Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 23

The next morning, once Rogue woke up, she walked out in anticipation to find the warrior waiting. “Let’s go, we have a cure to find.”

They walked on with the old warrior in the lead. Rogue did not know his name, as she always referred to him as the warrior, and everyone seemed to do the same so maybe there was a reason behind it. He walked through the kingdom which wasn't yet awake, and it was convenient as the warrior did not get any stares as they had the day before. Finally, the warrior stopped in front of a hut. They had reached their destination.

It was hut with a thatched roof, and the warrior knocked on its door which looked like it would fall apart any moment. An old wizened man with a wrinkled face and white hair opened the door. He had a kindly face, and invited them inside. “Come in, come in.”

They walked inside and sat down on wooden stools. The room was scarcely furnished, and there was ha huge cabinet with bottles in it. Maybe they would find the cure here.

“Do you have a cure for the dreamless sleep that the witch of the mountain puts one into?” the warrior asked the old man.

“Now that you ask that, I have only two doses left. You can have both of them.”

“Thank you so much, you have no idea what this means to us.” Rogue said. Finally, things were going right. Two doses ad two patients, what could be better? They could save Eris and Aerys and then get trained by the warrior. After that, they could continue their journey more prepared than ever before.

They took hold of the two bottles and rushed to where Eris and Aerys had been placed. They fed the two the cure and waited. It would be quite a while before they healed, and all they could do was wait. The reddish tinge had stopped spreading, and it would soon start reducing. Everything was going to be well.

Until then, she sat down outside and waited. After a while, the warrior came and joined her. “How's it going?” he asked.

“They are slowly healing. By tomorrow I think they will wake up. The witch's curse has stopped spreading. You must reward that man handsomely.”

“Oh, he has been. I gave him new quarters to live in, and he will be paid well to keep making the cure. Who knows, we may need it once again.”

“So, how did you come by here?” Rogue asked the warrior even though she knew what had happened.

“I think you know about it. All the rumours are true, and when you set out once again, I will accompany you, but first you must train and be prepared. We have an army of warriors, but let us get the archer and then we will march on towards the kingdom of Ashanti.”

Rogue knew he was evading the question, but let it pass. “What after that?”

“After that, we destroy the king of Ashanti and then take over the kingdom. Then we see what to do. Let us get there first.” he said.

Rogue nodded. They had a daunting task ahead, and she hoped they would win the battle against the Ashanti-an army or else all would be lost.

“So, what else powers does the angel have?” the warrior asked, eager to know more about Eris.

Rogue laughed, “Oh he can fly and he can get invisible. But he's also a really good person, and if he is trained with the sword, his powers can be used for the better, and we can really win. So he is our main shot at winning the battle against Satan, and we must count on him.”

“What else support do we have?”

“We also met tribesmen along the way, who said they would join their strength to ours when the time was right and help us. So we have two armies, and so a genuine chance in defeating the king.”

“Oh, so we have the strength of two armies. Let’s hope it is enough to defeat the demon.”

“Yes, let’s hope.”

“Suddenly, a man ran out of the house, shouting, “Sir, sir one of them has woken up.” he said.

Rogue and the warrior rushed inside to find Eris rising and looking around confused. “Where are we?” he said after noticing Rogue. “Don't worry, calm down and rest. You have just woken up after the witch put you into a trance, you should rest. Once Aerys wakes up, I will tell both of you what happened together.” And with that she sat down by his bed and waited for Aerys to wake up as the warrior watched uncertainly from the door of the room.

It was not long before Aerys woke up as confused as Eris was. “Where am I?” he asked, confusion etched on his face. “Don't worry Aerys, you're in safe hands. We have found the warriors and you should rest for some time.” And with that Rogue got up and went outside and sat down, and soon the warrior joined her.

“The other one looks powerful.” the warrior said, referring to Aerys.

“Oh he is, he uses the hammer, and is better than all the king's guards. He also has a bit of knowledge in warfare, and he's a really good friend of mine. He can help us, and he's saved my life countless times. “

“I see. He has a powerful aura, but so does the angel. He looks pretty much human to me. It’s just the wings that are unsettling.” the warrior said.

Rogue knew how he felt. She had been as surprised and curious when they had first come across Eris, and she remembered the number of questions she had had. “He's the most in danger out of all of us. The king wants to sacrifice him to help the demon rise, and we have make sure that doesn't happen or else it will be very difficult. So, we cannot afford to lose the battle or Eris.”

After a while, Eris and Aerys walked out, a bit drowsy and tired but otherwise fine. They sat down next to Rogue and the warrior. Rogue introduced the two to the warrior, “Sir, this is Eris the angel and my friend Aerys. Aerys, Eris, this is the warrior from the myths who we planned to take help from."

“You guys drank the potion and were put into a dreamless sleep, but the sleep was not only dreamless, the potion was meant to turn you into some different Satanic creature, and I understood that the witch's intentions were wrong by the glint in her eyes. She tied me in the cave as I refused to drink the potion. I soon escaped and came down into the valley here for help. The warrior was very helpful and kind, and accompanied me and we went back to the witch's cave and found the two of you. When we found you, both of your skins had a reddish change, and the witch had placed some sort of curse on you. We brought you to the valley as fast as we could and found a cure, and here you are.” Rogue said in the shortest possible way she could.

“Oh, what next?” Aerys said.

“You rest for a while and then we start training you. Especially you angel.” the warrior said looking at Eris.

“After that, we set out to find the last part of the myth, that is the archer. He lives somewhere in the opposite hills. After we have found him, we come back to the valley and gather the warrior’s army, then we alert the tribesmen and then attack Ashanti. This is our only chance of defeating Satan, and if we lose the battle, all is lost. So we have to practice hard and defeat the in one shot. We have only one attempt at this, and let’s do this.”

“Okay, when do we start?” Eris asked.

“Tomorrow morning when all of you are rested. Meet me at the arena which is at the other end of the kingdom. It isn't too far, and so you will find it easy to get there. Be there at the crack of dawn no early, no late and you will start training tomorrow.”

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