Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 22

The warriors were greeted outside the cave by and old women with tattered clothing and blood red eyes. She looked hysterical and crazy, and the warriors were on the watch out at once. She bid them to follow her into the cave, and they obeyed without a question because of what Rogue had said to them.

They sat down inside the cave, and the old warrior looked around him. It had been quite a long time since he'd been here. The old woman wasn't a witch then, but a friend of his. Old age had turned her bad, and she had taken to practicing sacrifices and rituals. He knew she didn't remember him, but he remembered her.

She had helped him escape from the king many years ago. He had been running through the forest pursued by guards when the witch had covered his escape, giving him time to hide. Due to her, he had escaped, and he had thanked her profusely and said he would help her whenever she needed it. However, he hadn't expected her to go so bad.

“Do you want to go into a dreamless sleep?” she temptingly asked the warriors as they had expected her to do. Rogue had been right. Now what should they do? Should they accept the potion and throw it or capture her immediately? Immediately was a better option.

The old warrior unsheathed his sword and pointed it at the witch as the others followed him. They quickly bound the witch in a corner, making sure there was nothing in the vicinity for the witch to use as means to escape.

“Where are the two?” the warrior threateningly asked the witch.

“Oh, nothing has happened to them yet, their change will be completed in another five days, and the demon will be unleashed. Both of them quite a lot of power inside them, but the angel is strong. He has a life force inside him that can be used to rule the entire earth. Free me and we will share this power.” the witch said, trying to tempt the old man. But the warrior was no fool.

“So I free you?” he said in a mocking voice which made the witch think he was going to free her. “Yes, yes.” she nodded her head eagerly. “I free you and then you whip up something that destroys us? No thanks. I like you the way you are. Eventually you'll be free, but by then we'll be far far away, and you will not be able to deter our journey. We are coming for him and all his minions, and you better watch out. Now tell me where those two are.” The old warrior said.

The witch remained silent, and the warriors sighed. They were going to have to search themselves. They went through the cave, there were various shelves of stone, and on them there were ancient books and even a few bottles. The warrior opened one book, and saw pictures of the demon. The language used was very different. How had the witch changed? Was the demon so powerful and influential?

“You always hated Satan. I've heard so many tales. How did that change?”

“Oh Satan has ways of influencing people. I always had these books but had never dared touch them for fear of what I would see inside them. But one night, Satan talked to me.” The warrior could see the witch's eyes visibly light up as she looked like she was talking about the best thing that happened in their life. “He came to me in my dreams. He showed me the way, the way to light. He showed me the right path, and what I had been missing. Satan is pure. He is just and right. He is not just the almighty power we want, but he is the power we need. Satan taught me his language, he taught me rituals, and he told me that when the time comes, he would call upon me to help the battle against the angel. And I waited, waited for the angel to come, and then one day it came. And I was happy. I could finally serve my god, my master. Satan would be pleased with me. He still will be, and if I die today, he will remember me forever.” the witch said.

The warrior was puzzled, which angel? What was an angel? The warrior had never heard about such creatures. But whatever the witch seemed to say outlined a powerful being with a strong life force. They had to heal Rogue's friends before they changed into whatever the witch was doing to them. They had to find the cure.

“Search faster, we need to get these two out of here as soon as we can and find a cure to end their suffering and make them conscious.” And so the search continued. They went through the whole cave, and couldn't find anything, until someone looked up. There seemed to be a hole in the roof, and the old man climbed up it. From there, he could see the forest around him, and he made out two bodies in the trees. How had they got there? Surely the witch couldn't climb.

“Up the trees men.” he shouted to his men below. And they quickly ran out and started climbing the tree to get the two people down. Rogue came down from where she was hiding, and started to help. She looked relieved. As they lay the two men down, the warrior was shocked. One of them had wings, but what was more shocking as the reddish tinge spreading across their body. They had to do something and something fast.

“We have to get them to the village. I know a man there who can help. Quickly” And between the four of them, they were able to carry Eris and Aerys at a considerable pace, and by nightfall they were in the kingdom. They lay Eris and Aerys down on separate beds, and the warrior came up to Rogue. He had a lot of questions to ask.

“What is that creature?” he asked, pointing at Eris.

“Eris is an angel. Angels, considered myths are beings with a very strong life force. They support life, and can sense the passing of any living being. They are here to ensure the well-being of the humans. Eris is the last angel, and he is helping us against Satan and the king of Ashanti who plans to use Eris to awaken the demon.

Hence, we can't afford to lose Eris as he has a lot of powers that he hasn't discovered.

Will you be willing to train him in the art of sword fighting?”

“Of course I can. But what happened in Ashanti?”

Rogue looked down. “Maybe that’s a tale for some other time?”

The warrior had tact enough to understand that Rogue was avoiding it and that something bad had happened, and he didn't want to compel her to say anything.

“Well, sleep well. WE shall go find out about the cure in the morning. All we can do is pray for the best. Eris is our only hope against Satan, and I hope he is as good as everyone describes him.” and with that the warrior retired to his quarters with a lot of unanswered questions in his mind.

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