung him to the very core. He did not want to experience this, and he felt sad that family meant so less. He had believed it to be much more, and Rogue and Aerys had even taught him so. He had thought them different from other humans, special. But what if he was wrong. What if they were gone? The demon was nearing, and Eris wondered what fate awaited him.

Eris sighed as he turned uneasily in his bed of leaves. Moonlight shone on his face as he stared at the twinkling stars above. One day, he was going to be one of those stars, or he wished he would be. Watching down from above, at peace with himself and with the world around him. Eris wished the winds would sweep him away, taking his essence and spreading it so that his soul could rise above. He wished that the wind at the very least blow away his problems, so that he was free at last. He wished he could forget everything and lie there. Forget the prophecy, forget the daunting task ahead, forget who he was. It was a grave thing to wish he could forget his own identity, but he had no choice. Life presented him with hurdles at every step, making him wonder if a step he took was his last one. Eris wished he could stay, forever staring up at the twinkling stars that were shining upon him light. Eris wished and hoped, but nothing was going to take away his problems and the fact that the next morning he was going to have to wake up and face his fears.

And he lay there at night, Eris the angel. A peaceful expression on his face, dreaming of freedom. Watching shooting stars and twinkling ones and reminiscing good times. Thinking of the prophecy and wondering what the next day would hold for him. It was going to be a long night, a night of nightmares and of dreams.

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